[Top 15] Cutest Cartoons of All Time

Cutest Cartoons of All Time
Miko and Ally from Glitch Techs

Has there ever been that one character so cute you would die or even kill for? Here are 15 cartoons with characters that must be protected at all costs! (Or probably don't need your protection but deserve your love all the same!)

15. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart  

Fierce swordscat Mao Mao is determined to become a legendary hero. No, he’s destined to become one. So when he accidentally destroys the defense barrier of Pure Heart Valley, home to the adorable and utterly vulnerable Sweetypies, he steps in and becomes their sheriff. Because a real hero takes responsibility for his actions. Alongside his partner Badgerclops, and small, energetic (and rather destructive) fanatic Adorabat, together they keep the valley safe. Along the way, Mao Mao becomes one of the most legendary heroes of all time (and all of Cartoon Network). 

Not only is this show full of cute characters. It’s pretty badass. 

And it called out on Steven Universe too! 

When I saw the pilot episode, I was immediately hooked! 

Series creator Parker Simmons, who had no voice acting experience prior to the show, puts so much personality into Mao Mao! Someone give this guy an Oscar already! 

Mao Mao is a mix of Samurai Jack and Darkwing Duck: badass with a little bit of an ego. 

His more grounded partner Badgerclops is a guy you’d definitely swipe right for. Half man. Half machine. All awesome. 

He’s also the kind of character whom the audience can relate to more. We’d all rather just eat, sleep, and draw rather than fighting but we still take pleasure in it! 

And Adorabat? Sweet, precious child who actually doesn’t need to be protected at all cost. (Seriously, either she warms your heart or sends chills down your spine) 

I call this the perfect family. (Regardless of Word of God, Mao Mao and Badgerclops do make a good daddy ship)

I have to admire Mao Mao for the sh*t he has to deal with when it comes to the Sweetypies. If it wasn’t for Pure Heart’s protective barriers, these little guys would already be dead. 

Granted, they represent the “Too Dumb to Live” trope.

Prime example: the valley’s most “perfect couple” Penny and Benny don’t recognize the dangers of picnicking in the middle of the road. (yes, they got run over because their king is glamorous trash)

“Popularity Conquest” (the episode that makes fun of Steven Universe) was very much a piss-off. You all remember that Darkwing Duck episode where the titular character tried to change his image to please the public, even though he already dedicates his life to fighting crime and saving their asses?

Yeah, Mao Mao should have just let those Sweetypies perish in the fire…

Fact: out of everyone, Mao Mao is the #1 cutest character in this entire show. Change my mind. 

14. Mucha Lucha 


Honor! Family! Tradition! And donuts! Those are what make a true masked wrestler. At the Foremost World Renowned School of Lucha, young Rikochet is one of the best luchadores to grace the ring. With his best friends Buena Girl and The Flea, together they clean the floor and become the ultimate power trio. Whether wrestling their classmates, fighting their rivals at Hairy Knuckles Academy, or some unusual occurrence that threatens their city, they’ll wrestle their way to a victory! 

If you grew up with this show, you remember the joys of Saturday morning cartoons. And the beloved network known as KidsWB!

Alongside shows such as Xiaolin Showdown, Histeria!, Detention, Static Shock, and even Loonatics Unleashed, this was among the greats. 

I remember waking up extremely early and sit in front of the TV, watching as the intro began soon as the previous show ended. The theme song was always such a banger! 

Rikochet, of course, was my favorite of the main characters. He was the best wrestler at school. All around sweet guy. And, obviously, girls like La Flamencita and Penny Plutonium were totally all over him. I remember I used to have a crush on him as a kid too. 

But just like the rest of the ML fandom, we were all rooting for him to get shipped with Buena Girl. And, holy sh*t, did the series love to tease us. Eddie Mort and Lili Chin, the creators of this show, definitely shipped them too. 

The Flea was a great character. When he wasn’t super disgusting and wretched. Which was 99% of the series. 

