[Top 10] Cartoons About Cats

Cartoons About Cats
How cute! Mao Mao's teaching the kids to be bloodthirsty warriors!

Are you a cat person? Are you one of those people that strongly believes Hello Kitty is a cat? Here are top 10 shows with cat characters you might remember or really need to watch! 

10. Top Cat


Top Cat is a sassy street cat who, along with his gang, spend their days getting into all sorts of mishaps. Especially if it involves food. Even if it means colliding with the no-nonsense Officer Dibble. While he may seem like your average con artist, Top Cat always has his heart in the right place. Even when his head isn’t.  

One of Hanna-Barbera’s most remembered cartoons besides Yogi and Huckleberry. While Snagglepuss had his own iconic charm, Top Cat was the real fine feline! 

I was too young to realize this back then, but this series had a LOT of sexual innuendo for a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. There was always a lot of flirting and romantic interactions with the opposite sex. Not to mention one of Top Cat’s friends, Fancy-Fancy, always had a different girl in almost every episode.  

Pretty sure there had been furries in the 90s before it became a well-known thing.  

As if the sexual tension wasn’t enough in the original series, have you watched the 2015 film “Top Cat Begins”? (It’s actually a really good movie, I promise). All the female characters (that aren’t humans) were astonishingly curvy and gorgeous. There was even a scene where Benny secretly watched a girl undress! 

And don’t deny it. Like almost most non-human characters from the 80s and 90s, you had the hots for Top Cat too. 

9. Catscratch  


When Edna Cramdilly died, she left her entire fortune to her three cats: Mr. Blik, Gordon, and Waffle. Along with her monster truck and butler Hovis. Rich and in charge, watch their action-packed lives unfold in this stupidly hilariously series! 

If you remember this show, you were definitely trying to cling to any decency Nickelodeon had left. 

I’m not saying this was a bad show, but it takes a lot to understand the humor in this one.  

I was mostly into it because of the familiar voices: 

Mr. Blik was voiced by Wayne Knight, whom you remember as Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park and Dojo from Xiaolin Showdown (if you grew up on KidsWB)

Gordon was voiced by Rob Paulsen, who played Yakko from the Animaniacs (as well as Pinky from Pinky and the Brain). 

Waffle was voiced by Kevin McDonald, who was Pleakley from Lilo and Stitch (and Tallest Purple from Invader Zim).  

The entire show was mostly made of WTF.  

To me, the biggest one was Gordon’s obsession/infatuation with Kimberely, an 8-year-old human girl. At first I thought it was cute, but then it just got really weird.  

Remember: 8 years old.  

Gordon is practically an adult in cat years. 

The show still had its precious moments. After all, it was made by cat lovers. Even though the characters look nothing like cats.  

This was one of Nick’s last “good” shows before their decaying reputation. After all, 2005 was when Spongebob got really, really bad.  

8. Catdog 


Conjoined at birth, Cat and Dog are completely different as...well, cats and dogs. Yet they manage to survive each other’s contrasting activities despite hating it. Cat is the more mannerly, slightly posh of the two. Dog is a rebellious, overly excited risk-taker. But they’re still brothers. And together, they tackle financial states, their enemies the Greasers, and even...look for the parents they never knew.  

From the glorious, far better days of Nickelodeon. This show was way ahead of its time.  

Racism. Capitalism. And adoption. 

I had a love-hate relationship with this show. I loved it because, you know, talking cartoon animals. I hated it because almost everyone was out to make Catdog’s life miserable, especially Cat’s. 

I really, REALLY hated the Greasers and Winslow. You have no idea how satisfying it was seeing them receive their comeuppance in The Great Parent Mystery. 

7. Sheriff Callie’s Wild West


Nice and Friendly Corners is the nicest and friendliest town in the West. Sheriff Callie makes sure the citizens are safe. And continue to be the good people that they are. Alongside her is Deputy Peck and their tagalong kid friend Toby. They keep do-badders from ever harming the peace. Whether it’s sketchy con artists or someone trying to steal all the town’s milk, Sheriff Callie will make sure to give them a tough (but friendly) challenge! 

Am I the only one who preferred this as Mandy Moore’s best character to her role as Rapunzel? I mean, no offense, but Tangled was overrated. (Not to mention the series was great but then kind of sucked toward the finale).  

Besides Doc McStuffins and Octonauts, Sheriff Callie was definitely a good watch when it used to be on Disney Junior. It kind of sucks that it only lasted two seasons when other shows like Sofia the First lasted four.  

And Callie was a strong, independent female MC! Who wasn’t a princess!

Can I also mention that this show was one of the few Disney kids’ shows whose singing did not make me want to punch my TV?

The music from Sofia the First was always making me roll my eyes at the back of my head. Even Puppy Dog Pals, a show I actually do like, was a cringefest whenever any of the characters sang.  

But when Sheriff Callie sings, it’s everything to me. Mandy Moore really has a good set of vocals. While everyone is listening to “I See the Light”, I’m listening to the Sheriff Callie theme song on repeat!  

6. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart


Legends are either born or made over time. Whichever seems fit according to master swordscat Mao Mao. On the path to becoming a legendary hero, he accidentally crashes into Pure Heart Valley’s defense system. Deeming them helpless (and due to massive guilt), Mao Mao appoints himself sheriff to the town of Sweetypies. Alongside his best friend and partner Badgerclops, and tagalong kid Adorabat, his legendary story begins. 

Adorable. Edgy. Hits you right in the feels. A true modern cartoon. 

Parker Simmons knew exactly what people today wanted. We wanted kawaii sh*t but throw in some badass dude who can slice you clean with a sword. And with daddy issues!  

Samurai Jack would be proud (well, more proud than Mao Mao’s garbage dad if you watched the show long enough).  

5. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron  


Two demoted pilots who spend their time fixing vehicles in the military scrapyard. That’s just their day job. And the yard is practically their disguised base. Meet Razor and T-Bone, a couple of rebellious mechanics who take on the roles as SWAT Kats. They use their ingenuity and mechanical skills to pilot their own jet, and protect Megakat City. The citizens proclaim these vigilantes as heroes. All while Commander Feral (completely unaware these are the pilots he demoted) constantly sees them as a hindrance to his force.  

The 90s weren’t all Hanna-Barbera and Muppets. Edgy and hardcore shows like this existed.

And are never forgotten.  

Let’s be honest, this series was complete furry fuel. Anthro cats in an almost anime-esque series. It’s no wonder today’s cartoons always have to involve some talking nonhuman creature (because shows would be boring without them!). 

I will not lie and say that I sort of had a thing for T-Bone growing up. And don’t deny it, most of you who grew up in the 90s were totally into him and Razor. And especially Callie Briggs. 

While Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grew into the international franchise it is today, SWAT Kats is yet to get upgraded.  

I damn hope so.

Ducktales got a reboot. TMNT already got its 2018 revival. Samurai Jack finally got its long-awaited fifth season after forever. 

This show deserves to come back.  

4. The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries  


A show that doesn’t revolve around rabbit and duck, it’s all about cat and bird! (and not a particular cat and mouse) Join Sylvester and Tweety as they aid Granny in solving the world’s toughest mysteries. Whether it’s stolen artifacts, sabotage, or someone losing their voice, the team is always there! 

I doubt anyone will remember this show. Most people are always so focused on Bugs and Daffy, that they forget that Sylvester and Tweety had their own spin-off. That and people were probably more obsessed with Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics Unleashed. 

Despite what he usually does, I have always been a big fan of Sylvester. While it is wrong...I always hoped he would finally eat Tweety and kill him off for real. Because, just like Jerry the Mouse, I really just wanted Tweety to go die.  

Their spin-off was always a nice breakaway from the usual “rabbit season, duck season” tussle. And it’s nice to see Sylvester and Tweety back to their usual shenanigans in the latest Looney Tunes installment on HBO Max (called Looney Tunes Cartoons).  

3. Tom & Jerry Kids 


How long have Tom and Jerry known each other? Since they were little. In the wake of “classic cartoons becoming kids” shows, Tom and Jerry star in their own kid-friendly version. Watch their childhood unfold into what became the world’s greatest cat and mouse duo.  

As someone who watched “Muppet Babies” and “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo”, Tom and Jerry as kids was especially a good watch! 

They were always so cute! And to be perfectly honest, I like this version a lot more than all the “grown-up classics”. Mainly because in this adaptation, Jerry was less of an asshole. 

Speaking of which, do NOT watch the new movie. If you thought most of Disney’s live-action cashgrabs were sh*t, you’re really going to hate this one.  

Surprisingly, Tom and Jerry are not live-action. But it’s still not a good film. 

2. Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater 


Join Hello Kitty and friends as they put on a great show at the Furry Tail theater! All your favorite story classics are reimagined through the cast. Whether Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or even Star Wars (yeah, they went there). 

When Blockbuster was still around, I found this in the kids’ section. Glad I did because this version of HK is awesome! 

What really made me love this show was Catnip, who served as the rival to Hello Kitty (even though the latter never noticed). The fact she was voiced by Cree Summer tells you just how awesome a character she is. 

My favorite fairy tale episode was “Kitty and the Beast”. Because 1) this show made me ship HK with Tuxedo Sam. 2) Catnip stole the show even though she wasn’t the main character. 

This is the kind of show kids today should be watching. Not PAW Patrol.  

1. Garfield and Friends  


The famous feline comes to life in his own animated series. See him tackle a case of the Mondays. Heckle Jon for some cuisine. Or make Odie do his bidding because the mutt is as empty as an eggshell. Plus, the series isn’t just about him. Alongside every episode is the other segment based on Jim Davis’ other comic strip: US Acres. It follows the lives of farm animals who often protect their home from Orson’s bullying brothers.  

The 90s was the best time to be born. And this was one of the best shows to grace our childhood. Toon Disney will always be better than whatever channel Disney currently has (they pretty much killed off DisneyXD for petty reasons).  

I remember quietly turning on the TV late at night while my parents were still asleep. And I would always be amazed at the show’s theme song. Still a banger today! 

I still buy comics! While Archie, Foxtrot, and even Get Fuzzy are amazing reads, Garfield is always where it’s at! 

If you’re watching this show for the first time, get ready to party because the fun never ends with Garfield and friends!

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