[Top 10] Cartoons About Dogs

Cartoons About Dogs
Remember this, Cartoon Network?

Love dogs? Or just love the ones that are animated without any of the responsibilities? Here's top 10 shows with cartoon dogs! 

10. 2 Stupid Dogs 

Two unnamed dogs (usually referred to as Little Dog and Big Dog) constantly roam around wherever they please. Mainly to look for food. But they unintentionally cause havoc and trouble wherever they go. Although the way they do it, well, it’s cute. BUT IT’S WRONG!!!

Back when Cartoon Network was really living. Then again, the 90s and early 2000s were when all the best cartoons aired. 

I remember the weekends watching this show. I always got a kick out of whenever Mr. Hollywood would come out and say his catchphrase. Then all Hell breaks loose when the dogs come in. 

I forgot how generally weird this show was as a kid. Not to mention the amount of adult jokes that managed to fly over our heads. 

I also didn’t realize that Brad Garrett, who is most popular for his work on “Everybody Loves Raymond”, voiced the big dog. And his voice is unforgettable. 

While watching those two idiots was always worthwhile, I was usually looking forward to the Super Secret Secret Squirrel segments. 

Admit it, you had the hots for Secret Squirrel too. And still do today. 

9. Teacher’s Pet 

Secretly-able-to-speak Spot longs to go to school and be a normal human student just like his owner Leonard. So he puts on some clothes and glasses and introduces himself as Scott to his new classmates. Soon he lets Leonard in on the secret, and together the best friends navigate all the craziness in their lives. Both in and out of school. 

A VERY underrated cartoon from the Disney Afternoon years. People were so absorbed in Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, and even the Mighty Ducks that they practically forgot this existed. There is a small following for this show, but still underrated!

This show even had a movie, which was even more underrated! (For god’s sake, Christy Carlson Romano of Even Steven and Kim Possible fame did a music video for this!)

Two reasons I adore this show:

  • The art style. It was so unique and ugly cute!
  • Spot/Scott being voiced by the same guy who voiced Timon from The Lion King. 

8. T.U.F.F. Puppy 

Dudley Puppy’s life changes when he accidentally crosses paths with a spy agent and unintentionally captures the most notorious criminals himself (on account of just trying to get his hands on a squeaky toy). Impressed, the chief of T.U.F.F. immediately makes him an operative. And much to top agent Kitty Katswell’s chagrin, Dudley is made her partner. They’ll have to work together if they want to stop Snaptrap and his evil schemes. 

One of Butch Hartman’s “almost greatest works”. 

At first glance, it looked like it had everything to please the common Nick viewer. Spies. Talking animals. And Spencer from iCarly (who, in my opinion, was one of the very few GOOD things about that cringe-com). 

I won’t lie. This show is cute, but falls flat real easily. 

Dudley can go from being that person you inspire to be. To “why the hell isn’t he dead yet?”. 

The characters are interesting, but tend to become bland really quick. I can’t help but think this is where Hartman just decided “Screw it. My work is already #1. I’ll just tell the crew what to do and take credit for it”. 

If you think I’m exaggerating, you did not watch Saberspark’s video on “The Garden”. 

I don’t hate this show. No, hate is a strong word. 

My relationship with T.U.F.F. Puppy is the equivalent of a Sonic gameplay (especially if it’s played by the Grumps): it’s bad in a really entertaining way. 

7. Hey Duggee 

Meet Duggee, a big, lovable dog who serves as the troop leader to the Squirrel Scouts. Tag, Betty, Norrie, Rollie, and Happy always look forward to whatever Dugge has in store for them. And with every new lesson and task, they always receive the badge of the day. And at the end of the day, in comes the DUGGEE HUG! 

Nick Jr. went from being an amazing part of the Nickelodeon franchise to being the most mediocre, cash-cowing, CGI-crapping kids show network ever. But airing this show was actually a blessing!

I love the cute, simplistic style and the overall personalities of all the characters. Duggee is such a sweetie and it’s no wonder everyone loves him!

He’s like Barney! Except he’s British and won’t cause trauma for the children! 

6. Hong Kong Phooey 

Penry is a canine janitor who is often cleaning around the police station. And every time he overhears the phone operator mention a new crime to the sergeant, he immediately tosses away his mop and pulls out the blackbelt, becoming Hong Kong Phooey! Maintenance worker by day, kung fu hero by night! Loved by the citizens. Feared by the criminals. And despised by the sergeant, who sees Hong Kong Phooey as a hindrance to the police. 

While everyone worships Hanna-Barbera characters like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and Snagglepuss today, some don’t recall the shows that didn’t turn into a money-making franchise. 

