[Top 3] Fallout 76 Best Melee Builds

Fallout 76 Best Melee Builds
We don't need no stinkin' ammo.

Everyone on the internet who posts a build for Fallout 76 believes they’ve got the best setup. That perfect combination of perks and Legendary weapons and armor that make them simply an unstoppable juggernaut in the wasteland...and it’s a Bloodied Build, just with perk here or their difference.

 After a while, it makes the term “the best” lose its meaning after the 40th claim to the title. To yours truly, when I hear the term “the best”, I harken to the words of Todd Howard, I take it to mean that “it just works”.

Opinions are like Rad Worms, though, and everyone has a case of them now and again when it comes to what does and doesn’t work. That’s not stopping me from diving deep into the sea of information to find builds you can use yourself to bring the pain train to Appalachia without firing a single shot. Today we’re talking melee.

Melee combat is the passenger seat option in Fallout games by Bethesda. Melee attacks all have their one attack animation related to whether it’s one-handed, two-handed, a fist weapon and so on. It’s just not satisfying visually.

Do you know what is satisfying visually? Ignoring your attack animations altogether and watching your enemies crumble before your uncanny might.

Giving credit where credit is due, I’m spotlighting three of the supposedly best Melee builds in Fallout 76 for your consideration. Links to the source provided.

3. Rifle Gaming’s 10k Weapon Damage Build (Great for bashing in the Scorchbeast Queen)

So it IS possible to be the Dragonborn in Fallout 76...

Build intro and overview

Oh gee, we’re starting this list with a Bloodied Build. what separates this from others is the way it makes use of multiple perks associated with the build for a near-insane efficiency. I’m talking force-feeding a Scorchbeast their own snout levels of insane.

You see, it’s just not enough to get some Unyielding armor, grabbing a Bloodied weapon and chugging irradiated water until your health is terminal. There needs to be a method to your madness.

For the uninitiated, a Bloodied build is a character build is centered to make use of weapons with the Legendary perk “Bloodied”, which grants you a damage bonus depending on how low your health is. The meta is to cap your health at below 20%, using radiation damage, to grant the maximum bonus possible.

This essentially turns you into a glass cannon. Dare I say, it makes you a god of damage output, however, if you don’t play a Bloodied build smartly, tougher end enemies will only need to look at your crosswise and your glass jaw will be in pieces. 

What the 10k Damage Build Excels In

  • Maximum damage is the name of the game for this build, capable of dishing out enough damage to make the hardest enemies in the game a joke.
  • You’re not going to be wasting through ammunition with this build as where it shines is pure melee glory.
  • This build takes full advantage of low health damage mitigation perks and effects making you strong enough at higher levels to two-shot or even one-shot a Scorchbeast (assuming you can get them to stay on the ground).

Build details

  • SPECIAL: 15, 4, 8, 3, 15, 9, 2
  • Armor: Armor is not a vital part of this build, so you will want to gear up for survival, perhaps with Unyielding pieces of armor to compliment the Bloodied aesthetic of the way this build is played out.
  • Weapons: Bloodied two handed Melee weapons are a must, in the example shown in this build is a Bloodied Fire Axe.
  • Perks: Slugger perks, Block, Martial Artist, Incisor, Radicool, Revenant, Tenderizer, Nerd Rage, Makeshift Warrior, Adrenaline, Ninja, Sneak, Bloody Mess, Serendipity, Starched Genes
  • Mutations: Adrenal Reaction, Twisted Muscles, Speed Demon, Marsupial, Electrically Charged
  • Tactics: Using Revenant requires you to die at least once before it’s effects can take effect as it procs from being revived. Parts of the perk layout require you to have large amounts of radiation damage to use both Radicool and Nerd Rage. 

Rifle Gaming's Guide:

2. Jon the Chief’s Bloodied Melee (Great for being One Punch Man)

Ever wanted to just...Punch the oil right out of a robot?

