[Top 5] Baldur's Gate 3 Best Wizard Feats

Best Baldur's Gate 3 Wizard Feats
Wise Old Elminster wants you to find out what the best Feats are so that you, too, can become an impressive Wizard.

5. Tough

Your Hit Point maximum increases by 2 for each level you gain.

The legendary Wizard, Elminster, shows off a bit of that magic that has made him so famous.

Wizards can be a bit fragile, making it  easy for them to be  downed or killed in battle. Of course, you want to avoid this and keep your whole party up and ready for whatever enemies throw at them. That’s where the Tough Feat comes in.

The Tough Feat is a great choice for Wizards because it can greatly increase their Hit Points, making them much harder to defeat. Choosing this Feat allows them to gain extra Hit Points throughout the game as they level up, helping you keep your Wizard in the fight for longer.

Why Tough Is Great For Wizards

  • Gives them more Hit Points than they’d normally have
  • More Hit Points = More durable in battle
  • You can focus more on attacking than keeping your Wizard alive.


4. Magic Initiate

Learn 2 Cantrips and a 1st-level Spell from a different spellcaster’s spell list. You can cast the 1st-level Spell once per Long Rest. The Spellcasting Ability will align with whatever spell list you chose.

If that hat wasn't enough of an indicator, Gale's casting a spell to make sure everyone knows his magical talent.

If you want to expand your Wizard’s spell list even more, the Magic Initiate Feat is a perfect choice. You can gain access to interesting new spells that can make your Wizard more deadly. Alternatively, you can enable them to give buffs or healing they wouldn’t normally be able to provide.

The Magic Initiate Feat allows you to pick 2 cantrips and a 1st-level spell from either the Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard, and Warlock spell list. Note that you can only use the spell once per long rest. Additionally, your Spellcasting Ability for that spell will change depending on which list you chose from. So, for example, Bard spells use Charisma rather than the typical Intelligence that’s used by Wizards.

When choosing what spell and cantrips to give your Wizard, make sure to think about their stats and the Spellcasting Ability needed, since you won’t want to pair a Wizard with low Wisdom with Cleric or Druid spells/cantrips that rely on Wisdom for casting.

Why Magic Initiate Is Great For Wizards

  • It opens up your spell list even more, giving you the chance to try alternative spells.
  • It lets you be a little more creative in or outside of battle.
  • It can give you the ability to do more damage in combat or get access to buffs and support spells to help your allies.


3. Lucky

This feat gives you 3 Luck points that you can use for either Advantage on Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, or Saving Throws. Alternatively, you can use a Luck point to make an enemy reroll their Attack Roll.

Gale of Waterdeep could use the extra luck this Feat provides.

It never hurts to have an extra bit of luck. The Lucky Feat lets you use 3 Luck points to give you an advantage in and out of combat. Your Luck points recharge after every long rest.

As already mentioned, Wizards aren’t the most durable of classes, so giving yourself Advantage on Saving Throws and having the ability to make an enemy reroll their Attack can be incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping your Wizard’s Hit Points up. Of course, it can be really useful when you’re attacking too, especially in tougher fights where you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the spell you’re using.

Why Lucky Is Great For Wizards

  • You have a better chance at ensuring your spells land..
  • If you have an enemy reroll, it can possibly protect your Wizard from damage.
  • It can be useful in and outside of combat to help you pass those Ability Checks.


2. Elemental Adept

You can choose any damage type that will ignore Resistance, and you cannot roll a 1 on any spells you cast of that damage type.

Gale does some impressive damage with Fire Bolt here.

The Elemental Adept Feat is an ideal choice to make sure you’re doing the most damage possible in every scenario, and it’s especially useful if you’re planning on having your Wizard specialize in a certain damage type.

The Elemental Adept Feat allows you to choose between cold, fire, acid, lightning, or thunder damage. Whatever choice you make determines which damage type will ignore an enemy’s Resistance. For example, if you have the Elemental Adept: Cold feat, your spells, like Ray of Frost or Ice Knife, will bypass any enemies’ Resistance to cold attacks. Plus, since you can’t roll a 1 for damage, you can ensure you’re at least making some impact whenever you attack with a spell of your chosen damage type. 

Why Elemental Adept Is Great For Wizards

  • Bypassing Resistance can help take down enemies faster.
  • You’ll always do at least some damage with your chosen spell type.
  • You can feel more confident in specializing your Wizard build.


1. Spell Sniper

You can learn a new cantrip. Additionally, the necessary roll for a Critical Hit with a spell attack is reduced by 1, and this effect can stack.

An impressive display of Cold Magic.

Having another spell ready and at your disposal is always a plus, and Spell Sniper is a particularly great Feat that lets you add to your arsenal and gives you the potential for stronger attacks.

Spell Sniper allows you to add a new cantrip to your arsenal, and you can pick either Bone Chill, Eldritch Blast, Fire Bolt, Ray of Frost, Shocking Grasp, or Thorn Whip. Plus, it makes it easier for any of your spell attacks to become a Critical Hit. Since the effect can stack, pairing this Feat with certain items and elixirs can make it even easier to get Critical Hits.

Why Spell Sniper Is Great For Wizards

  • This spell-focused Feat is perfect for Wizards, since they primarily use magic within combat.
  • It can make it more likely for you to get a Critical Hit when you attack with your wide range spells.
  • Adding a new and powerful cantrip to your spell list can be very helpful in battle, especially since it won’t use up a spell slot and is always prepared.

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