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Go At It Alone

Fate: Grand Order allows you to bring in five of your Servants and one of your friends. But what if? What if you chose to go in by yourself? Well, you’ll get your bacon smoked and burnt beyond recognition, but there are some that can actually fight on their own, and do really well with the proper set-up!

These are the top ten Servants that can solo! Just keep in mind that you will need certain Craft Essences and have the character maxed out to really solo with him, and often solo-strategies work for specific challenges. Let’s begin with an odd one.


10. Merlin

  • Great Buster Support
  • Can keep himself alive for a long time
  • Best pick for challenges

This might be considered a weird choice, but when it comes down to fighting against Assassins, Merlin is always a great choice. He does deal good damage on his own, and he can actually last a lot longer in a fight than you think he could. The only reason he’s low on this list is because he’s meant to be for support, and therefore soloing with him is going to take a LONG time.

Helping him last long is his on-demand Invincibility and his Noble Phantasm. That gives him HP, NP and Critical Star generation. And with his Arts-focused card kit, he can refuel that Noble Phantasm quickly and stack the effects!

His other skills do help him boost his damage; namely an Attack buff with some added NP and a Buster buff with some extra HP to work with. Merlin can last well in a fight, but again, he’s not meant to be the main damage dealer. On the other hand, if the problem is surviving and not damage, then Merlin is your man!


9. Cu Alter

  • Great survival 
  • Reliable rate of damage
  • Upgrade allows for removal of defense buffs on enemy

The Spiky Edgelord makes his return. I mentioned that he was pretty great at survival, and if you want to solo, you have to be pretty great at survival. The other versions of Cu are also pretty great at soloing, but I decided to only pick one and pick the one that can also dish out more damage.

His first skill debuffs the enemies Attack and chance to land critical hits. And in case that doesn’t work out, Cu Alter has an Evade that works on two separate attacks and a defense buff. And in case THAT also doesn’t work out, his third skill grants him Guts.

So in short. You’re dealing less damage to him, which he can just ignore. If you can hit him, he’s taking far less damage. And if you do hit him and if you do manage to kill him, he gets back up, and oh look, his cooldowns have refreshed. A cycle of hurting for the enemies.

His Noble Phantasm, after an upgrade, first strips the single enemy of any defensive buffs they have before ripping them apart with some high damage, with the Overcharge providing an Attack and Defense buff for the remainder of the turn. All of his skills apply to Cu, which means he works really well as a Solo Servant despite being a Berserker. Just complete the American chapter and you can get him anytime! 


8. Kama

  • Great durability 
  • High damage
  • Insanely powerful ST Quick Noble Phantasm

The first actual combat-oriented unit on this list, and she comes with a problem. No, not the various story-related problems that people have with her. She comes with a skill that actually hurts her a good amount, which means her chances of sticking around in a fight is more limited the longer the battle goes.

That skill is her first one, which lowers the targeted ally’s HP by 1000. It can be used on other Servants, but for the purposes of being a solo servant, that means that Kama’s first skill can leave her without any HP in longer battles. It does heal her and grant a NP strength buff, so it’s best used seldomly.

Thankfully, she does have a Guts to stave off death and it comes with an attack buff. But her true strength in soloing is her ability to charm enemies, and potentially lock them. Her third skill debuffs the enemies’ resistance to being charmed, along with giving Kama a huge amount of NP, a Critical Strength buff, and shifting her weakness to fighting Alter Egos into a strength.

Kama’s Noble Phantasm targets only one enemy, despite the Charm debuff hitting all enemies and only lasting one turn. It does have a high chance of Charm to begin with, plus it buffs Kama’s Quick cards first. So it deals great damage and provides a small refund on her NP.

Obviously, she suffers against enemies that have Debuff Immunity, or are just immune outright against Charm. And again, the first skill can screw her over if you use it too often. But as long as you use your skills when need be, she can last a lot longer than most people! 


7. Enkidu

  • Anti-Divine niche 
  • Great boss slayer
  • One of the best healing skills in the game

Now if you want someone that doesn’t have a skill that makes things harder for yourself, get Enkidu! While his damage is on the smaller side of things, he makes up for it by being able to survive for a good amount. Not bad for a guy who’s well-known for dying.

He’s got the best self-heal in the game, with the cost of having an incredibly long cooldown of ten turns. It does heal 10k HP while also removing debuffs, and then a giant NP buff after getting an upgrade. Another skill that got upgraded is that of his second skill; it now grants him an Evade while stripping the enemies of theirs and lowering their chance of getting a Critical Hit.