I really enjoyed the episodes where their classmates had a moment to shine. Episodes revolving around secondary characters like French Twist, Cindy Slam, El Gundamo, and especially Minotoro still make me squeal in delight today. 

There was so much potential for a fourth season. And so many other characters that deserved the spotlight. It really sucked they ended Gigante (season 3) where it did. I mean, it was an okay finale. But it still left a lot to be desired. 

Still pretty bullsh*t because the creators still had a lot of ideas planned. And what’s bigger bullsh*t was how Cartoon Network made it look like ML would come back with new material. 

After the fall of KidsWb, Mucha Lucha moved to Cartoon Network, particularly during the time of the Friday Night years. (Before the dumpster fire that was CN Real) 

I remember rumors speculating that CN really was going to premiere with new Mucha Lucha episodes. The fandom got really excited. I had my hopes up. 

And then a month after “said date”, they just crashed. 

We are now in the decade of cartoons with representation, reboots, and the whole “human in another world” concept (especially if it’s owned by Disney). 

If any show deserves to be revived, it’s this one. 

13. Happy Tree Friends 


On the surface, they’re cute, lovable characters. But stick around long enough and you’ll see how much they endure. Death and destruction are inevitable for these adorable little critters. But don’t worry, they’re alive again in the next episode! And then they die again. And again. And again. But hey, they’re cute while they last! 

I was too young to even believe cartoons could be so violent. I didn’t even understand the word “gore” back then. 

When I first discovered a DVD of this show in a Sam Goody (god, I miss that store), I was drawn in by the cute yellow rabbit on the cover. And not him holding a fork toward an electric socket. 

I bought it thinking it would be another adorable series to obsess over besides Pokemon. 

And then I watched the “Spin Fun Knowin’ Ya” episode…

I think I was more confused than traumatized. 

Like, how is it possible that a show like this can exist?

And then I discovered South Park and Drawn Together. I was one of those kids who secretly watched TV on a school night while their parents slept. 

And I didn’t stop watching. I really did fall in love with these characters, and it hurt every time they died. 

These guys were just so cute, I was willing to overlook the horrors just because! Like so, so cute! 

So cute I just want to die for them before they do! You would too with character designs like those! Hello Kitty WISHES she was that cute!  

As of 2021, I still hold them in high regard despite how gruesome the show got over the years. I won’t lie, it’s still kind of hard to look directly at all the blood and gore that goes down. 

The show has really gotten more creative in ways for them to die. I’m still shivering over “Wishy Washy” (that dead Lumpy image will forever haunt me). 

Speaking of creativity, this show needs to create more episodes soon. The Still Alive episodes were awesome, but very few. 

And would it KILL to give us another Buddhist Monkey episode?!  

12. The Mr. Men Show  


Based on the “Mr. Men Little Miss” books (and the 1997 original series), comes this comedic cartoon full of sketches and music videos! Favorite characters like Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, and Miss Chatterbox are brought back in a more lively, more vibrant series that includes even more personality! Every episode is a particular subject. And every subject features the Mr. Men and Little Misses in hilarious sketches! 

I discovered this show while Cartoon Network was going through the “Dark Age”. 

Didn’t even know about the original until it popped on my YouTube recommendations. This reboot is so much better, to be honest. 

I like how all the characters got an upgrade from their original, sugary, charming personalities. 

Mr. Happy was always, well, happy. And nothing phased him, even disagreeable characters like Mr. Grumpy, who was just as two-dimensional. Nothing much there. 

But in the reboot, he was given a more optimistic, game show host kind of personality. And half the time he forces himself to smile it out even though he’s on the verge of cracking. Because as someone who deems himself a role model, hiding frustration especially with those who cause it is an absolute chore. 

And Mr. Grumpy? He’s more like Squidward in the reboot. He also seems to serve as the voice of reason. And pretty much a surrogate for the audience whenever we question the logic of the show. I like this version of him way more. 

