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Among other things, Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' will forever be recognized for the cast's flawless performances and the fantastic writing. Based on the DC comic book characters from Batman, the sequel to the trilogy is a work of art in and of itself.

Here are twenty noteworthy phrases from the film that make us consider the society we live in today and wish it had the same quiet protector Gotham City did.


25 "I Believe Whatever Doesn't Kill You Simply Makes You... Stranger."

The film's opening sequence was very memorable for spectators. A bunch of crooks dressed as clowns heist a bank and murder one another one by one. After receiving the money, a school bus collides with the bank, revealing Joker as the last clown remaining.

When one of the employees inquired as to his beliefs, he responded as follows before driving away and fitting in with the other school buses. This was an excellent way to begin the film and an excellent introduction to Heath Ledger's interpretation of the Joker.


24 “Batman has no limits.”

This is what Bruce tells Alfred when he advises him to recognize his boundaries. "You do, sir." Alfred answers.

23 "I Promise You, The Dawn Is Coming."

Harvey promises Gotham's people in a speech that optimism is on the way and tries to persuade them not to turn against Batman. Joker has murdered individuals in an effort to get information about the masked vigilante's identity, and has promised to kill more until he discovers who is behind the mask.

To rescue Bruce, Harvey fabricates an identity as Batman. Though morning will ultimately break through the darkness, his life would stay in the dark.


22 "If You Want To Kill A Public Servant, Mr. Maroni, I Recommend You Buy American."

Throughout the film, Harvey attempts to bring down the mafia, particularly Maroni. Harvey grabs the rifle and informs Maroni that if he is going to use a weapon against him, it should be from their own nation.

Everyone in the room was awestruck by Harvey, who demonstrated to fans what a fantastic district attorney he was. Dent was not only unfazed by the incident, but also more than prepared to finish the trial.


21 "My Answer Is Yes."

When the Joker abducts Harvey and Rachel, he informs Batman and the police of their whereabouts, which are in two distinct places. Bruce resolves to save Rachel as Jim Gordon and his fellow police officers attempt to rescue Harvey, despite the fact that they have limited time to save them owing to the explosives laid by the Joker.

Throughout the film, Rachel was forced to choose between Harvey and Bruce as her life partner. Finally, she informs Harvey that she has chosen him. In a surprising turn of events, Batman comes to rescue Harvey and discovers that Joker lied about who was at which spot. Both explosives detonate. Rachel is killed, while Harvey is burned and transforms into Two-Face.


20 "I am counting on it." 

While Batman is restraining Salvatore Maroni on a ledge, Salvatore says, "From one expert to another, if you're attempting to terrify someone, choose a more suitable location. From this vantage point, the fall would not be fatal." Following Batman's response, "I'm counting on it," he knocks Salvatore Maroni down the cliff, shattering both of his legs.


19 "Have You Ever Had To Talk To The Person You Love Most, Tell Them It's Gonna Be Alright, When You Know It's Not?"

While they were about to die and said their final farewells, Harvey convinced Rachel that their friends would rescue her. Harvey kidnaps Jim's family and threatens to murder his children, blaming Batman and Jim for her death.

Jim is forced to lie to his kid in the same manner that he was forced to lie to the love of his life. Fortunately, Batman intervenes before he murders anybody. Unfortunately for Harvey Dent, things do not go as planned.


18 “What were you trying to prove? That deep down, everyone’s as ugly as you? You’re alone!”

In a sociological experiment done by Joker, two boats equipped with detonators are given the choice of blowing up the other to increase their chances of survival. While the Joker anticipates either ferry exploding, Batman determines that neither will be destroyed when he delivers this sentence.


17 "You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?"

Several times during the film, Joker poses this question. He tells a new tale about his history each time. In one, his father was inebriated and suffered a facial cut. In another, he had a wounded wife.

In this narrative, he slashes his own face to demonstrate to her that despite her looks, he still loves her. At the film's conclusion, he poses the question to Batman. Bruce responds that he is unaware of how he obtained those, but is aware of how he obtained the ones he continues to give him. Fans can only guess on the kind of story he would deliver.


16 "I'm Not a Monster."

Eventually, Batman appears during the questioning scene, at which time the Joker informs him that he is not aiming to murder Batman at all. Batman, in fact, "completes him." The Dark Knight chastises him and calls him a monster. The Joker attempts to justify himself.


15 “I’m not wearing hockey pads.”

Batman chastises a bunch of would-be superheroes for attempting to fight alongside him, as one of them frustratedly inquires, "What's the difference between you and me?" "I'm not wearing hockey pads," Batman explains as he lowers himself into his bat-mobile.


14 “Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, sometimes people deserve more.”

Batman is driven into hiding after being fingered as the perpetrator of the Joker's crimes. The sequel to the Batman series concludes with Batman declaring, "Sometimes, the truth is insufficient; occasionally, people need more. At times, individuals deserve to be rewarded for their faith..."


13 “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Batman speaks with Lt. James Gordon on how he has come to be seen as a villain in the aftermath of Harvey Dent's death. He asserts, "You either die a hero or live long enough to see your own demise. I am capable of such actions. Because I am not a hero in the same way that Dent is. I murdered those individuals. That is what I am capable of becoming."


12 “Well, I grew up in Gotham, and I turned out alright.”

