8 Awesome Video Game Careers That May Interest You

Time to get to work!

Video game careers you can brag about to your friends and family!

If you love games, chances are you’ve fantasized about getting a job in the video game industry. But what exactly are the kinds of video game-related jobs you can pursue? Jobs you can brag about to everyone from your friends to your parents, and that can earn you loads of money?

In this article, we discuss the 8 Awesome Video Game Careers That May Interest You. Some of these you might already know, while some may surprise you. Whatever the case, just remember: the opportunities are endless in the video game industry.

1. Visual artist

Without artists, your game will be nothing but lines of code, or ideas on a scrap of paper.

Video game artists give games their look, sound, and feel. Some artists are also responsible for marketing the game by working on the box art, and promotional material such as wallpapers and commercials.

But what kind of artist do you want to be? In the CG industry, there are several art-centric video game careers to choose from!

First, there's the concept artist, whose job is to provide prototype sketches, images, storyboards, and even sculptures that will form the basis of the appearance of the various elements in the game. They're part of an important process called pre-production.

You can be a 3D modeler, whose job is to create 3D assets such as characters, environments, and other things you see and/or interact with in the game. Modelers also “rig” characters, which is basically the process of giving them “skeletons” that allow them to be animated by 3D animators. Animators, of course, are also responsible for all the motion you see on the screen – from characters walking down a street to a car crashing into a building.

You’ve also got texture artists who use software such as Photoshop to give color and detail to the 3D assets, and those who digitally paint backgrounds. Then there are the special effects experts who create things such as virtual explosions, smoke, fire, rain, tidal waves, etc. Additionally, the video game industry is in need of video editors and cinematic artists to work on those cut scenes and trailers.

As the artist works their way up the company, they can end up landing a supervisory or even a directorial role. The video game artist, in all its forms, is one of the most in demand professions right now, whichever corner of the game industry you find yourself in.

Artists can make up to $75,000 a year.

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