Fallout 76 Alien Blaster Location and Other Unique Weapons

They won't win the game but they'll look nice hanging up

In my body of work covering the numerous means of dispatching your foes in Fallout 76, I have talked at length about the wisdom and power of Legendary Weapons. These are weapons that are dropped by Legendary grade monsters or from high-level loot containers, typically found at the end of an area. They are, according to the meta, some of the best weapons in the game, believed necessary for success.

However, Legendary weapons have forced us to almost forget about another staple of the Fallout series. Unique Weapons previously occupied the Legendary spot and were highly sought after by players for their unique looks and abilities. Fallout 3 had the Lincoln’s Repeater and the Blackhawk pistol. New Vegas had the unique Light in Shining Darkness and an arsenal more. Fallout 4 had the likes of Spray n’ Pray.

What separates Uniques from Legendaries is availability. Legendaries are all about the random chance that they’ll appear in enemy loot or containers, whereas Uniques have a set place that you can acquire them. Often they are quest rewards and have a story connected to them as well as a unique name and properties that separate them from their stock kin.

You can also...only get them once. You lose it or give it away, it’s gone forever and the only way to get another one is with a fresh character.

Uniques were formerly the game changers in Fallout before the advent of Legendary gear came along and made them more mantle pieces to be displayed. Some players might pass upon or not even be aware of the Unique weapons that can be found in Fallout 76 in their quest for three-star Legendaries.

Today we are going to take a look at a handful of Unique weapons in Fallout 76 that, even if they are not useful in helping you take down the Scorchbeast Queen, will still leave you with a story to tell your friends as it hangs up on your camps weapon displays.

As always, all weapons are presented in their base form before any perks or statistics and bonuses are applied.

5. How To Get The Alien Blaster in Fallout 76

Which is more rare, the weapon...or the ammunition?

Starting off the list, the Alien Blaster has been a long-time veteran of the franchise, appearing as far back as the original Fallout in 1998. In Fallout 3 it was a powerful end-game weapon that had the potential to vaporize even the strongest enemies in a single shot, with the trade-off that there was all of 362 rounds of ammo for it that could be found in one entire playthrough.

In Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, the Alien Blaster can be upgraded to utilize Fusion Cells when the Alien ammo runs out.

While finding the blaster is as simple as finding it in a broken safe in shallow water in Toxic Valley, finding ammo for this exotic sidearm is...an adventure in itself.

What's awesome about the Alien Blaster:

  • It can be converted to Fusion ammo when the Alien Blaster Rounds become scarce, or you cannot be bothered with farming the exclusively rare ammo.

  • A unique and otherworldly design shared by no other weapon in the game.

  • Perfect for Fallout fans to display with the rest of their favored weapons in their camps, alas, the ammo to make it potent is too rare to make it a mainstay in your active arsenal.

Weapon stats:

  • Damage: 10/17/20/Unknown

  • Fire Rate: 100

  • Range: 120

  • Accuracy: 75

  • Weight: 2.25

  • Ammo: Alien Blaster Round/Fusion Cell

4. How To Get All-Rise Name

Mess with the Honk, you get the bonk

Named after the statement made in the courtroom when a Judge enters, All-Rise is a unique Super Sledge hammer, and unlike the Alien Blaster, is a potent heavy melee weapon viable at almost any point in the game. It can be acquired by completing the quest “Mayor for a Day” in the city of Watoga. I recommend waiting until you hit level 50 to go seeking it, because it’s hiding place of Watoga can be a painful area normally for the unprepared, and at its level 50 form, you get the maximum potential.

What's awesome about All-Rise:

  • Its damage makes it viable for even those who haven’t specced terribly deep into a melee build. In fact, this is the melee weapon I carry with me myself at all times when my firearms just aren’t cutting it.

  • All-Rise, regardless of the level you acquire it, always comes with a 90% reduced carry weight, making it a perfect general purpose melee weapon.

  • Garner's bonuses to damage from Martial Artist, Slugger, and Makeshift Warrior perks.