Although some characters in the reboot are a little more cursed compared to their original counterparts. 

Little Miss Chatterbox won’t shut the hell up. When she stars in an episode, I practically pray she would get killed off like a Happy Tree Friends character. 

Little Miss Whoops is why managers are always so stressed. Every time she has a job, she screws it up (and her trademark "Whoops!" is grating to the ears). Her constant clumsiness will cost you an arm and a leg. Just ask Mr. Bump, who’s often in the hospital because of her. 

Mr. Tickle should be in prison. 

This show was still good, and it made you forget how sh*tty Cartoon Network was back then (it’s still kind of sh*tty today but not as bad as the mid-2000s).

The music videos were a real banger too. I highly recommend looking up “Dillydale Dance Floor” on YouTube.  

11. The Weeklings 

In Calendar City, every day is different. From New Year to Thanksgiving to even Labor Day, all who live in the beloved place where the only time acknowledged is the sun or moon coming up or down. And then we have The Weeklings: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Every morning, evening, or night these days make life in Calendar City interesting. And every moment in Calendar City is fun, wacky, and exciting in this super creative show that makes you appreciate all those 365 days a little more.  

Some of you are gripping that Tik Tok is a terrible social media platform. Meanwhile, you’re all over Onison and Jake Paul on YouTube while spouting racial slurs on Twitter and posting your asshole on Instagram. 

Why am I bringing up Tik Tok? Because if it wasn’t for that app, I would not have discovered The Weeklings. 

One moment I was just scrolling through videos that were using the song “Jumpshot” by Dawin. And I notice this one thumbnail with a hopping, boxy, yellow character. 

That character is named Friday, and he’s from The Weeklings (which can be found on YouTube). 

The creativity behind this show is beyond amazing. The creator thought up how every day would look as a person. Not to mention the cleverness of insinuating days into life!

Leap Year has an exclusive party that only happens every four years. 

Groundhog Day has a shadow that has a life of its own. 

And Labor Day likes to wear white.

Can we talk about how creative they were with Monday? We’re always seeing this particular day as “The day Garfield hates”, or that one day of the week no one looks forward to. 

In this show, Monday isn’t antagonistic nor mean-spirited as people feel about that day. She’s actually really goofy and fun. As in she tries to make the most of a situation no matter how disastrous it gets. Similar to how we make the most of a Monday as our week begins.  

Her weirdness is what makes her stand out among The Weeklings. And while it’s no secret that she’s trying to fit in among her peers in Calendar City, she’s not afraid to be herself. 

Which is why she has to be the most relatable character. Now whenever I hear people say they hate Mondays, they are basically hating a part of themselves. Because in some weird way, I think we can view ourselves as days of the week too. 

Can you believe Cartoon Network rejected this idea?  

10. PB&J Otter  


Peanut, Jelly, and Butter are three otter siblings living in beautiful Lake Hoohaw. Whenever a problem arises, they use their noodle (and do the Noodle Dance) in order to solve it. Whether it’s helping a friend, helping their parents, or even helping their community, they always find a way. 

Playhouse Disney memories!

I don’t think the word “furry” existed back then. But I’m pretty sure that if this show aired today, furries would be all over it. 

This show was what I wished my neighborhood had been like growing up. 

Everyone knew each other and would bring over a homemade pie. The neighborhood was made of houseboats surrounding a gorgeous lake. And all it took to solve a problem was doing a little dance. 

Jelly was like my go-girl personality. Peanut was the little voice in the back of my head. And Butter was me always agreeing. 

Flick was also my main spirit animal because we both love food.  

I loved watching this show as much as I did with Bear in the Big Blue House. Both carried such a charm and amazing characters that it’s no wonder they stay remembered to this day!

