21 Best Board Games for PC Gamers

Best Board Games
Board games aren't just for the tabletop

Which board games made the cut?

Board games have survived the tried and true testament of time. Long before you were gaming on your PC people were playing board games and having a lot of fun doing it. This list combines the classic fun of board games with the updated joy or PC gaming. These are the 21 best board games turned PC games.

21. Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 is the sequel to the successful Blood Bowl game for PC. The game is based off of a table top game of the same name. The game combines the features of the original table top game with the environment of the Warhammer universe. Imagine a football game played in a fantasy world with Orcs, Vampires, Skeletons, Trolls, Dwarves, Ogres, and Elves.

The roll of a dice determines almost everything in the game from passing the ball to getting violent with opposing players. This game is like extreme football you must make moves strategically so that you have the smallest chance of taking a gamble. Even so a lot of the game is left up to chance depending on how the roll of the dice goes. And then comes the extreme part. Violent injuries and even death are a common occurrence within Blood Bowl 2. 

When you take the field and control is yours you make the moves you want to and the dice determines how those moves will go. You will be running, passing the ball, and defending yourself. Sometimes this may even mean something like stomping on an opponent’s neck until he is out of the game. Once you make any sort of mistake your turn ends and your opponent has control. Blood Bowl 2 combines the joy of sports, a primal need for gore, and a classic table top style to bring you a really compelling game. 

Odds have got to be in your favor with this guy on your team

Odds have got to be in your favor with this guy on your team

Plot your move and roll the dice to see how things turn out

Plot your move and roll the dice to see how things turn out

Launch Trailer 

 Gameplay Trailer

20. Armello

Get ready to be visually pleased. Armello is a beautiful game. This role-playing strategy board game is set in a fantasy universe with animals that have human like traits. Up to four people can play at once. Each player chooses a character with the goal of becoming the king or the queen of the land.

The game is turn based and features a dice and a variety of cards. Just like the table top game the cards will allow the player to carry out a variety of actions depending on which cards you have possession of. A system that uses a talent tree will allow you to customize your character’s skills as the game progresses.

The environment of the game is a dark fairy tale kingdom called Armello. There are numerous different opposing clans within the kingdom. The current king becomes infected with something called the rot and the race is on for the next king or queen to take the throne. Players will try to fight their way to the top so that they may assume the throne. 

The world of Armello is a magical looking kingdom

Play as a variety of human-like animals

 Armello Cinematic Trailer

19. Gremlins, Inc.

 If you’re ready for an intense strategy board game set in a steampunk world then you’re going to be interested in this game. In this game you play as and are faced with extremely corrupt gremlins who compete for a variety of things including prestige and political power as well as resources. As a corrupt Gremlin you will extort bribes, manipulate elections, and lay traps for other players. You can even send other players something called a telegram of misfortune. These telegrams hold one of over 40 misfortunes you might encounter in the game. Maybe you’ll fall victim to inflation, depression, or lost shares. This is a game where the meaner and nastier you are the better chance you have of winning.

 Gremlins Inc. is played primarily with cards. The player gets six cards and moves around on the board using these cards to get ahead. In addition there are events like elections and jail events to contend with.

 The best thing to remember in this game is that the meaner you are the better chance you have of winning. If you think you can take up the challenge of being the meanest most under handed gremlin of all the gremlins play this game and prove yourself. 

Part of the game is an expansive board to move around on

Compete in a variety of in-game contests

Gremlins, Inc. - official trailer


Here is a 4X turn-based strategy game that gives the player an incredible amount of control over the world. You can control every single aspect of your civilization as you attempt to save your home world called Auriga. You basically make all the decisions in order to create your legend.

Play as one of a few major factions including wild walkers, ardent mages, and broken lords. This is only 3 of 10 major factions and there are 16 minor factions as well. In this world you must get up and survive everyday doing the simplest of things; grow your food, build your industry, and collect wealth. But you are also fighting to survive in a world of conquerors.

The world is beautiful and expansive. The best thing of all is that you have an incredible amount of power and involvement. Live your life advance your kingdom, and from there figure out how you are going to save the world.

Find a multitude of ways to customize your character

Explore expansive lands

Endless Legend - Gameplay Review 

17. Civilization 6

 This game is most definitely new and fresh. It is set to release in October of 2016.  Civilization 6 brings a fresh and new perspective to the line of Civilization games. It is a turn-based 4X strategy game that allows players to compete alongside computer controlled characters to build and grow a civilization.

