Pillars of Eternity Review and Gameplay

Pillars of Eternity Review and Gameplay
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Welcome, fellow gamer, to a new world. Don thy armor and ready thy sword for a new epic adventure. Your story beings when a caravan of settlers is attacked and you are the sole survivor.

Pillars of Eternity is a tactical RPG set in a middle-age fantasy world.This setting should be familiar to anyone who has played Dragon Age or the old Forgotten Realms classics.

Except, Obsidian created a new world for their story. Meaning that you'll see lots of cool and interesting names for places and people that you'll hardly remember and it won't even matter really. Those names are just placeholders for the story...and what a story it is!

Usually when a person says "epic tale" you think of either great kings and armies battling, or a small band of heroes crossing a long trail to reach a goal, spanning over several lands. You know, Lord of the Rings style. Well, this is an adventure with kings and armies doing battle, with a small band of heroes crossing a long trail to reach a goal, spanning over several lands and several ages and several lives too.

You are a Watcher. What's a Watcher? Don't worry, there will be many opportunities for you to ask that question in the game. Suspense aside, you are someone with a connection to the world of souls. In a nutshell, that means you can see into the souls of the living, as well as see the souls of the dead, and probably many other fun quirks you'll find out throughout the adventure. How did this happen and what are you supposed to do with it? I could tell you, but then that would ruin the whole surprise. Just follow the paths that other people set before you and eventually you will find out the truth.

Of course there's some big evil going on that you have to prevent. In fact, there are several smaller evils that plague the land. You will meet each for a brief moment and they will each be mentioned just enough so you realize that it all somehow fits into a bigger plot. There certainly is a lot of suspense in that you cross long roads and fight many foes only to receive cryptic answers, but that's what makes it engaging.

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