[Top 5] Dokkan Battle Best Tournament of Power Team

Dokkan Battle Best Tournament of Power Team
Basically a "but can they beat Goku?" tournament

I was honestly expecting Vegeta to pull another Majin stunt here so we could have another Goku vs Vegeta fight



First of all, no, this is not a team built around the link skill “Tournament of Power.” In the game, this category is referred to as the Universe Survival Saga (or USS)--but there’s no shortage of players who mix the names up. Anyways, today we’ll be going through one of the most diverse categories in the game (mostly because they’re all aliens and gods). Unfortunately, there will be no free-to-play team today because there just isn’t a good enough leader to make a strong team at the moment. Without further ado, let’s dive into the 5 best teams you can currently make on global for the Universe Survival Saga category.


5. Poor Man’s Universe 

Just because we can’t make an entirely F2P team doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Aimed at beginners and/or F2P players, this team packs a decent punch, has good synergy, and can serve as a blueprint that you can improve upon. FYI: I specifically chose Jiren as the leader because he has been around longer and it’s more likely you have summoned him.

  • While not entirely F2P, this team is definitely within the reach of any players thanks to having 3 completely F2P units and one that is awakened from an SR (which, let’s face it, odds are you’ve already baba’d a few of them by now).
  • Thanks to Android #17 and Kale, this team will be well-supported and full of ki.
  • This team is also jam-packed with defense debuffers that will allow you to hit hard even with your weaker units.
  • The main rotations are set up in such a way that they help each other reach their best potential, allowing you to fight all sorts of powerful opponents.

Team Details

Leader: Absolute Power Jiren

Friend: Assassin’s Ultimate Technique Hit

First Step as a Warrior SSJ2 Kale

For Securing Victory SSJ2 Caulifla

Power of Pride and Bonds SSJ2 Cabba

Last-Ditch Battle Android#17

Ingenious Scheme on a Grand Scale Botta Magetta

Main rotation: Hit---Jiren; Kale---Caulifla

Floaters: Cabba, Android#17, and Botta Magetta


4. Hit Me!!!

This team borrows from the last one and puts Hit and his powerful ability to stun opponents front and center. The biggest thing holding this team back is that there are many opponents resistant to stuns, but it can be extremely helpful in events like Super Battle Road (SBR).

  • Because stunning is front and center in this team, you will be avoiding a whole lot of damage simply by interrupting them. The best part is that you don’t rely solely on Hit thanks to Jiren and Frost whose passives can also stun.
  • Thanks to all that stunning, Hit and Jiren will be able to deal maximum damage through their greater attack multipliers against stunned opponents. Type disadvantage will be virtually meaningless to them.
  • There are also some powerful debuffers besides Hit that will make your fight even easier and allow you to dish out even more damage.
  • While Dyspo and Toppo may seem like odd additions granted that they aren’t the best at the moment, they link well and will soon be great--if all holds true and their EZA shows up in the following celebration. Regardless, they make for decent floaters in this team.

Team Details

Leader: Assassin’s Ultimate Technique Hit

Friend: Assassin’s Ultimate Technique Hit

Absolute Power Jiren

Demonstration of True Strength Frost (Full Power)

Last-Ditch Battle Android #17

Onslaught of Fire and Fury Dyspo (Super Speed Mode)

Power Beyond Right and Wrong Toppo (God of Destruction Mode)

Main Rotation: Hit---Jiren; Hit---Frost

Floaters: Android #17, Dyspo, and Toppo


3. Warming-Up

Planning on taking on a long fight? This team will be perfect for you as it is intended to build up to ridiculous heights. The only downside to this team is the lack of a better linking partner for Bergamo, both stronger and with more shared links (let’s pray he gets one soon).

  • On one hand you got the incredible amazing potential this team has for attack. With SSGSS Goku’s infinite attack stacking and overpowered active skill, you can literally one-shot some of the strongest opponents in the game. Then you got UI Goku who is not only strong, but he disables guards, thus making type disadvantage irrelevant.
  • And on the other hand you got an equally great defense. Bergamo is the main shield here since he can reach a ridiculous defense after several turns. Bota is no slouch either since he can guard against all attacks when you reach a certain HP on top of a modest unconditional 100% defense boost. Add to this UI Goku’s dodging and Android #17’s defense boost and you will be golden on defense. 
  • The team is also set up in such a way that it fulfills the conditions for SSGSS Goku’s active skill, which will be your go-to ace to defeat your opponent.
  • Lastly, this team is not reliant on debuffs or stuns to do well, making it ideal for challenging events where your opponent is invulnerable to status debuffs. 

