[Top 5] D&D: Best Wizard Multiclass

Add a little variety to your wizard with these multiclasses.

Unfortunately, multiclassing doesn't really benefit wizards – in fact, dipping into another class could actually cause you to lose out on some of their most powerful high-level features. 

But multiclassing doesn’t always have to be about optimization, and it’s rare for campaigns to reach the highest levels of play where these high-level abilities really come into play.  

So if you're looking to add some flavor to your wizard, here are some of the most viable and synergetic multiclasses out there.

5. Wizard/Sorcerer

While these classes have different spellcasting abilities, at least you won't miss out on any spell slot progression. ​It also offers access to Metamagic, which will drastically change the ways you can use your spells.

Why Wizard/Sorcerer Is Great 

  • Metamagic dramatically expands the different things you're capable of doing with your spells. For example, you can double a spell's duration or cast it without verbal or somatic components. 
  • You also get Flexible Casting, which lets you exchange sorcery points for spell slots and vice versa.
  • This multiclass also frees up your wizard prepared slots, as you get 4 spells that you will always have prepared.
  • In terms of subclasses, Draconic Bloodline boosts your AC a little, Divine Soul helps you succeed against saving throws, and Storm Sorcery helps you stay away from enemies. 

4. Wizard/Rogue

A wizard/rogue multiclass might not seem intuitive, but it does have its benefits. The Arcane Trickster subclass specifically has potential to work well in combination with wizards since both use Intelligence as their spellcasting ability. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a stealthier  wizard with a higher AC. 

Why Wizard/Rogue Is Great 

  • Rogue will give you proficiency in light armor. 
  • You gain the Sneak Attack ability, which lets you add extra damage to an attack if you have advantage or if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it. The attack has to be made with a finesse or ranged weapon, which means it won’t apply to your spells, but it can be useful when trying to save spell slots. 
  • You’ll get some additional skills, proficiency in thieves tools, and Expertise.
  • At second level, you’ll get Cunning Action. This lets you Dash, Disengage, or Hide as a bonus action which is incredibly useful defensively. You can avoid being targeted and constantly move out of range or out of sight of enemies. 

3. Wizard/Fighter

Dipping into fighter creates a tougher, more martial wizard. Eldritch Knight is the best subclass option, since it already functions as a fusion of wizards and fighters. The subclass also has Intelligence as its spellcasting ability, though this build will still rely on Strength or Dexterity as well. 

Why Wizard/Fighter Is Great 

  • Fighter will get you proficiencies in Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, and Shields. 
  • Not only can your wizard wear armor – they also get some healing abilities. Second Wind lets you use a Bonus Action to regain hit points equal to 1d10 + your Fighter level. 
  • At second level, you get access to Action Surge. This means you can cast a cantrip and a spell in the same round. This can drastically turn the tide of battle.

2. Wizard/Cleric

This is truly one of the best multiclass options for wizards, despite how bizarre it might appear at first glance. It’s the best place to go for armor proficiencies, especially heavy armor, as it’s granted as a domain feature and can be accessed regardless of whether cleric is your initial class or not.

It can be hard to reconcile a priest with a scholar in a single character, but it also gives you a lot of unique roleplay options.

Why Wizard/Cleric Is Great 

  • Since Clerics don't learn spells, taking one level instantly gives you access to all the level one spells on the Cleric list. 
  • You also get to choose your domain at level one, making even a single level dip worthwhile. 
  • Depending on domain, you’ll also get different armor proficiencies. Forge Domain is the best defense wizards can get, with heavy armor proficiency and the ability to add +1 AC to a suit of armor. 
  • This also gives you access to healing spells, which wizards lack. This means you can act as a backup healer for deadly encounters. This is especially true for the life domain. 
  • You don’t lose any spell slot progression. 
  • Another set of cantrips gives you more utility. 
  • You get access to Radiant damage, one of the more useful damage types in the game.
  • A second level grants Channel Divinity and third level gives you Spiritual Weapon. 

1. Wizard/Artificer

Artificer is the absolute best option for multiclassing as a wizard as they have the most synergy both mechanically and thematically. 

Both have Intelligence as their main ability score, and the idea of an inventor and tinkerer also being a dedicated scholar makes sense. Their combined abilities work well with each other, and as long as you don’t take too many levels in artificer it won’t slow your spell progression.

Why Wizard/Artificer Is Great 

  • Artificer offers proficiency in medium armors, shields, and Constitution saving throws 
  • A one level dip does not slow spell progression, as artificers are half casters. 
  • You also gain Infusions at 2nd level, including a +1 arcane focus and +1 armor. 
  • If you want to take three levels in the class, the Artillerist subclass gives you a good use of a bonus action with the Eldritch Cannon. 
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