I like how Zootopia, a furry’s dream film, made a small reference to this beloved cartoon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Re-watch the scene where Judy’s gets a phone call from her parents while in her apartment. (look at her screen closely and you’ll see the PB&J reference)

9. Hey Duggee 


Duggee is a large, lovable dog who is also the leader of the Squirrels Scouts: Betty, Tag, Norrie, Rollie, and Happy. Every episode starts with their parents dropping them off, and soon after get an exciting lesson and/or adventure. You’ll dance, clap, and exclaim “Hey, Duggee!” with this wonderful show. 

Look out, Peppa Pig, because Duggee knows how to win over fans. 

They say this is a show for preschoolers. And yet the fandom has more adults, and most of them are parents. 

I discovered this on Nick Jr. one day, and fell in love with the simplistic style and humor. They do not go overboard. 

You have a big, cuddly pooch who teaches his scouts everyday things. And awards them badges for fulfilling the tasks. 

Every episode is a different badge. And every episode means a whole new thing to laugh at. 

If you thought Peppa Pig could take mundane things to the extreme, Duggee and the gang really know how to turn even a simple smoothie blend into an adventure! 

“The Honey Badge” had the squirrels assisting the bees in their local apiary with a new delivery of honey. The bees don’t use their wings. They use mini planes stocked with the honey they collected. And they take their queen’s tea time VERY seriously. Like, how can you have tea without honey?

The entire scene was one big, dramatic air force rescue sequence. That was more entertaining than the entire Bee Movie. 

“The Detective Badge'' took cues from Law and Order and even Criminal Minds on account of a missing pie. And then it went into SyFy channel mode that resulted in the cast discovering what looks like Area 51. I will forever call apple pie a “UFO” (Unidentified Fruity Object) from now on. 

The theme music is a great earworm, but the song from “The Stick Badge” will forever be stuck in your head! And apparently Duggee loves raves (watch the end of the episode). 

One of the little details I admire about this show is that Happy (who is a crocodile) is adopted (his mom is an elephant). They don’t bring up the fact that he’s adopted. The show completely generalizes the reality that not all families look the same. 

Which makes it so much sweeter because Duggee is practically a parent to the Squirrel Scouts. In fact, all the characters in the entire show treat each other as family. 

Even the ladybirds and worms have heart in this series. 

8. Octonauts  


Captain Barnacles and his crew explore the depths of the ocean and make sure the inhabitants are safe. Whether it’s helping a crab find his perfect shell, saving blobfish from an active volcano, or even reuniting seahorses with their family, no job is too big (or too small) for the Octonauts! 

I remember a few years back when Playhouse Disney changed into Disney Junior. There was a badass trailer for this series. And I was immediately hooked. 

This is actually one CGI kids’ show I can really get behind. It was educational. The characters weren’t uncanny. And most importantly, the show did not treat you like a mental patient. (Nick Jr., take notes)

I fell in love with Captain Barnacle, Kwazii, and especially Peso. The leader. The pirate. The medic. I would rather hang with this crew than with Sonic the Hedgehog’s. 

This show is like Sealab 2021 for kids! (Adult Swim fans would know what that is)

Although the original version of this show (the British version) is, in my opinion, a little better compared to the US version. Mainly because I hate how most of the voices had to be changed to “fit our American custom”. 

Like what the hell? Hey Duggee is a BBC show too, and they kept all of their characters’ voices! (I cannot IMAGINE what would have happened if they gave Rollie an American accent) 

Why did you have to change the dachshund’s Australian accent into a stereotypical Valley Girl voice? Although I will admit Peso’s Hispanic accent in the American version feels a lot more fitting than his British one. 

If you don’t have Disney Junior on your TV package, that’s okay. Because this show is on Netflix now. 

7. Wander Over Yonder 


Meet Wander, a cheerful, optimistic nomad who travels through the universe on his trusty steed/best friend Sylvia. Together, they explore the depths of space and meet new civilizations along the way. And as the overly good person that he is, Wander will step out of his way helping people in need. Even help the tempered conqueror Lord Hater, who just can’t stand Wander’s overly cheerfulness and affection. 