Hong Kong Phooey was a show that I remember was awesome, but slowly forgot about because Yogi and Huck were always hogging the spotlight. 

Had it not been for that one Robot Chicken sketch, I wouldn’t have been reminded this show existed.

If you’re a fan of Mulan and Kung Fu Panda, this show is for you. 

5. 101 Dalmatians: The Series 

A spin-off to the classic movie, this show follows the adventures of three pups: Lucky, Rolly, and Cadpig, along with their chicken friend Spot who thinks she’s a dog. The large family resides on the farm, which is constantly being targeted by Cruella herself. The pups and their friends do whatever they can to make sure she doesn’t take possession of their beloved home. 

Another Toon Disney series that is as memorable as Ducktales. 

Out of all the characters, I related to Spot the most. Because as a child who went through the habit of finding an identity, I could understand how complex Spot’s role was.

She’s a chicken but feels and acts more like a dog. Some found it unusual, others found it natural. She was definitely my spirit animal. 

This show was amazing. Which is what I can also say for its revival/sequel “101 Dalmation Street”. 

Different pups. Same story. 

Oh, yeah, and apparently Cruella is still alive? And more psychotic than before? 

4. Clifford The Big Red Dog 

Meet Clifford, a big dog with an even bigger heart. Join him on his adventures around town alongside his owner Emily Elizabeth, his doggy crew, and a whole neighborhood of good people. Size has no limits to the kindness and friendship Clifford gives to his community. 

Admit it. You were a PBS kid too. 

Arthur. Cyberchase. Dragon Tales. Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman. And especially Clifford.

A lot of people today would joke about what taking care of a 20-foot dog would be like in reality. But I’m just loving the talking animals and great human interactions. 

It’s no rumor that this guy really is getting a live-action movie. And we all know how turning a beloved cartoon into a movie usually does.

The film better be like how Paddington and Sonic were done. And not like how Dumbo and Mulan were done (out of all the live-action Disney films, those two are the worst). 

3. CatDog 

A cat and dog born attached to the same body, they’re as different as, well, cats and dogs. Despite Cat being a civilized and more courteous being, and Dog less-than-civilized and messy, they make it work. Whether chasing garbage trucks. Avoiding the Greasers. Or possibly looking for their parents…

Jim Cummings may be known for his Disney roles like Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing Duck, but man does he know how to put life into Cat! Same for Tom Kenny as the voice of Dog. Proves he can do other things besides Spongebob. 

Growing up, I think I was rather indifferent to this show. I didn’t hate it, but it was always aggravating how Cat kept getting the short end of the stick. 

Getting beat up by the Greasers just for being a cat. Plans blowing up in his face. Not to mention literally being dragged by Dog whenever there’s a garbage truck to be chased. 

It was borderline infuriating watching my favorite character suffer. The only time Cat had a real win was in “Monster Truck Folly”. Every character that has caused him misery finally got what they deserved. The satisfaction of that episode was similar to the Spongebob episode “Band Geeks”. 

Did I forget to mention I hate those motherf*cking Greasers? 

I mean Lube kind of gets a pass because he’s dumb as sh*t, but I honestly wanted Cliff and Shriek to just die. 

I got my wish while watching The Great Parent Mystery movie. I remember slowly smiling when the Greasers got eaten by that lake monster. 

After everything CatDog went through in the entire series, the movie was just the perfect conclusion to such a classic. 

2. Bluey  

 Bluey is a little Heeler pup with a big imagination. Along with her parents and sister Bingo, even the simplest moments can turn into a whirlwind adventure. And the adventure ends up extending to their rest of their friendly (and surprisingly agreeable) neighborhood. 

If “wholesome” was a cartoon, this would be it. 

Adults like me obsess over this show. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more adults than kids in the Bluey fandom (which I’m pretty there is). 

Unlike most modern cartoons, this is a slice-of-life that doesn’t go overboard.

It gives off the same feels similar to Steven Universe and Amphibia, but nothing too mean-spirited or questionable. It resolves things soothingly and without adding more issues (something I wish could have been done between Steven and the Crystal Gems). 

If you want proof that things will get better, watch this show.

1. Road Rovers 

Five dogs that belong to various Heads of State around the globe, they were specially chosen to become heroes. In their duties as the world’s greatest canine crime fighters, they go from four legs to two. Extremely buffed. And ready to sink their jaws into the behind of evil. 

If you’ve grown up with Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures, you must have remembered this show!

Before furries became super popular, these guys were unlocking it inside all of us!

Out of all of them, I was really crushing on Shag. And Hunter. But mostly Shag. 

If Animaniacs can get a reboot, then this show should get one too!  

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