[Top 10] Beastars Best Panels We Love

A manga worth the read.

10. Attention to Detail.

This isn’t part of the story. It’s a note from the author on how the complicated world of Beastars was made.

What Makes Attention to Detail Great:

  • As the title says it’s quite stunning how so many details in this world were worked out and thought of.
  • It’s so cool to see that even the tiniest of animals have been considered by the school. Shorties in the real world would be envious. No climbing cupboards here!
  • The manners of the Beastars world are complex. You can see deep thought and love was put into this creation!


9. Damn Carnivores!

At the beginning of the Manga, a male Alpaca named Tem is murdered. Everyone thinks a carnivore from school does it. This sets the stage for many related themes to be explored throughout the story. This panel shows the moments before Tem’s death.

What Makes Damn Carnivores Great:

  • The visuals are so dramatic and scary! Perfectly portraying Tems perspective before he’s devoured.
  • It Brings up a central theme of the story: Are Carnivores just hungry monsters? And are herbivores just helpless prey? This is something that’s brought into question throughout the story.


8. Legosi The Gray Wolf.

At the beginning what type of carnivore Legosi is is given to the reader.

What Makes Legosi The Gray Wolf Great:

  • The panels give his species and name. Showing again how detailed and informative this story is!
  • Legosi steps over the flower instead of crushing it. This shows how sweet he is while telling you he’s a wolf. The duality is subtle and breathtaking.
  • This shows how Legosi is actually quite young and so is at the age to grapple with his instincts as he does a few times in the story.


7. Show Me Your fangs!

Legosi goes to see Louis for tips on the performance lighting. Then Louis gets frustrated with Legosi’s natural intimidating body language. He dares Legosi to bite him.

What Makes Show Me Your Fangs Great:

  • I love how the power roles are reversed. Louis the Herbivore is obviously quite dominant in this situation.
  • Louis is pushing Legosi to bite him but he doesn’t. This shows how in control Legosi is. And how sweet this damn puppy is!.
  • Legosi’s fangs are drawn so well! And they are clean enough for a sparkly reflection of Louis! 


6. Cover-Up.

Haru mistakes Legosi’s presence for a male animal wanting something more than flowers. She undresses and tries to undress Legosi as well. When Legosi finally realizes what’s going on he stops her and covers her with a blanket.

What Makes Cover-Up Great:

  • Legoshi does it in such a respectful way. He really is a sweetheart.
  • This panel shows just how tiny Haru is compared to Legosi. It’s so cute!
  • His claws are shown as sharp and predatory but his actions are soft and loving. Showing the duality of the animals in this show yet again.


5. “I am Happy.”

Legosi has a revelation about Haru during “Territory time”. And then another straight after in the actual moonlight. He was happy.

What Makes “I am Happy” Great:

  • It’s so cute how his tail wags almost like a dog’s on steroids!
  • It’s even cuter that he has to check his tail to understand the feeling. Just before he was thinking about how she was the first animal to treat him like a male.
  • The angle of the panel giving us a view from about Haru’s height is perfect to see his tail and the beautiful moonlight above.


4. Two Parts of One Whole.

The night Legosi is supposed to be acting as a lookout his feral instincts are activated by the smell of a small herbivore across the quad. He forgets everything but the struggle inside him at this moment and attacks. He then struggles to stop himself from eating Haru while listening to her heartbeat and feeling her soft fur.

What Makes Two Parts of One Whole Great:

  • In the panel, it looks like a protective hug. Legosi is actually struggling with his killer instincts. 
  • If he were to eat her she would become a part of him so it’s quite poetic that he thinks this at this moment.
  • The inner fight of instincts and morals shown is another huge theme of the entire story. Which wins in the end? 
  • Legosi is luckily interrupted and only scratches her. Whew! 


3. The Secret Garden.

The drama club needs flowers for a template. They send Legosi and an anteater to get it. This is the first time Legosi sees Haru after attacking her in the dead of night.

What Makes The Secret Garden Great:

  • The tension Legosi is feeling is clearly displayed even without words. Does she know it was him???
  • The garden is so beautifully drawn. I want one! 
  • This is the beginning of Legosi and Haru’s friendship. The first time they meet properly. And this is a friendship that makes the story amazing and intricate!


2. Louis Survives!

While rehearsing for the drama club’s play Louis injures his leg. Although, he gets up and plays it off as not a big deal.

What Makes Louis Survives Great:

Even as he’s falling he’s drawn to look epic. 

  • He actually is as strong as he looks as he broke his leg and still carries on acting the next day!
  • Louis is just one of the coolest characters! Any panel with him is awesome!
  • Louis is one of the few Herbivores who acts as strong and self-assured as the carnivores do.


1. Louis The Greatest Actor.

Even with a broken leg, Louis plays the main role in the play. He plays Adler with skill and beauty that captivates all who see.

What Makes Louis the Greatest Actor Great:

  • Louis in his Adler costume looks amazing! He’s truly a sight to see!
  • As it says his performance is truly enthralling. No one can take their eyes off of him and this panel clearly shows why.
  • The swoop of his cape is so cool. I want a cape like that!
  • Louis is such a beautiful Character in and out of costume.

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