His first skill is a bit of a crapshoot. It boosts his Buster cards, while giving him a coin flip to either get a buff to one of the other card types. It can be hard to work with, but at least the Buster buff affects his Noble Phantasm. It only targets one enemy, but it lowers their defense while stunning Divine enemies and dishing out extra damage if they’re an enemy with the trait of ‘Threat to Humanity’.

He is situational, but he’s ideal for fighting on his own. His first skill’s coin flip works out well regardless of which one of the buffs you get. If you’re having problems fighting against a god-like monster, take him along. 


6. Taira no Kagekiyo 

  • High survivability 
  • Crit Machine 
  • High ST Damage

I keep on forgetting I have her. As well as how good she is. She can function as a better version of Enkidu, just minus that high healing skill.

Instead, she works like someone from latter down this list. Her second skill grants her Guts (That can stack with other Guts), and when it’s triggered, it grants her a special effect that buffs the damage of her Noble Phantasm. It also makes her immune to insta-death, which does work against getting that buff…

And preventing the Guts from also triggering is her third skill, granting Evasion along with an Attack buff and Curse the enemies. So she has several ways of surviving, what about her damage? Well, her first skill gives her extra damage against those of the Genji…which there isn’t that many. It does boost her NP by a great amount while boosting her Critical Damage. It also lowers the party’s ability to use Critical Stars…which works well when she’s on her own.

Her Noble Phantasm starts off by stripping the enemy’s buffs, so they cannot avoid the attack. Then it tears into them with high damage, higher if you have that buff from her Guts effect. It also Curses them as well, adding in more damage that you can deal each turn.

She’s pretty good, even more so given her role as an Avenger means she does slightly higher damage to most things and she can take down the tankier class of Rulers. But she’s really meant to be fighting against the Genji…and there are no Rulers with the Genji trait. Still a good choice to solo if you do know if a boss has the trait. 


5. Barghest

  • Great damage output
  • Capable of healing herself
  • Noble Phantasm provides skill cooldowns

Hey, a new face on these lists! Sorry, it just happens to be that the best of a lot of the classes tend to end up on other best of lists. They’re that OP. Barghest is pretty great, but honestly, I would put her as 11 on the Best Saber list.

Also known as Faerie Knight/Tam Lim Gawain, she does possess her counterpart’s benefit of gaining an additional benefit on being a Sunlight Battlefield, namely her first skill grants her Buster buff if you are while buffing Attack. Problem is that the Buster buff is the only thing that gets upgraded when you level the skill; the Attack buff is set in stone. And without a way of getting some Sunlight in, it’s not a skill worth using.

Thankfully, her other two skills break the bank. Her second skill gives her a Buster buff while granting her two benefits when attacking: it recovers 1000 HP and flips any buff on the target into a defense buff. This means that she can recover 3000 HP if she does go solo, while also punishing the enemy for using buffs.

The last skill has a really useful benefit to it. The first effect just provides Damage Cut, but the second effect grants the entire party NP Generation; 15% at max level! That’s 45% for the skill’s duration!

And her Noble Phantasm combines all of her skills into a powerful package. Hits all enemies, after activating a Buster buff, buffs her HP by 3000, AND decreases her skill cooldowns. So now she can use her third skill to get her NP back up, so she can heal, kill, and use her skills more often!

Really, if not for her first skill, she would have easily gotten onto the Top Ten Lists for Saber and Rank 4s. Plus, she needs her cards to be up to use the special on-attack benefits, so she gets more benefits from being on her own ironically. But hey, this is the list for the best solo servants, and she qualifies! She’s a good girl! 


4. Heracles

  • Wickedly high durability 
  • One of the best Bond CEs in the game
  • Great overall damage

Yup, yup. There’s a good reason as to why people refer to Heracles as one of the best, despite being one of the first Servants in a game that’s nearly hitting ten years of age. While there might be better characters around, Heracles is still amazing for soloing. And you can get him at any time!

One of his motifs is having a lot of Guts. His third skill, after getting upgraded, doesn’t just grant him Guts but allows for stacking multiple layers of Guts, and then buffing his Buster cards in the event of him using any Guts. If you max out his Bond, you’ll get a Craft Essence that makes him start each battle with three layers of Guts!

He even has a Evasion skill to void damage. With that skill also providing a Critical Damage buff and his first skill adding in some Attack buff, Heracles can output some real damage. And his Noble Phantasm tears up one enemy to shreds and lowers their Defense. Just in case you need him to do more damage.

