[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Warlock Armor Sets

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Transmog is finally here, are you dressed to impress?

Go see Ada-1 to get started.

Fashion forward Guardians rejoice, the world of Destiny 2 just became your runway.

Welp, it finally happened. After years of the community crying out, transmog finally made it into Destiny 2. Bungie announced the addition about six months ago and now it’s finally here in Season of the Splicer. If you’re unfamiliar with this feature it’s pretty simple - it grants you the ability to change up the look of your character by turning just about all of your previously collected armor (except Exotics) into ornaments. While you still have access to the armor pieces themselves, you do not have to have them equipped to get the look your Guardian desires. Since Versace and Moschino aren't available, Ada-1 has you covered in the Annex section of The Tower with everything you need to get started. To celebrate, we put together a list of sets you're not going to want to miss out on. 

Quick note: Transmog is based off of armor pieces in your collection. Some of these pieces are no longer available in game and some of these are available for real-world money in-game through the Eververse store. That being said, newer players will not have as much access to past armor sets as players who have been around much longer.

5) Xenos Vale IV

Become a Marshall of the Sol System with the Xenos Vale IV set.

This is one of the oldest armor sets, introduced all the way back in The Red War campaign. It’s sleek, it’s cool, and it’s all business. Aside from looking like Wyatt Earp in a space-opera, this set takes on Shaders really well making sure you always look good while you're planet hopping no matter what color-scheme you decide to go with. Since this is a Vanguard issued set, farming Strikes was the only way to find these pieces in the past. Unfortunately you can’t find this in-game anymore. Don’t lose hope though, Bungie tends to bring back older armor every season so keep an eye out if it’s not already in your collections.

Check out a more detailed look here - 

Shining, shimmering splendor.



4) Iron Will

(From L to R) Hunter, Warlock, and Titan about to drop the hottest mixtape in their Iron Will sets.

Warlocks don’t typically get to have their share of beefy looking armor in the way that Titans have access to, but the Iron Will set looks as tough as anything out there. One of the more well received sets in the game, you have a chance of finding this during Iron Banner. This event comes around a few times a season and lasts an entire week, however it’s always rotating it’s armor pool. Most recently it was the Iron Truage set, before that it was Iron Remembrance, and in Season of the Hunt it was dropping Iron Will. Iron Will is cool in every sense of the word, combining space-age sleek with an old-world Templar.

If this set isn’t in your Collections menu, don’t stress. Iron Banner regularly occurs every few weeks a season and lasts an entire week, giving you plenty of chances to farm for these armor pieces if they’re in rotation.

Check it out in more detail here - 

It's hard to get cooler than "Camelot in Space".


3) Couturier Set

(From L to R) Hunter, Titan, and Warlock absolutely stunting in the brand new Couturier sets.

Season of the Splicer introduced two new armor sets for each class, the Couturier Set being one of them. Combining rich elegance and cyber-gang leader chic, these ornaments quickly became one of our favorites. It fits the vision of the new season too, where fan-favorite Mithrax has Guardians hacking through Vex networks in a setting reminiscent of Tron. I paired this with Watcher’s Shade, a Shader that adds a bright silver/dark purple color palette, and it looks flat-out awesome. This set is readily available, however it costs real world money by way of Silver. For the uninitiated, Silver is the in-game currency you can buy for actual money to purchase tons of cosmetic items in Destiny 2’s Eververse store.

Get a good look at all three classes in Couturier Sets here - 

Is it just me or is this what a Negroni would wear if it had limbs?


2) Lightkin Suit

(From L to R) Warlock, Hunter, and Titan in the brand new armor set from Season of the Splicer.

The newest addition to the Destiny 2 armor pool, the Lightkin Suit does not disappoint. As mentioned earlier, Season of the Splicer has us running through geometrical cyberscapes with a color palette that throws you right back into 80s sci-fi movies. The Lightkin Suit is such a cool representation of this, as it’s not only modeled after the race of Eliksni centered around this season, but also has cybertronic elements that marry retrofuturist with traditional warrior. You can farm for these brand new armor pieces running the Override activity by opening Conflux Chests upon completion.

Check out a little fashion show here - 

If Jon Snow starred in The Fly, this would be the costume.


1) Kentarch 3 Suit

(From L to R) Titan, Hunter, and Warlock in the Garden of Salvation raid gear.

Everyone wants to look like a scary holographic space pirate, right? Look no further than the Kentarch 3 Suit. Modeled after the Vex known to wreak havoc throughout the system, these armor pieces crank it up to 11 and outfit your Warlock to look big, bad, and mechanically clad. The holographics on Kentarch 3 add a lot of flare to make sure you are seen and admired by everyone at The Tower. You can find this armor in-game right now by running Garden of Salvation, a Raid located on The Moon. 

Check it out a few different ways here -

Do Warlocks dream of electric armor?

Honorable Mentions -

I left these sets out of the rankings because they are no longer available in game and didn’t want to make a list full of outdated armor/ornaments, causing new players to be crippled with FOMO. Hopefully these make it back into the game one way or another.

  • Insigne Shade

Give your Warlock a taste of opulence with the Insigne Shade set.

This is such a beautiful set, made available in the Spire of Stars raid. It hasn’t been in the game for a pretty long time now, originally modeled after a suped-up Psion through the eyes and generosity of Emperor Calus. Hopefully we get this one back soon, the helmet alone is worth farming for.

  • Focusing

(From L to R) Titan, Hunter, and Warlock in the original Focusing set.

Trials of the Nine hasn’t been around in something like four years, way back in the very first year of Destiny 2. While you can earn it’s counterpart Channeling (Coda) by completing the Prophecy dungeon, Focusing hasn’t been in the game for quite some time. You used to spend a weekend playing Trials of the Nine in the same way that you would play Trials of Osiris, farming for Focusing and Channeling through PvP gameplay. 

  •  Siegebreak

(From L to R) Titan, Warlock, and Hunter looking like technocrats in the Siegebreak set.

Siegebreak is a tanky-looking ornament set that was available through the Season Pass back during Season of Arrivals. It’s cool with everything you throw on it, making you look like a space-age defender out of an Isaac Asimov novel. Eververse has recently rolled out an archives tab in their store, but as of now it doesn’t carry any season pass ornaments. Hopefully that changes at some point so you can pick this up if you haven’t already.

So there you have it. Hopefully transmog hasn’t given you too much of a headache so far in Season of the Splicer and you’re styling and profiling across the galaxy. Like I said before, there are only so many armor sets available in the game right now so I didn’t want to alienate new players with a slew of gear they couldn’t get. There are lots of great combinations to be made with armor pieces across the years, what are some of your favorites? Did I miss anything? Is the Eimin-Tin Ritual Mask the best Warlock helmet ever? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, happy hunting.

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