[Top 15] Alien Comics That Are Fun To Read

Alien Comics That Are Fun To Read
Star Lord hogging the spotlight again.

Aliens make up a good portion of comic book lore. They are our heroes and destroyers. These comics make the impending doom of an alien invasion a little more fun.

​15. Captain Marvel

That doesn't look like Brie Larson!

There are too many iterations of Captain Marvel to really give a good synopsis. Basically, he or she is an alien who protects Earth. All of the versions of Captain Marvel are far more interesting than the totally unlikeable, Brie Larson movie. That movie did far more damage to this book's image than the DC lawsuit.

14. The Eternals

They are so much more colorful in comic form.

A group of super old, super powered aliens were created by the Celestrials to protect the Earth from unwanted alien threats.The MCU movie had the opposite effect of the Captain Marvel movie. Even if it wasn’t a box office dynamo, it put the comics on my radar. Such an interesting blend of ancient aliens and superheroes.

13. Nice House on the Lake

Bathing in the blood of the apocalypse is the latest spa treatment.

Bathing in the blood of the apocalypse is the latest spa treatment.

An alien who lived on Earth for many years invites his favorite people to his lake house for the weekend. They don’t know that the world is ending in the rest of the world.This isn’t distinctly fun as it is a pleasure to read something so different. It might take a couple of read-throughs, but it is well worth it.

12. Howard the Duck

One giant waddle for duck-kind.

The cranky duck from outer space spends most of his time complaining about everything. It is a witty satire that never takes itself seriously. The story sounds ludicrous, but it is well loved if not overly well received. The terrible movie by George Lucas in the 80s destroyed the character. The resurgence is ongoing as Howard entered the MCU and received a new book in 2014.

11. Transformers

Toys make the best stories unless Michael Bay gets ahold of them.​

Robots from the planet Cybertron have come to Earth looking for Energon cubes. Two factions are at war with each other, the Autobots and Decepticons. The battle between good and evil comes to Earth.The toys, shows, and comics dominated my elementary school days. It makes me a bit biased for nostalgic reasons. It is a really fun comic with amazing characters. If you’ve never seen the original movie, go check it out.

10. Lobo

Still looking for a single Czarnian to repopulate the race.

Lobo is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. This puts him at odds with many of the heroes from Earth and many other planets. Lobo was the first villain that I thought was cooler than good guys. He was such a badass that he always stuck out in my mind. With his migration to more of an anti-hero, he solidified himself as one of my favorites.

9. Sinestro Corps

Yellow is the new Green.

Once the greatest of all the Green Lanterns, Sinestro found the power of Parallax and forged the yellow power rings. Now, he is assembling a team to destroy the organization he once championed. Another awesome villain who gets his own team to mold the galaxy to his own image. While the fear powered rings aren’t the strongest, they are fueled by a more primal emotion, making them a very dangerous group to tend with.

8. Aliens

You'd think they would get bored with constant violence.

I think we are all familiar with Aliens, but here is a quick rundown. Humans are spreading across space until they encounter a predatory super alien that destroys everything it encounters.Throughout all of the different titles, these books do a great job of expanding the movie universe. Some obviously fall flat; however, there is a ton to love about these stories.

7. Superman

No reason to fly towards the monster. I'm sure they will make a new power for that.

An alien from Krypton is shot to Earth as a baby to escape the dying planet. Our yellow sun gives him incredible powers to protect the world. I don’t like Superman and never have; however, it needs to be on this list. Superman is a classic whether I like him or not.

6. Venom

Yeah, he looks like a hero.

An alien symbiote attaches to another organism and gives them spider powers. Most notably, the Venom Symbiote linked to Eddie Brock to battle against Spiderman. Immense fan support pushed Venom to an anti-hero.. Everyone loves this guy. I like him because he hates Spiderman just like me.

5. Predator

Not even Arnold could chase these guys off the planet.

An alien race uses Earth as a hunting ground. They periodically stalk their prey on unsuspecting humans simply for the sport of it. Stories of humans fighting against the ultimate hunting machines against all odds areso much fun. The movies (except Predator 2, sorry Danny Glover) set up a great world. The comic books build it out to the highestlevels.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

There's no chance of a disagreement with these guys.

Star Lord, a human/alien hybrid, was abducted by aliens as a young man and grew up traveling the stars. He assembles a ragtag group of heroes to help save the galaxy against the forces of evil.The movies are great, but the comics are even better. The characters were unlike anything I hadencountered in comics before. They were a breath of fresh air back then. Now, it isn’t quite the same for new readers, but they are a funny, diverse cast of misfits that bring joy to my heart.

3. Star Wars

Let's be honest, Luke never looked this cool.

Jedi vs. Sith. Empire vs. Rebels. We all know the stories as they are the closest thing to modern mythology that we have today. The new canon comics created great stories for our favorite characters. If you haven’t read the Darth Vader comic, what are you even doing with your life? Star Wars fans should read not only that one, but also everything from the new canon comics. The stories bring together the gaps in the movie timelines.

2. Green Lantern

How did the worst Green Lantern end up in the front of this picture?

How did the worst Green Lantern end up in the front of this picture?

The Green Lanterns defend the universe against the forces of evil. Each of the 3600 sectors now has two Lanterns who use their green power rings to fight evil.Hal Jordan is my favorite superhero of all time. The universe built by this comic is amazing. With all of the different power rings and their attached characteristics, you can lose yourself in the lore. If you have only seen the movie, forget it and read all of the associated books.

1. Dragon Ball

My son calls this the fart cloud.

Goku is sent to Earth as a baby to grow up and destroy the planet to make way for an invasion of his homeworld of Vegeta. Of course, he doesn’t know this and spends much of his time searching for the magical dragon balls and fighting against evil.The cultural impact of this comic and the ensuing TV show easily puts this at the top of the list. The comic itself starts off with the comic musings of a youth, but it grows with Goku as he ages (although he keeps a certain aloofness). It’s funny and action-packed with plenty of aliens.







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