Ori and the Blind Forest Gameplay: 10 Things You’ll Love

Enjoy the beautiful forest of Nibel.

Sonic Meets Miyazaki

Ori and the Blind Forest Launch Trailer

I saw everyone in the Steam community talking about this game and I wondered why, because it looked so different from everything else that has been popular.  However, I bought it anyway.  I was captivated by the graphics and the first ten minutes of gameplay reminded me so much of Sonic games that I coined the phrase: “It’s like Sonic meets Miyazaki.”

Turns out, Moon Studios took a lot of inspiration from Miyazaki.  Though, Sonic is not on their list of influences. 

Regardless, the game is special because it is different than everything else that’s popular right now.  It’s a game that reflects on an older era of games, but with the technology of games today.  I’m about to tell you everything that you’ll love about this game and it’s gameplay. 


1. Old Game Feel.

 Back to the realm of side-scrollers.

The game takes its leaves from Super Metroid and A Link to the Past to fully bring back the feel of games from the early 90s.  It’s a simple map design, a simple set of controls, and a simple enough concept to get you into the game and hooked almost instantly.  Ori is super well-polished with an encompassing atmosphere. 

For me, it truly does bring back the feel of those older games.  I hope it does the same for you. 


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