It should be no surprise to anyone in the Fallout 76 community by now that Bloodied builds are the Meta for success. They’re a dime a dozen. Their damage output is undisputed at the moment, and a properly crafted Bloodied Build leaves everything dead and you only slightly dead from being the wanton glass cannon you have crafted yourself to be. Jon the Chief’s guide to this build also kindly points out what many don’t, which earns it our Number Two spot: You do not have a lot of health with these builds, so speed, precision, and raw power are the keys to survival.

What Jon the Chief’s build Excels In

  • This build is more focused on the speed and power of the melee hit that you don’t get from the two-handed weapons out there, focusing on unarmed and fist-based weapons for quicker jabs.
  • Being able to get in and out of combat by use of speed increases and Marsupial is pivotal to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by enemies since you are going to be right up in their business with this playstyle. 
  • Your enemies will go down quick, but so will you, so keep moving, and keep swinging.

Build details

  • SPECIAL: 15, 1, 7, 4, 3, 12, 14
  • Armor: Unyielding armor is a must for survival, Cavalier if you can get it.
  • Weapons: Unarmed Weapons with the Bloodied effect on it, swing speed is a cheeky bonus. Power Fist if you can get one. 
  • Perks: Iron Fist, Barbarian, Blocker, Incisor, Martial Artist, Fireproof, Ironclad, Radicool, Lone Wanderer (for solo), Party Boy (for groups), Nerd Rage, Action Boy/Girl, Dodgy, Evasive, Marathoner, Bloody Mess, Class Freak, Grim Reaper’s Sprint, Serendipity, Starched Genes
  • Mutations: Adrenal Reaction, Bird Bones, Electrically Charged, Healing Factor, Marsupial, Scaly Skin, Speed Demon, Twisted Muscles, Talons
  • Tactics: Use diluted Radaways to keep your radiation levels at the optimal levels, but not clearing them completely. Avoid large groups of enemies that might deal too much damage, physical or radiation if you can, or at least tread carefully. 

Jon the Chief's Guide:

1. ESO’s BEST Zero Effort Melee Build (Great for PVP and PVE)

This build will have you ax-ing a few questions

ESO lays it out that Melee combat has the highest damage output, with minimal skill required (you just have to up close to them). He also goes on to show that it’s not a precise science or require hard to find legendary weapons and armor to be effective. I appreciate this and put it at number one on this list for it’s daring to go against the meta.

What ESO’s Build Excels In

  • This build is designed for optimal melee damage against both PVE enemies and PVP.
  • Fairly lightweight with a starting build that the player can salt and pepper to their needs as their adventure progress.
  • It does not require farming legendaries to keep a leg up on the pile, but they don’t hurt either.
  • It does not force you to lock yourself down with pitiful health, with wriggle room to make your character actually unique in some fashion.

Build details

  • ESO’s guide builds us up to level 10 stat-wise with perks to get us started with a basis to work with moving forward. He advises raising strength to grow with the Slugger cards, but you are ultimately the master of your own destiny after building yourself up to this point.
  • SPECIAL: 3, 1, 1, 4, 3, 4, 1 (feel free to grow as you will once achieving this)
  • Armor: Power Armor will be a mainstay for the boost to stats it garners you, beyond that utilize armor that adds optimal protection.
  • Weapons: Machete (early), Fire ax (early), Throwing knives, at level 50 get All Rise from Watoga.
  • Perks: Gladiator, Slugger, Lone Wanderer, Team Medic (for teamplay), Bodyguards (for teamplay), Action Boy/Girl, Green Thumb, Lead Belly, Lifegiver, Makeshift Warrior, First Aid, Demolition Expert, Serendipity, 
  • Tactics: Get Power Armor early to utilize its strength bonus, replace Gladiator with Slugger once you’ve maxed out Slugger. Block in between strikes with your two-handed weapons to ward off incoming damage from players or enemies. Utilize chems and alcohol to boost your damage. 

ESO's Guide:

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