Top 5 Brawl Stars Best Star Powers

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Yeah, we know this is pretty subjective.

Time to Become a (Brawl) Star!

The Star Power matters a great deal when choosing your main Brawler. Granted, you’ll unlock it only after getting to Power Level 9 and getting a Star Power token, but it’ll help a lot when taking on more experienced players. Star Powers might change the outcome of a match, which is why it’s good to know them all and how they work. We trust you’ll do your homework.

Here, we’ll outline the top 5 Star Powers in the game, the ones you should be on the lookout for when wreaking havoc, be it on your own or with your teammates. If, by any chance, you happen to use one of these Brawlers as your main and are yet to unlock the Star Power, keep reading and see what’s in store.

5. Shelly

Pretty accurate.

Her Super Shells alone might not seem like much, but when paired up with Shelly’s other attacks (both Normal and Super), it adds up quite nicely. What this Star Power does is slow enemy players down by 2.5 seconds. Like I said, doesn’t sound like much but picture this: An opposing player is trying to escape, you slow him down and shower him with a Super Attack that’ll blow his brains out. Awesome, right?

Why Shelly’s Star Power is awesome:

  • It’s useful in tons of game modes, such as Brawl Ball, Gem Grab or Bounty. Imagine you catch the opposition player with the most gems in it, hit him with Shelly’s Super and get all the gems! Oh, the beauty.
  • It doesn’t benefit Shelly only. Teammates near her can also star shooting enemies to kingdom come.
  • 2.5 seconds is a long time. Especially in a hurry to get away. Tons of things can come and go in 2.5 seconds, but you already know, don’t you?

4. Jessie

You'll hate her more than ever.

Jessie’s Star Power is downright crazy. And frustrating. And annoying. And makes you want to smash your phone against the wall. If you’re the enemy, of course. If you’re the one that’s playing Jessie, then it’s the best that will happen to you in your entire life. Basically, Jessie’s gun turret heals up to 800 health every time her shots hit it. It’s just crazy.

Why Jessie’s Star Power is awesome:

  • Because it makes an already very good Super Attack even better. Way better.
  • It can make the gun turret immortal. Okay, that’s a longshot, but it’ll make it last way longer and it’ll be a huge distraction for the opposing team. Sometimes, teams have to attack together to kill it.
  • Jessie’s shots bounce off her turret after hitting it, which means they can hit an enemy. I mean, what does this Star Power not do?

3. Leon

Can't touch this. 

This one is downright ridiculous. He already turns invisible for 8 whole seconds, but his Star Power increases his speed, too. And I’m not just talking about a tiny boost. No. It turns him into the Flash. Well, maybe not, but you get the picture.

Why Leon’s Star Power is awesome:

  • It can help you hit and kill many more enemies, as his increased speed means he’ll cover more ground.
  • It’s very useful in game modes like Heist. Go invisible, Star it up, and you’ll get to the safe really quickly and without harm.
  • It makes Leon more difficult to hit. Enemies might try to guess where you are and shoot in that direction, and it’ll be easier for you to get out of harm’s way with a sprint.

2. Spike

Don't be fooled. He's one deadly cactus.

His Star Power is not as flashy as other ones on this list, but it’s just as useful (if not more). With his Star Power, Spike heals up to 500 each second he stays in his Super Attack’s area of effect. It only adds up to his overall awesomeness and versatility. Who wouldn’t want to heal up that crazy amount of health? No wonder he’s the Best Brawler out there right now.

Why Spike’s Star Power is awesome:

  • It makes him nearly impossible to kill, which comes in handy on Gem Grab or Bounty. Also, you’ll win most matchups while it’s active.
  • With it, Spike’s Super becomes better. Didn’t hit or kill someone with your Super? Doesn’t matter! Use it to heal yourself and prepare for a second coming.
  • This Star Power more compensates Spike’s one shortcoming: his low health, making him an all-around Brawler.

1. Bo

Not even John Cena can escape this one.

Bo’s Star Power increases his status dramatically. It’s common knowledge that without it, he wouldn’t be of much use in any game mode. His Star Power allows him to spot enemies hiding in bushes with an incredible range, and that’s not all… Here’s why it’s so high on the list: His ability is shared with his teammates. You read that right! Why bother hiding, then? Just run for your life if you have to!

Why Bo’s Star Power is awesome:

  • It makes him useful in plenty of game modes, such as Gem Grab, Bounty, etc.
  • It really comes in handy when losing a match, it’s a genuine game changer. You’ll know what to do and where to go right after respawning, which gives you a big edge over the opposing team.
  • I know I already mentioned it above, but I can’t stress it enough: it’s shared with teammates. It just gives Bo’s team an enormous advantage, forcing the opposing team to look out for alternative strategies.

And we’re done! Choosing the best 5 out of a great lot of Star Powers was the hardest thing I had to do in a long time (imagine that…), but here it is, and these are the best of the best. You might argue some deserve to be higher, some should be lower, but it’s all between those 5. Try them out and become the king in Brawl Stars!

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