Possessing high survivability would make any Servant god-like, but with the Berserker class? Well, you’ll get Heracles! He is the strongest, and yes, I will be repeating that joke every single time I talk about Heracles. It would be sacrilegious to not mention it. 


3. Van Gogh

  • Critical Star Generator
  • Rather high single-target damage
  • Unique Curse-based mechanic

Ah, good old Clutchie. She never fails me. While I do not bother with the solo strategy myself, if I have to, I would pick up Van Gogh to make the enemy Van Gone. That’s a patented Van Goghk.

A big part of her kit is intentionally activating the Curse status effects on herself. That would be bad on its own, but she has ways of surviving the Curse damage and using it to her own advantage. Her first skill grants her Guts to survive a deathblow while granting three stacks of Curse, and THEN grants her some NP based around the number of Curse stacks she has on her!

She’s got other ways of inflicting Curse. Her second grants Curse to all party members, but in exchange it grants an Evade and HP regen, along with debuffing the enemies Defense and Quick resistance. And her third skill draws in all Curse from all enemies and party members to her, while also granting one teammate an Attack and Critical Star Gather buff, with Van Gogh always getting an special buff that will transform a stack of Curse into an Attack buff everytime she attacks with a Quick card.

Now, having less teammates means two less stacks of Curse when she uses her third skill, but with her having three Quick cards, she’ll clear off the Curse stacks in no time. Her Noble Phantasm does help out by giving a chance each turn to stun the enemies, while granting additional Attack and Critical Damage buff with some added Critical Stars each turn to boot!

Van Gogh, like Merlin, is really meant to be fighting alongside teammates, but she’s got a lot of survivability and is capable of outputting some real damage, plus she can take on Berserkers better than anyone else. Plus, her Curse stacks cannot even kill her! And soon you’ll know why I call her Clutchie. 


2. Qin Shi Huang

  • Good overall damage
  • Indomitable survival 
  • One of the best Noble Phantasms in the game

Now in the opposite corner of Cu Alter is the first emperor of China. Opposite as in he’s a Ruler who takes less damage from a majority of sources, unlike Berserkers who take more damage from the majority of sources. They’re familiar as they’re more defensive in nature.

His first skills are debuff-orientated; the first one lowers the enemy’s Defense and their Charge, and the second one stuns all enemies while buffing Qin Shi’s own Attack. It’s his third skill that puts him into the solo servant territory: it heals him, cleanses his debuffs, and provides a huge NP boost!

And his Noble Phantasm is ridiculously overpowered. Check it: invincibility, draws fire to himself, Critical Damage buff, Critical Star Gather buff, and an buff to Attack with overcharge. And it’s Arts-based, so he gets a refund on top of it. He can potentially spam it as well, seeing how being attacked also builds NP…

Yeah, he can last forever. Provided that the enemies don’t have a way of stripping off his buffs or piercing through his Invincibility. But otherwise? He’s practically unstoppable. Now, if you want someone that can kill anyone…


1. Super Orion

  • Insanely high attack power
  • Critical Hit Master
  • Arts NP buffs him even higher

I REALLY wish I got this guy. He’s just that busted. All Servants are bound by their class restrictions; Sabers aren’t meant to be fighting Archers. But this guy? He can take on the Archers’ weakness of Lancers just fine. He can kill most things on his own.

All of his skills and Noble Phantasm buff his damage to stupid-high levels. His first buffs his Buster cards and increases his damage towards Wild Beasts. Most trait-based characters don’t really do that well when they’re not fighting against those they are meant to be fighting, but Orion saw screw that!

His second skill grants him Guts, an Attack buff, and some Critical Stars to boot. And to take advantage of the stars, his third skill draws stars to him, while giving him a Critical Damage buff whenever he attacks with a Buster card. And that buff kicks in BEFORE you attack, so you get him to do some serious damage.

All of his skills do not compare to his Noble Phantasm. That gives him the ability to Ignore Invincibility, an Attack buff, Debuff immunity, and Critical Star generation! And being an Arts Noble Phantasm, he gets a refund on it…allowing you to spam the buffs, even more so when he is on his own.

The cycle of Super Orion is all about using his buffs to make him output the highest damage possible. Buffs in Fate: Grand Order stack indefinitely, so Orion will be able to scale his damage as much as you can make it go. And that’s why he’s the best solo servant. It’s not about surviving the damage, it’s about being the damage!

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