Powerpuff Girls was awesome. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends was great but then got really, really bad mid-series. And McCracken’s newest series Kid Cosmic is an ass-kicking good time with a lot of adult humor.

But let’s not forget this pride and joy that Disney decided to screw over before it could even have its third season. 

Never has a modern Disney cartoon made me laugh as much as WoY. Sure, Gravity Falls had its moments. Although for them, the joke was a little on the nose and most times it was kind of awkward. Though Grunkle Stan and Soos are what really kept the show going. They are pretty much the only funny characters in my opinion. 

WoY felt like a callback to 2000s humor. Every character was unique, quirky, and oh, so charming. As Disney villains go, Lord Hater was the absolute goofiest! Knowing McCracken’s work, there is no doubt he took cues from Mojo Jojo. 

This was also the show that made it clear that Tom Kenny really can do other voices besides Spongebob. Commander Peepers was like the surrogate audience, questioning the logic of Lord Hater's plans (which are often dumb). His role as being both Hater’s second-in-command and practical babysitter is what made people fall in love with their dynamic. 

Of course, let’s not forget Wander and Sylvia! Best friends who, thankfully, never took the Starco route (Star Vs. the Forces of Evil used to be so cool in season 1...). Wander is the peace-loving hugger. And Sylvia is the violent-prone ass-kicker. Perfect duo! 

I always believed the universe was beautiful and full of so much life. This show captures that feeling perfectly. Every episode, Wander and Sylvia discover new grounds and meet new faces. And as you’re sitting there watching, you’re like “Star Wars never did it like this”. 

Makes you just want to hop in a ship and discover these places yourself. 

Don’t ever tell me that the season 2 finale was the perfect way to end this series.

It’s not. I still have so many questions. And Disney sucks for cancelling this show and keeping us from a third season. 

6. Molang 

Molang is an adorable bunny who, along with tiny bird Piu Piu, see every day as something nice and exciting. Sometimes they’ll help a friend with a business. Meet cute animals and reunite them with family. Or even learn how to throw the ultimate dance party. You’ll get “Yep! Yep!” for Molang! 

If it wasn’t for Disney Junior, I would not have not discovered this cute franchise. 

Molang and Piu Piu are why kawaii culture exists. They are adorable. They are friends with everyone. And they make great comfort characters when modern cartoons mentally scar you. 

When you’re just tired of shows that start off all simple and slice-of-lifey, that then go into dark, angsty, hell-inducing plot, you’re desperate for some relief. 

Molang is that cartoon I go to when things in other shows are either happening too much or too fast (Amphibia, Ducktales, Big City Greens, Big Hero 6: The Series, The Owl House, Soul Train, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, etc).

Someone’s getting betrayed by their best friend or family?

Go watch Molang. 

Characters you love turn out to be complete, unredeemable assholes?

Go watch Molang.  

There’s a bigger evil right after just defeating the previous one?


I’m still not over 2017 reboot Donald having been stranded on that island and everyone assuming he was on vacation. And then the “You owe me 11 years of Turbo!” is the first thing his nephew ‘Bluey’ says upon finding him by chance. Which sort of makes you ask yourself, “Why am I watching this?”.

At least Molang doesn’t take Piu Piu for granted. And doesn’t hog the spotlight. 

One episode I really liked was how Molang and Piu went the extra mile to help a friend’s cupcake business. They literally took a helicopter around their neighborhood to give flyers! 

It’s no wonder there’s more merch for this cartoon than whatever Disney even tries to pump out. 

5. Oddbods 


In Oddville, there’s a neighborhood of seven friends: Fuse, Newt, Bubbles, Pogo, Slick, Zee, and Jeff. And while their personalities completely contrast with each other’s, they are never afraid to enjoy time and activities together. Cleaning up in time for a fancy party. Becoming internet famous. Stopping an alien race from taking over the world. And the show entertains kids and adults that there’s always a little odd in everyone! 

