FIFA 19 Best Strikers (Top 15 Most Amazing Strikers)

FIFA 19 Best Strikers
Luis Suarez trying to destroy the posts

Who are the best strikers in Fifa 19 you should rely on?

Are you mentally exhausted by your nasty strikers wasting the opportunities your team creates? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your strategy. Here’s a list of the best strikers you can find in Fifa 19, whether you have to build your super Ultimate Team, or if you just started the classic career mode. 


Gabriel Jesus - Best goals with Manchester City

In the beginning, his overall is not super high. But (especially if you play career mode) it's a pleasure to see his skills rise with surprising velocity. Very soon Gabriel Jesus will transform himself intro one of your best players among the entire team.

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL      83 - 90                     

BALANCE                            91 

AGILITY                               92 

ATTACK POSITION             86

DRIBBLING                         86 

SPRINT SPEED                 85

FINISHING                         85 

BALL CONTROL                85 

Why Gabriel Jesus is the one for you:

  • If you’re searching for someone young and promising, here you are. The Brazilian high skilled killer of Manchester City is the one you need. Fast and concrete, in no time he’ll be among your top scorers. 

All the player stats here: 

14 - Edin DZEKO

Edin Dzeko - Best Goals & Skills

The boss of Rome. Really dangerous with his headers, if you bet on him he’ll gift you some real pearls also with his capacity with the right foot.

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL       85 - 85

FINISHING                          89 

HEADING                            83 

STRENGTH                         82 

ATTACK POSITION             89 

BALL CONTROL                 85 

WEAK FOOT                      ***** 

Why Dzeko is a top striker:

  • He looks like a tower among the pitch. Edin Dzeko is absolutely one of the best old-school strikers. Tall and strong, but technical and able with both feet.
  • Not a lot of defenders can contrast him in headers (is 193 cm! = 6,33 feet). The finishing skills ensure the job is done properly. And the excellent ability with his left foot increases exponentially the number of potential goals.

Here’s the link for all the skills: 

13 - Karim BENZEMA

Benzema - incredible goals with Real Madrid

If you need a big one, Benzema could be the right one. Able to attack and also to serve assists, he is definitely one of the most complete strikers in the game.

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL      86 - 86

CONTROL                           89 

ATTACK POSITION             86 

REACTIONS                        85 

DRIBBLING                          85 

VISION                                 85 

COMPOSURE                     85 

FINISHING                          82 

HEADING                            80 


Why go for Karim Benzema:

  • In Real Madrid, there’s no place for delay or hesitation if you’re a striker. Benzema was confirmed as the main striker in his team, even after Cristiano Ronaldo’s “farewell”. He is the perfect man if you need someone strong but also deeply technical and rapid with his feet, able to make your attacks more polished. 

Here all the skills: 

12 - Romelu LUKAKU

Romelu Lukaku - All 30 Goals 2017/18 with Manchester United

Inter is not the same since his arrival. With his power and his physical presence, he demands attention by the defenders.

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL       86 - 88

STRENGTH                          94

SPRINT SPEED                   89

SHOT POWER                     88

ATTACK POSITION              87

FINISHING                            86

REACTIONS                         86

HEADING                              85

Why Lukaku is a goal machine:

  • With this height and weight (190 cm x 94 kg) no striker in the world is this speedy, and I’m sure you perfectly know how important it is to have a striker good in velocity and sprint. 
  • With his talent for headers – 85 skills point – you can be sure you will never regret having him in your super-team.

Here all the other skills: 

11 - Lleroy SANE

Sane - Best skills and goals 2018-19

I know what some of you may be thinking: how the hell to consider Sane a complete striker? Well, maybe it is true but is almost sure that he’s going to distribute panic to your opponent, and a mountain of assists to all your other strikers.  [Leroy Sané 2018-19 | Dribbling Skills & Goals]

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL          86 - 90

SPRINT SPEED                 96

ACCELERATION                91

DRIBBLING                        88

AGILITY                              85

BALL CONTROL                85

VOLLEYS                           85

ATTACK POSITION            84

Why you could love Sane:

  • He is not a direct central striker, but with his abilities and velocity, you can make him do whatever you want with the ball all along the wing. Wide on the left (or right, if you prefer), no defender gonna catch the ball from him, and he’ll provide tons of occasions and cause a lot of goals. 

Here other skills: 

10 - Gonzalo HIGUAIN

Gonzalo Higuain - Best Goals Ever

For them who have in mind the thousands of goals this beast made throughout his career, there is no better representation of this player. He is going to transform every half-occasion you’re going to offer him in a simple goal to score. 