Team Details

Leader: Final Super Power SSGSS Goku (Kaioken)

Friend:  Final Super Power SSGSS Goku (Kaioken)

Sign of a Turnaround Goku (UI -Sign-)

Cunning Counterattack Bergamo (Giant Form)

Observance of Pride SSGSS Vegeta

Overcoming Mental Weakness Bota Maggetta

Last-Ditch Battle Android #17

Main rotation: UI Goku---SSGSS Goku; Bergamo---Bota Magetta

Floaters: MVP #17, SSGSS Goku, and SSGSS Vegeta


2. The Space Amazons

This team is centered around the mightiest women of the ToP. Like the legendary warriors I borrowed the name from, this team is made up of ridiculously strong women all around. Although I am keeping to my rule of leader skills, you can easily swap out the leader for a Peppy Gals/Another category to increase the team’s synergy.

  •  To be honest, you can swap units in and out depending on what you have so long as they are also Peppy Gals. This is a huge plus as it gives you far more flexibility than other teams in this list.
  • Because the team is mostly made up of Peppy Gals and most of them are from Universe 6, the synergy in your main rotations is simply great.
  • While relying on your opponent belonging to a specific category(s) for your units may seem a bit tricky, there is no shortage of Pure Saiyans or USS enemies in the game. 
  • Defensively, this team is seemingly untouchable thanks to the powerful defensive boosts the units give themselves as well as Ribrianne’s support. Moreover, Caulifla has guaranteed dodges against certain categories and Caulifla & Kale become better dodgers with every passing turn; even Kefla can dodge but it’s locked behind a ki orb restriction.
  • Their offense is just as strong, if not more so thanks to all of the additional attacks from the U6 gals as well as Kefla’s active skill. And if you plan on taking on a long event, Kale, Caulifla, and Kefla are all infinite stackers so your offense will be insane by the final stage.

Team Details:

Leader: Final Super Power SSGSS Goku (Kaioken)

Friend: Final Super Power SSGSS Goku (Kaioken)

Two Makes the Strongest of All Universes SSJ2 Caulifla & SSJ2 Kale

Transcendent Height Kefla

Impressive progress Kale

Radiant Potential Caulifla

Proudest Moment Brianne de Château

Main rotation: Kale---Caulifla; Kefla---Caulifla & Kale

Floaters: Brianne and both Gokus


1. Our Universe

A team made up of the heroes of the universe we know and love, Universe 7. Powerful in many ways, flexible, and suited for both long and short events this team does it all. Just wait until the SSGSS Goku & Vegeta card finally comes to global, they’ll supercharge this team even further.

  • By now you’re already familiar with SSGSS Goku’s crazy high offensive potential, but now we’re adding one of the best nukers in the game: Goku & Frieza. To ensure they’re able to reach their maximum potential, they’re paired up with MVP #17 who will debuff their opponents with his super attack, feed them ki, and up their defense to let them tank more.
  • Every single unit here is tanky and with the added benefit of UI Goku’s dodges, you will hardly struggle defensively.
  • So far this has mostly been about the main rotations, but every unit here could really be a main player. Even Android #18 can hold her own as she can feed herself with ki to boost her attack and defense, on top of her already modest boosts. And as a floater, she can help give other units ki without ever really hurting anyone since she changes PHY spheres, with the only PHY unit being very much self-sufficient.
  • Coming back to flexibility, half of this team is filled with units ready to go from the start for those short events and even the Gokus in it can do well within the first few turns.


Team Details

Leader: Final Super Power SSGSS Goku (Kaioken)

Leader: Final Super Power SSGSS Goku (Kaioken)

Sign of a Turnaround Goku (UI -Sign-)

Miraculous Outcome Goku & Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)

Observance of Pride SSGSS Vegeta

Last-Ditch Battle Android #17

Ultimate Android Assault Android #18

Main rotation: SSGSS Goku---UI Goku; MVP #17---Goku & Frieza

Floaters: SSGSS Goku, SSGSS Vegeta, and Android #18.

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