I think it was around December of 2015 that I discovered this while randomly going through YouTube one day (it was before they disabled the comments for “children’s safety”). 

First impressions were a mix between intrigue and disgust. And after that, I guess I forgot about the show. 

Cut to the start of 2020 (and our current crisis) and I discover that this franchise actually has a show on Netflix. And uploading new stuff every week on YouTube. 

And it was SO MUCH better than what I saw last time. 

Actually, what I saw back then was the “original”. Before One Animation finally realized that their gross humor needed to go. Back then, the Oddbods were...kind of messed up. I mean, for f*ck’s sake! The yellow one, Bubbles, ate LIVE chicks!

I am so happy for the changes. Now each of them have a personality that is more fun, interesting, and definitely worth hanging out with!

Fuse used to be a temper-triggered asshat who was prone to violence and easily hating on people. His new character still has the temper. And his violence only happens when a project gets too frustrating (like that one time he was having computer trouble and he hit it with the manual; which actually fixed it). He's just a really soft teddy bear under all that gruff! 

Bubbles, thank god, doesn’t eat live animals in her changed version. She’s now the genius scientist who makes inventions and goes treasure-hunting. Every time I see her with a frog or bird, I still get kind of nervous she’s going to kill it for sustenance. But she’s still awesome!

Slick was the cool guy of the pack in the original. In his updated version, he’s still Mr. Cool. But just like the other characters, he gets into trouble sometimes too. I love him even more than I did back then. 

Newt originally was kind of...a whore. I don’t know how else to describe her personality back then. She was just that chick who was often used as the “sexual prowess”. There was even a New Year’s short in the original that showed her getting drunk and waking up next to a random guy. (Yeah, this series was VERY ODD back then) Now she’s the sweet girl who loves to bake, collect super cute things, and throw tea parties!

Pogo was a little sh*t back then. He’s still a little sh*t now. But unlike the original, his new version is more playful and fun (and not disgusting). Although his pranks tend to go into Logan Paul territory. Yeah, he’s my least favorite of the cast. 

Jeff was the rich, pompous CEO of everything rich and pompous in the original. He wasn’t an asshole, but he did carry that of “I’m more successful than you” air about him. Although he showed to be not so above it all in some of the original shorts. His updated version is WAY more likable! He’s still rich, still holds himself in high regard, but he cares a lot for his friends and will often use his money to help them. What I really like about his new version is that he has OCD tendencies and will go into a tizzy when something is unorganized. It’s adorable! 

And finally, Zee. Holy crap, this guy was DISGUSTING in the original. Halitosis. Didn’t cover his mouth when sneezing. And cleans his dishes by just LICKING them. I borderline hated this guy back then. One Animation did a tremendous job changing his personality and making him more lovable. He’s still unkempt, but not so much it would trigger your inner germaphobe. Not to mention he can harness the same energy as the other characters when he wants to. And when it comes to hunger, he’s a relatable mood. What I really love about Zee in the updated version is that he and Jeff are actually best friends, despite the obvious differences. I think I live for the episodes that focus on their dynamic. 

The best part about this show’s upgrade? The voices.

The series is still a “non-dialogue comedy”. But just like Happy Tree Friends, the grunts, giggles, and gibberish are pleasing to the ears! (And make them a hundred times cuter!)

4. Glitch Techs 

What was supposed to be a virtual gaming competition turns into something much more dangerous as Five and Miko find out. What started out as playing for the title and a job at the famous Hinobi store, begins the friendship between these two gamers. Both now work at Hinobi. But retail is just on the surface. Behind the tech, there are glitches that need to be contained. And that is where Hinobi’s secret service of Glitch Tech workers come in. 

The best show to ever come out of the Nickelodeon studio. And the network won’t even air it on their own channel! 

We all know Nick’s 10+ years of bad decisions. 