This is in answer to Natascha's question on how Bruce could possibly want to raise children in Gotham. The phrase is humorous, yet it fits his temperament well.


11 "This Time, I Saved Him."

Throughout the film, fans and characters assume Jim has died. He pretended to die in order to apprehend the Joker and didn't even inform his distraught wife that he was safe.

When Jim returns home, he awakens his son to inform him that he is still alive. His kid inquires as to if Batman rescued him, and this is his answer. Jim disclosed his survival and apprehended Joker after the clown battered the bat in an exciting battle.


10 “Then you’re gonna love me.”

As Joker approaches Rachel, Rachel kicks him in the crotch, prompting Joker to exclaim, "You've got a little fight in you. That I like." "Then you're gonna love me." Batman says as he swoops in to rescue her.


09 "Give It To Me And I'll Do What You Should've Did 10 Minutes Ago."

Joker leads Gotham's people to flee the city in a short period of time. A group of inmates and a party of townspeople are each on their own boat, and Joker has hidden the detonator for a bomb on the other's vessel. They had until midnight to assassinate the other gang, or the Joker would assassinate everyone.

One of the convicts seizes the detonator and tosses it into the sea, demonstrating that those dressed in prison clothes are just as valiant as those dressed in capes.


08 "He's Not Our Hero. He's A Silent Guardian, A Watchful Protector, A Dark Knight."

These were the last words said in the film. Following Harvey's death, Batman instructs Jim to place the burden for Two Face's misdeeds squarely on his shoulders and to allow Gotham's residents to believe in the hero they need. He orders Jim to pursue him with all of his officers, transforming him into Gotham's deadliest adversary. As Batman flees, his kid inquires as to why they chose to do this.

Jim explains to his kid that Batman is capable of handling situations that no one else could and that this is in the best interests of the city. Bruce would not defend or protect people in need until they need him again. For years, he remained in the shadows.


07 "A-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta, Let's Not Blow This Out Of Proportion."

In The Dark Knight, the Joker threatens to blow up the mobsters with his explosive jacket.

The whole scenario in which the Joker addresses Gotham's different criminal leaders is fantastic, and provides some Dark Knight phrases that fans will never forget.

His joke while threatening to blow them up with a grenade jacket demonstrates not just his warped nature, but also his intelligence, which is simply wonderful to behold. Additionally, the scene has two more of the franchise's most famous quotes: "If you're good at something, never do it for free," and "Do you wanna see a magic trick?" The latter is particularly memorable owing to its context and delivery.


06 "If You're Good at Something..."

When the Joker interrupts a conference called by several crime leaders to debate what to do about Batman, he first performs a "magic trick" in which he drives a pencil into the eye of one of the boss's underlings. The Joker then casually recommends a simple solution to their issues. Simply eliminate Batman. The mafia bosses all chuckle, and the chief honcho, portrayed by Eric Roberts, asks, "If it's so simple, why haven't you done it already?"


05 "Everything Burns!"

After the mob leaders finally accept the Joker's offer by handing him a mound of cash—literally—the clown-faced villain wants to make it obvious that he is about revolting against all society, even criminal society. He shows this by setting fire to his large loot and saying:

"It's not about money...it’s about sending a message. Everything burns!"


04 "He's The Hero Gotham Deserves But Not The One It Needs Right Now."

Gary Oldman is the trilogy's unsung hero. According to BBC writer Mark Kermode, he had the best performance in The Dark Knight. While he lauded Heath Ledger's depiction of the Joker, he believed that Oldman's performance as Commissioner Gordon was "the best performance in the film, by a mile."

He is not as well-known as the other performers, but his portrayal was every bit as nuanced, as seen when he says, "He is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one the city needs at the moment. As a result, we're going to track him down. Because he is capable of taking it. For the simple reason that he is not our hero. He is a quiet protector. A vigilant defender."


03 "Madness, As You Know, Is A Lot Like Gravity. All It Takes Is A Little Push."

Despite his psychiatric problems, the Joker has a great deal of insight. While his eerie knowledge astounds spectators, he also has some unique views that fit him wonderfully as Batman.

Simply defined, the Joker wants to bring the world to a halt with his ferocious mayhem, yet he is keenly aware of his own craziness and painstakingly prepares many of his schemes. This self-awareness is evident in his statement, "As you are probably aware, madness is quite similar to gravity. All that is required is a little prod."


02 "Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn."

While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Jeremy Irons' portrayal of Alfred Pennyworth in the DC Extended Universe, he has failed to make the same impression as Michael Caine did in The Dark Knight trilogy.


Caine's Alfred wasn't simply the person who prepared Batman's cars and delivered him his meals on time; Caine portrayed Alfred as a man who promised the parents for whom he worked that he would keep their kid safe after they died and then felt tortured as he saw their son become a caped vigilante. In other words, Caine portrayed Alfred as a genuine human being with genuine feelings.


01 "Do I Look Like a Guy with a Plan?"

During the well-known "In the hospital scene",  in which the Joker disguises himself as a nurse and infiltrates the hospital where Harvey Dent is being treated, he reveals his objectives to Dent by asking, "Do I really look like a guy with a plan?" You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just...DO things."



The Dark Knight came out a few years ago but the dent it made on the standards of movies still stands to be witnessed to this day. No other movie can ever reach the level of The Dark Knight. Hopefully, this post on amazing Dark Knight quotes was fun to read fo

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