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL       87 - 87


FINISHING                       90

VOLLEYS                         88

SHOT POWER                 86

REACTIONS                    86

STRENGTH                     85

Why choose Higuain: 

  • The Argentinian is the perfect one of you need someone able to transform the tons of occasions you can create with your wonderful wings. You will find him easily due to his attack position skill, and even if he doesn’t have an excellent header (79) he will compensate with his volley ability. 

Here more skills: 

9 - Dries MERTENS 

Dries Mertens - Best 10 Goals Ever 

Dries “Ciro” Mertens is considered by many Napoli supporters one of the best ever since the time of their local “god” Diego Maradona. He now is with the legend Marek Hamsik the all-time top goal-scorer in all official competitions with Napoli (121 total goals).

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL           87 - 87

AGILITY                           94 

ACCELERATION             93 

BALANCE                        92 

DRIBBLING                     91 

BALL CONTROL             89 

REACTIONS                   88 


FINISHING                      86 

SPRINT SPEED              85

Why choose Mertens:

  • With his finesse shot, he’ll catch the top corner several times, and it will be a pleasure to the eye.
  • Is also a really good assist maker
  • Due to his high balance, he is able to fight well with bigger defenders 

Here all his skills in detail: 

8 - Sadio MANE

Sadio Mané 2018-19 | Dribbling Skills & Goals

Forming with Firmino and Salah one of the best attacks of the past decade, Sadio Mane is a prolific striker that will also assure you great teamwork, and a lot of assists.

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL        90 – 90

ACCELERATION               95 

REACTIONS                      93 

SPRINT SPEED                 93 

AGILITY                              93 

ATTACK POSITION             92 

FINISHING                           90 

STAMINA                              88 

JUMPING                             86 

BALANCE                             86

Why you could go for Mané:

  • Mane is perfect if combined with another bigger striker that leads him to move freely around the attack area. 
  • His athletics and mental skills are outstanding, making him fighting like a hyena in the field. If used properly no defender will catch him, and he’ll move around their shoulders and give you multiple joys.

Here the link to the rest of his skills: 

7 - Kylian MBAPPE

Kylian Mbappe - Goal Show 2018/19 - Best Goals for PSG

Maybe the best young promise between strikers in the football pitches right now, with a World Cup won as an absolute protagonist, at only 18 years old, Mbappe is a ridiculously strong and skilled player, with an enormous potential develop, even higher than Messi’s and Ronaldo’s top overall. 

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL        88 – 95

SPRINT SPEED                 96 

ACCELERATION                96 

AGILITY                              92 

BALL CONTROL                91 

DRIBBLING                        90 

ATTACK POSITION            88 

FINISHING                          88

Why choose Mbappe:

  • Really impossible to catch for any defender, he is the one that will ensure you the best performances with the combination of a long-time use, due to his age. 
  • A fantastic dribbler, with an outstanding rapidity and amazing striking skills, Mbappé is right now considered the next pure phenomenon and one the future gods of the entire football.

All other skills here: 

6 - Sergio AGUERO

Top 10 Sergio Aguero Premier League Goals

Argentina is a notorious nation for his deadly strikers. This is one of the most terrific strikers the world put the eyes on during the last years. Guardiola at Manchester City fell in love with the angriness of the cynical Argentinian, his fighting skills, and his instinct of natural-born killer.

  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL      89 – 89

ATTACK POSITION             93

FINISHING                          93

BALANCE                            91

REACTION    S                   91

COMPOSURE                    90

BALL CONTROL                89

DRIBBLING                        89

SHOT POWER                   88

Why Aguero is a top striker:

  • Place him in your team, and your attack will be transformed. Aguero will chase the ball while salivating, as a dog chasing a cat. 
  • Offer him any type of ball, and with all the velocity and technical skill possible, Aguero will provide you with tons of goals and assists, and fight on every ball as if it were the last. 
  • Despite his height (173 cm), he loses not so many contrasts, due to his balance.

Here you find all Aguero’s skills: 


Lewandowski's 9-Minute Miracle

Since I saw him playing as a centre forward in Borussia Dortmund, I fell in love with Robert. Definitely one of the purest strikers in circulation, with an innate ability to transform harmless balls into impossible goals.