They cancelled Harvey Beaks after only two seasons because they felt like it. 

Cancelled Rise of the TMNT just because their toys weren’t selling (who would even buy that crap?). 

And basically pissed on the grave of one of the greatest creators of all time by making that sh*t “spin-off” known as Kamp Koral. 

Glitch Techs would not have graced our lives had it not been for Netflix. 

If you’ve watched Saberspark and Alpha Jay Show, you know this is definitely one of the best cartoons of the decade. 

Wonderful characters. Brilliant voice acting. Awesome game references. And plots, twists, and plotwists that have us aching with suspense! 

As someone who was actually fortunate enough to meet the people that created this show, I can’t stress enough how much I want this to go above and beyond. 

Like beyond even the sponge himself. 

Plushes. Hoodies. App games. Just take my money, Glitch Techs!

Oh, yeah, and six seasons plus a movie. If Steven Universe and My Little Pony were lucky enough to get those benefits, then so should Glitch Techs.

3. Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! 

Meet Wubbzy, a cute little guy with a bouncy tail and sweet personality. He has his best friend Widget, a magnificent inventor. And his other best friend Walden, a genius and avid book-reader. And they all live in Wuzzleburg, which is filled with the most fun, zany, and lovable people Wubbzy is lucky to have!  

Still the best Nick Jr. show to this day. 

When I started watching this, the first thing that came to mind was “Hey, Widget has Sandy Cheeks’ voice!”. And Walden becoming my favorite character instantly because of how smart and dorky he was.  

Every episode gives off a good feeling. 

Yes, there will be problems. But it doesn’t make it impossible to solve. Especially when you have good friends and a wonderful community to back you up.  

One lesson that I don’t really see often in shows was how one “can’t have too much of a good thing”. It was the episode where Wubbzy loved doodleberries so much he would eat them every day (it’s called “Too Much of a Doodle Thing!”). 

And that’s what he did. What everyone did. Until it came to the point that they started getting sick of them.  

I have met similar experience. I thought when I was hungry and didn’t have anything in the kitchen, I would just DoorDash Little Caesar’s pizza, and that satisfied my cravings (and my wallet). In fact, I would order more than one pie a week. 

And just like Wubbzy, I was starting to get sick of it too.  

The episode was a nice way of saying you should try new things. And that it’s nice to eat things in moderation. Which is why I balance between ordering either a pizza, sushi, or even McDonald’s.  

Why I think this show is better than what Nick Jr. currently pumps out of its money-curdling asscheeks: it doesn’t feel dumbed down. 

If you’ve even bothered to watch the current Nick Jr. shows, they’ve gotten pretty lazy with the concept.  

Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Rainbow Rangers, and especially Butterbean’s Cafe have that same “formula” where “main characters can do no wrong” (which in better terms means they are happy ALL the goddamn time without any other emotion).  

The two-dimensional “bad guys” are overly immature and petty (and pretty pathetic that you can just feel the secondhand embarrassment).   

The plot of every episode is pretty ridiculous. Half the time you’re questioning the reality of the situation more than actually even trying to understand it. 

Oh, yeah, and very sh*tty animation. Did I forget to mention that all the current Nick Jr. shows are cheap CGI?  It’s no wonder they're able to produce them so quickly. 

*FYI, Rainbow Rangers has the ugliest character designs out of any show. And don’t get me started on the “Disney princess animal sidekick”. (They seriously thought it was going to be the next Groot?!) 

Wubbzy’s show got even better when they introduced a new character: Daisy.  

Sometimes in shows, new characters can be a hit or miss, especially if they’re being added to the main cast.  

But Daisy really fit in. In fact, I still think she and Wubbzy would make a cute pair today.  

What also made this show WAY better than any of Nick Jr.’s current garbage: the Cat in the Hat parody episode.  

And freaking BEYONCE. 

If you haven’t watched this show yet, now you got a good reason to. Beyonce actually lent her voice to this cartoon. 

