[Top 10] Fullmetal Alchemist Best Episodes

Fullmetal Alchemist Best Episodes
It shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to talk about your favorite anime, right? Look at these beautiful weirdos.


We’ll be discussing the best episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, one of the best anime series of all time, so if you haven’t finished the series… GO NOW! What are you waiting for? I give you permission to watch it! GO! 


10. Fullmetal Alchemist (Episode 1)

Introducing... well, everyone!

We begin at the beginning. Episode one had to make it on the list, because it’s a beautiful beginning to the series. 

What Makes “Fullmetal Alchemist” Awesome:

  • This episode introduces most of the main characters without feeling forced or too information-heavy: Ed, Al, Roy, Armstrong, Riza, Fuhrer Bradley, Father (if only ominously), the homunculi… the works. 
  • The Freezing Alchemist, Isaac MacDougal, hints at plot points that don’t come up for tons of episodes, which sets up tension for the entire series (plus the creepy flashes of Father make us wonder who he is). 


9. One is All, All is One (Episode 12)

I feel like siblings + deserted island = a recipe for disaster...

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know that this episode is a favorite of mine. I love the scene with Ed and Al on the island, completing Teacher’s training, but I also love Izumi and Sig in general and how they interact with Ed and Al. 

What Makes “One is All, All is One” Awesome:

  • The relationship that Ed and Al have with Izumi and Sig is essential to the story and the Elrics’ character development, and all of it is highlighted in this episode. 
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Ed and Al deserve medals for living on an island for an entire month without killing each other. Siblings are hard enough IRL, but on a deserted island… for a whole month… with one knife? Give them medals. Seriously. 


8. Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask) (Episode 40)

Papa Hoho takes us on a trip down memory lane. 

While this episode takes place mostly in the past, it’s important for the main storyline of FMAB, and I thought that they did an excellent job of tying it in clearly. (Also the original Alphonse voice actor Easter egg was AMAZING! )

What Makes “Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask)” Awesome:

  • If you’re anything like me, it was SO SATISFYING to finally get answers about why Hohenheim looks like Father and their history together. (It was a bonus to get answers about the ruins of Xerxes!)
  • While it was a Hohenheim-heavy episode, I loved the brief scene between Roy and Riza. Their small lunch scene spoke volumes about how close they are. 


7. Death of the Undying (Episode 19)

Lust and Mustang duke it out TWICE in this episode! So good. 

This is a pretty early episode to be in the top ten, but I think it’s important due to its ripple effect throughout the series. 

What Makes “Death of the Undying” Awesome:

  • We’ve got homunculi. We’ve got serial killers that get killed by their own corpses. We’ve got flame alchemy. We’ve got tears. We’ve got murder. What’s not to love? 
  • Roy defeats Lust after a surprise comeback (and carving a transmutation circle into his skin and cauterizing his wound with his alchemy like a badass).


6. Upheaval in Central (Episode 50)

Ice cream truck coups? Count me in! 

A pivotal moment in the series. The Promised Day finally arrives, and with it, a revolution in Amestris. 

What Makes “Upheaval in Central” Awesome:

  • Riza, Roy, Havoc, Buccaneer, Rebecca, Brosh, Ross, Fuery, Breda… we’re getting the gang back together! Let’s go overthrow the government! 
  • Roy sneaks around the city, snapping his alchemy at people with his gang of friends, but never kills anyone. My theory is that he’s getting all of these innocent people out of the way for the big showdown with Father. 


5. Beyond the Inferno (Episode 54)

If Kimblee's the OG King Explosion Murder, does that make Mustang the OG Sparky Sparky Boom Man? 

I’m not even sure how to organize my thoughts about this episode. It mostly centers on Roy finding out that Envy was the one who murdered Hughes (FINALLY!) and the ramifications of that news. 

What Makes “Beyond the Inferno” Awesome:

  • More Roy and Riza moments! I can’t help it! I love them so much! The scene with Riza’s tattoo… the scene where she tries to stop Roy from killing Envy… Someone’s chopping onions. Things are weird. 
  • Roy is just unhinged in this episode. He loses his chill demeanor for once and obliterates Envy, showing off his mastery of flame alchemy by boiling the fluid in Envy’s eyes and charring his tongue. The fight is absolutely bananas. 


4. Combined Strength (Episode 52)


So. Much. Fighting. Like, 90% of this episode is just fighting. But it’s important fighting! Fighting with purpose! Fighting to stop The Promised Day! 

What Makes “Combined Strength” Awesome:

  • The cutscenes with the Armstrongs fighting Sloth and the zombies (never thought I’d say that in regard to Fullmetal Alchemist!) are so anxiety-inducing that I have no fingernails left from nervous-biting. TMI? TMI. Got it. 
  • The Al vs Pride and Kimblee fight scene is enough to shoot this episode to the top of the list alone. The animation. The growth in Alphonse. The emotional toll on the viewer. It’s BEAUTIFUL, gosh darn it. 


3. The Ishvalan War of Extermination (Episode 30)

So much Roy and Riza in this episode! Yay!!!

While this episode is, overall, a downer, it gives the viewer a lot of important world building information and character development points. Plus, there’s a lot of Roy and Riza, which you know is my fave. 

What Makes “The Ishvalan War of Extermination” Awesome:

  • We get a lot of questions answered about the history of Amestris and what REALLY happened in the Ishvalan War, specifically about what parts our favorite characters played in the whole event. 
  • There’s so much Roy and Riza in this episode! We learn about Riza’s dad and how he ties Roy and Riza together, and we get the beautiful (proposal) scene where Roy asks Riza to be his assistant (wife). My heart can’t handle this. 


2. The Other Side of the Gateway (Episode 63)

*inhale* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH *deep breath* Oh no. 

Y’all probably should have seen this episode coming. So much happens in this episode, and it’s a big, Al-heavy episode, so I think it deserves a top spot. 

What Makes “The Other Side of the Gateway” Awesome:

  • My baby Alphonse FINALLY GOT HIS BODY BACK!! *airhorns* *kazoos* *screaming* Holy poop, my dudes, I was in tears and having all of the emotions. So proud of him.
  • So many things happen: Hohenheim finally gets to pass on, Greed sacrifices himself to help Ed destroy Father, and Ed gives up his alchemy forever. Wow. Wow. Wow. 


1. Journey’s End (Episode 64)

Basically I love all of it except the last minute or two. Sorry, not sorry. 

Yeah, the final episode. Obviously it’s number one, because obviously it’s amazing. If I say too much, I’ll catch feels just from writing about it. 

What Makes “Journey’s End” Awesome:

  • I love the reunion between the boys and Winry. Their return to Resembool is well-deserved after all of the nonsense they’ve had to put up with, and they kept their word - they made Winry cry because they got their bodies back. 
  • I loved getting to see Grumman as the new Fuhrer, and seeing Selim without Pride mucking him up in that scene was so interesting. Grumman is an excellent Fuhrer, I can just tell.
  • Mustang’s scene was perfect. I loved seeing him doing his “Fuhrer training” and being optimistic, despite his situation. And then Dr. Marcoh swoops in and saves Mustang and Havoc and AAAAAHHHHH my heart!


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