  • OVERALL – POTENTIAL     90 – 90 

ATTACK POSITION             92 

FINISHING                           90 

REACTIONS                        90 

BALL CONTROL                  89 

VOLLEYS                             89 

SHOT POWER                     88 

HEADING                             85 

DRIBBLING                        85

Why go for Lewandowski:

  • Who remembers the 5 goals scored in 6 minutes, knows how Lewandowsky does not need motivation. 
  • With Bayern he won everything, and he never stopped scoring. Headers, volleys, tap-in goals, assists, Lewandowsky has it all. 
  • Try to find one weak point in his skills, and you’ll be wasting your time. Put him in front of your team, and he will lead you through victory.

Link to all the skills: 

4 - Harry KANE

Harry Kane 2019 - HurriKane - Skills & Goals

Captain of Tottenham, leader of England team. Kane has become with the years a certainty, and the number of scores of the last few years is enough to consider him the best one in all the Premier League. 

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL     90 – 92

FINISHING                        94 

ATTACK POSITION          93 

COMPOSURE                  91

REACTIONS                    91 

STAMINA                         89 

SHOT POWER                88

HEADING                         86

Why choose Kane:

  • He always knows where to be, and where the ball could finish. With the amount of stamina he has, you won’t need to consider any changes, and let him run all around the pitch. You’ll find him helping your defenders, fighting with your midfielders, and rapidly transforming your defence actions in new attack opportunities. 
  • Every shot he tries won’t be too far away from the target, due to his astonishing finishing skill (94!).
  • Try also to hit from wide distance, and your courage probably will be rewarded.

Other player stats: 

3 - Luis SUAREZ

Luis Suarez - Top 10 Goals That You Won't Believe

A real demon, Suarez continued playing at the higher levels possible, confirming how Uruguay is, with Argentina, maybe the best country for strikers in the last decade (if you think also about Cavani, Forlan…). With Messi and Neymar in Barcelona formed one of the most ridiculously strong attacks in football history. 

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL        91 – 91

ATTACK POSITION             92 

REACTIONS                        92 

FINISHING                           92 

STAMINA                              90 

VOLLEYS                             90 

BALL CONTROL                  88 

AGGRESSION                     87 

DRIBBLING                          86 

SHOT POWER                     86

Why go whit Suarez:

  • A real volley master, he can strike from every position, generating a bomb out of his foot directed straight to the net. 
  • The last time I played against him in FIFA 19 (I was doing a friendly match against Uruguay with India, which I came to train in my career mode) he scored 3 goals: one striking from wide distance, one with a volley, another with a header. Absolutely impossible to manage for any defender.

All the player stats at: 


10 Greatest Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Of All Time

Here we are with the legends. The gods of contemporary football. Don’t know really if they need to be presented. I put one in front of the other only for necessity, I don’t want to overestimate one more than the other.

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL        94 – 94

REACTIONS                        96 

COMPOSURE                     95 

SHOT POWER                    95 

ATTACK POSITION             95

JUMPING                             95 

FINISHING                           94 

BALL CONTROL                  94 

LONG SHOTS                      93 

SPRINT SPEED                    91

HEADING                              89 

Why choose Ronaldo:

  • It seems obvious. Even if I cannot say is my favourite player, Rolando is a nightmare to have against. A perfect killing machine, Ronaldo will not waste any bit of opportunity. 
  • His abilities are not from the human world, and permits you to score really in all the most unbelievable manners: impossible long shots, headers taken from the sky, volleys anticipating the defender. You’ll even find him always in the right position for simple tap-in goals, due to his 95 in attack position.  

All the player stats at: 

1 - Lionel MESSI

Look At These Goals from Lionel Messi in 2019 Season - Too Much, Just Too Much

With Cristiano Ronaldo no doubt that is the best one you can have, in terms of skills. If you take a look at his abilities, and all the deep green that decorates his profile, you’ll probably swoon instantly. 

  • OVERALL / POTENTIAL        94 - 94

DRIBBLING                    97 

BALL CONTROL            96 

COMPOSURE                96 

BALANCE                       95 

REACTIONS                   95 

FINISHING                      95 

LONG SHOTS                 94 

FK ACCURACY               94 

VISION                            94 


AGILITY                          93 

CURVE                           93 

ACCELERATION            91 

Why Messi is not human:

  • Well. I think all these numbers are eloquent. In each part of his skills – mental, physical, shooting, passing – is the best in the game, if you won’t let him play as a defender. 
  • His height for some could be a big minus, but with these abilities, no one can really stop him – in the game as in the real world. His capacity to change in every moment the match is outstanding. Once you tried to use him, your gaming in Fifa 19 will never be the same.   
  • For a new free-kick experience try to use Messi’s abilities to score outstanding goals from every distance and angle. 

All the player stats at: 

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