And not only did she bless us with the character Shine, leader of the Wubb Girlz, but she also blessed us with one of the most iconic songs to date: Sing a Song.  

“Sing a Song” and “My Shiny Teeth and Me” from Fairly Oddparents (before it’s decay into the Poof and Chloe seasons) give me LIFE.

And Wubbzy is among the greatest friends to have in it.  

2. A Pup Named Scooby-Doo   


Before they were those meddling kids...they were a bunch of meddling kids. Scooby and the gang are preteens and solving mysteries. Whether there’s something haunting their neighborhood, or even their school, the mystery gang is there to solve the case! 

Hands down my FAVORITE Scooby Doo series.  

Mystery Incorporated? I’m still mad that the whole Shaggy/Velma thing fell apart.  

Be Cool, Scooby Doo? We’re all just going to pretend that was a VERY bad Family Guy sketch. 

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue? We’re all just going to pretend that never existed. (especially the sh*tty ass theme song)

I remember back when Cartoon Network was more classy and charming (before the Dark Age), they would air this alongside other shows like Tom and Jerry Kids, Johnny Bravo, and even The Tex Avery Show.  

I didn’t appreciate the show as much back then as I do now. Because the Scooby-Doo franchise has done a lot since then: straight-to-DVD films, crossovers, and live-action movies. I realize now that this series was one of the better ideas.  

I find it really cute and wholesome that the Mystery Gang, for all their flaws, really do look out for each other.  

Like in the episode “The Computer Walks Among Us” where Velma is framed for illegal activity and her friends, especially Scoob, were really there for her. Through the entire episode, they made it their mission to capture the real culprit and prove her innocence. 

“It’s alright, Velma! We still love you!” was one of the warmest lines I’ve heard from this series. Followed by that sweet hug between Scooby and Velma. A lot better than how their relationship was like in Mystery Incorporated…

So if they make yet ANOTHER Scooby-Doo movie or whatever, just come back to this series.

The mysteries are simple. The humor is spot-on. And no toxicity. 

1. Bluey 


Heeler pup Bluey is a little girl with a big imagination. Every day starts off mundane until she or her sister Bingo come up with some zany scenarios that have their parents (and pretty much their whole neighborhood) playing along. Magic asparagus. Convenience store chaos. Or even something as simple as showing a puppet the time of his life. In Bluey’s world, every moment is an adventure. 

Okay, first off, this show is awesome and it’s no surprise more adults than kids watch it. 

Second...this show kind of mindf*cks you.  

Seriously, is everything that is happening really just imagination? Or is it really happening but it’s just the norm?  

I will admit that when it comes to “playtime”, Bandit and Chilli take it just as seriously as their daughters.  

But what if it’s actually “play all the time”, and every single “occurrence” was literally happening but the writers are trolling us in the most creative way possible? 

When my friend I watched the ending of “Fairies”, we were, how people in classic cartoons would say, flabbergasted. 

So were there actually fairies this entire time? Was Bandit dead serious when he was willing to riverdance around a mailbox, in front of the neighbors, to “save” Bingo? 

Friend and I are still in heated debate over the “actuality” of this show. We do agree it’s a lot like The Amazing World of Gumball (if the Watterson kids weren’t monsters to society and Nicole and Richard weren’t 99% hopeless parents). 

Ever since watching “Fairies”, I have looked at every Bluey episode in a whole new light.  

Like “Asparagus”, and how Bluey managed to turn eating her vegetables into magic objects that turned her family into animals (don’t question the logic). 

Whether this is some Harry Potter sh*t or they take playtime more seriously than a Toy Story movie, I like how their community is just very...okay with it.  

In the same episode, while Chilli and Bingo were still “under the spell”, they attacked their neighbor. Instead of calling the cops and threatening to sue, he responded with “No worries! I shouldn’t have let my guard down.”  

I want to live in this wholesome, WHOLESOME world where my imagination can become a fun reality...

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