Weapon stats:

  • Damage: 160

  • Speed: Slow

  • Weight: 8

3. How To Get the Black Diamond

Anything is a weapon if you're clever and angry

Realistically, anything in a post-apocalyptic situation can become a weapon. From tire irons to planks of wood with a couple of nails hammered into it. Around the ski slopes of the Top of the World, you will find that the local raider population even went as far as utilizing skis sharpened into blades. The name derives from the rating given to the most difficult ski slopes on a mountain in the united states, typically with a gradient of 40% and up. It can be acquired by completing the quest “Flavors of Mayhem” from the Raider/Robot Rose at the Top of the World, part of a lengthy quest chain that comprises what some may call the Main Story of Fallout 76.

What's awesome about the Black Diamond:

  • While visually similar to normal ski swords, the Black Diamond boasts a +1 to the players' strength.

  • For a large ski being swung around like a greatsword, the weapon is actually a melee weapon of medium speed, naturally making it faster than weapons like All-Rise

  • The Black Diamond comes stock with the Bladed mod, just adding to that Roman Gladius look it sports. However, in my opinion, making it come stock with the Metal Shards mod would have made it fit the name better.

Weapon stats:

  • Damage: 15

  • Special: +1 Strength

  • Speed: Medium

  • Weight: 5.5

2. How To Get the Pyrolyzer

To the concerned, the answer is always fire

The Pyrolyzer is tied to a tragic story about survivors and their paranoia about ghouls. In fact, it’s one of the few instances where we hear about in Fallout 76 regarding the less feral and intelligent Ghouls common in the Fallout series. While the Pyrolyzer, a reward for following in the footsteps of a scouting party tracking what they believe to be a pack of Ferals, shares the same design of the standard Flamer weapon, it’s also a reminder of what happens when people let fear and prejudice cloud their judgment.

What's awesome about the Pyrolyzer:

  • It comes stock with the Suppressor’s Legendary effect, debuffing an enemy's damage by 20% for a couple of seconds.

  • It can be fully modded from plans acquired from other Flamers you’ve either gotten the plans for or deconstructed along the way.

  • It is helped along by perks taken to utilize Heavy guns, and also benefits from Friendly Fire, which lets you heal your teammates with the weapons spouting flames.

Weapon stats:

  • Damage: 27/44

  • Special: Comes equipped with the Suppressor’s Effect

  • Fire Rate: 91

  • Range: 288

  • Accuracy: 53

  • Weight: 26.63

  • Ammo: Fuel

1. How To Get the Perfect Storm

Saddles up, Holmes, we have a case to solve

A Perfect Storm is often categorized as a violent weather pattern where a combination of adverse meteorological events transpires at the same time. It can also mean a bad state of affairs arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors. The latter would describe the meme behind this unique 10mm submachine gun. The road to acquiring it is to retrace the events of a child kidnapping, civil unrest, and family members against one another. The story ends on a bittersweet note as the kidnapped child manages to survive, not so much for his abductor...It’s best for you to experience it for yourself. It can be acquired by completing the quest “Cold Case” at Wavy Willard’s Water Park up in Toxic Valley.

Bonus: The amazingly good RPG “Grognak and the Ruby Ruins” holotape can be acquired at the Grafton Dam, where the quest will eventually lead. Be sure to pick it up, it’s a fun callback to the olden days of RPGs.

What's awesome about the Perfect Storm:

  • The Perfect Storm comes stock with a one-of-a-kind Incendiary effect, which you will never find outside of Legendary drops, making it a ready Legendary, which makes this weapon a Unique Legendary. The Incendiary Effect causes enemies to burn for 24 points of Burning Damage over 3 seconds.

  • To get the most bang for your buck it’s highly advised you hold off on this quest until you’ve hit level 50 to get the final and most potent form.

  • 10mm weapons used to be the entry-level chump weapon category, but now here comes the Perfect Storm, setting things on fire, and utilizing perks from the Commando line, and Mods like Tank Killer and Ground Pounder. It’s a 10mm who ate it’s Wheaties.

Weapon stats:

  • Damage: 14/19/24/29/34

  • Fire Rate: 91

  • Range: 120

  • Accuracy: 6.2/60

  • Weight: 4.5

  • Ammo: 10mm Round

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