Top 10 Best Russian Games Made by Russian Game Developers

Best Russian Games
What are the best Russian games?

The Best Russian Games Made by Russian Game Developers

Who made the game your playing? We usually focus on AAA games with a big budget and loads of advertising. Meanwhile Russian developers have been working with shoe string budgets and developing amazing, creative content that most of us have never even heard of.

1. Metro 2033

Developed by: 4A Games

Metro 2033 Gameplay

Metro 2033 takes us into the nuclear ruins of Moscow. Survivors have made refuge in the Metro tunnels and after 20 years of survival a new threat emerges, Dark Ones. We follow Artyom as he navigates the tunnels and various factions to deliver a message and seek help.

Developer 4A Games has a Ukrainian origin but with the beautiful Russian sound options and focus on the Russian Metro book series, we felt it deserved a place here. Following Metro 2033 is Metro: Last Light, and due for release 22 February 2019 is Metro Exodus.

Fight through irradiated predators and rogue gangs on the surface for half depleted air filters. Choose between spending your ammo on med kits or shooting it into an enemy, yeah you read that right, ammo is currency.

The setting is more than a dystopian future, it’s rock and roll. 4A Games makes us wish we were actually in this post-apocalyptic world.

Metro 2033 has great little features such as steamy gas masks that really make you feel like you’re in the setting.

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someguy 6 months 3 weeks ago

Both 2 top games, Metro 2033 and STALKER were developed in UKRAINE by UKRAINIAN developers (technically speaking there are involvements with subsidiaries from other countries and companies, but the origin is Ukraine). Listing them in the list of russian games is on the same level of ignorance as listing Vienna as a German city or saying that Iron Maiden is an American band. Ukraine is not russia! Learn some history and geography before making such lists. Please either rename this list to "Games developed in Eastern Europe", or create a separate list with best Ukrainian games (you could add Cossacks for example in that list as well).


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