This game allows the player to make decisions regarding not only building up an empire but also protecting it from those that want to tear it down. You’ll travel through history and instead of just learning about all the monumental events of the past you’ll be a part of them.

 You’ll be able to create not only your own current world but the history of that world as well. Start from the beginning and build your empire however you want to.

Battle to keep your civilization alive

Build up a thriving empire


16. Thea: The Awakening

 After one hundred years of darkness there is not much hope in sight but when the first rays of sun begin to shine for the first time in one hundred years there seems to be a new hope for the scarce amount of survivors scattered around the world. These survivors begin to come out just to see that the creatures that have taken their place over the last century are not keen on giving control back to the human beings.

This is a different kind of game. In this game there are no heroes, monster slayers, or great fantasy armies. The survivors are meager and they are just trying to stay alive. That’s where you come in.

You are a god and the patron of this small group of survivors. You are their only hope and through you they will find salvation or they will perish. You’ll begin the game by choosing which god you want to be and from there you will choose an expedition to go on. You’ll find that you need to gather materials to keep your villagers warm and fed. You are in control of the fates of a group of people and the land they inhabit.  


Scary creatures are lurking in the shadows and they don’t want to give their world up

Gather helpful items.

If you played the first two Age of Wonders games you are probably already not only sold but actually anticipating this game. Age of Wonders III offers a mix of all the features that make PC board games great. The game has empire building, role playing, and warfare just to highlight some of the major things you’ll be able to enjoy.

The fantasy setting in the game puts the player in the position to take on a leadership role and go out to interact with other races and kingdoms while building a great empire. While you may be all too familiar with the strategy side of Age of Wonders it is the first in its series to explore that side of it as well as a role playing side where you get to customize your character. And shape your experiences by the choices you make.

Age of Wonders III brings you everything you might want from a role playing strategy game and it looks good doing it. 

Build up successful cities

Go to war with rival kingdoms

Age of Wonders III Announcement Trailer 

In Shadowrun returns you are thrust into a world in which magic has just returned after many years of not being a component. Suddenly humans are rubbing elbows with elves, orcs, and other fantasy creatures. You are a shadowrunner.

As a shadowrunner you are a mercenary working in the margins, living life on the otuskirts of society. Your job is dangerous but it has its personal rewards. You’ll put together a team strong enough to survive out there everyday in an unruly society.

There is no lack of customization. You choose your race, your gender, and your specific attributes that make you a unique character. Joining in on the Shadowrun experience will provide you with a lot of content and a completely unique gaming experience.

Explore a futuristic city

All sorts of interesting characters

13. Expeditions: Conquistador

This game is a squad based tactical role playing game. As the player you will take on a role of a Spanish conquistador leading an expedition to Mexico. Expeditions: Conquistador is set between 1518 and 1520 during the height of the age of exploration. The player does not take on a combat role but instead has player stats that include tactics, diplomacy, healing, hunting, and leadership.

As the player in Espeditions:Conquistador you will put together a party of ten keeping in mind that each party member brings something unique to the table. Your entire team will earn a collective of experience points and from there you can put these points into strengthening the skills that are most useful to you. And when it comes time for battle you choose six members from your team and send them out for battle. 

This game allows you to explore a historical world and even alter history within the game depending on the paths you take. Spanish conquest as a part of history is not seen very often in video games so it offers a fresh perspective into an important part of history that often gets overlooked. 

Get together a party for your conquest

Explore realistic maps in an altered historical context

12. Hitman Go: Definitive Edition

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Popular Hitman game series. This is a puzzle game spinoff of the main series. However, don’t be put off if puzzle games aren’t really your thing. This is not a rip off of the popular mindless games where you match three jewels in a row. The puzzles are more engaging and the game has a board game aesthetic that those other games don’t have.

In this board game puzzler you play as Agent 47. As the player you literally move around on a board game type map that leads you to the exit square to finish out the game. Agent 47 has to navigate around the board avoiding guards but there are other characters to note as well including gardeners, workmen, and wedding guests. Taking your enemies out involves attacking from behind or from the side knocking them off the game board.

The theme is brilliantly done and if you are looking for a board game experience with a twist you’ve found it. Playing this game really feels like playing on a 3D board game right in front of you. You can see your game piece actually bump other pieces off the board and almost feel the action for real. The puzzles are just challenging enough and the aesthetic fits the game perfectly.


Move around on the game board encountering different puzzles

Get the feel of Hitman in a totally different gaming style


Various types of units are available in the game

Strategic gameplay within time constraints makes this an exciting game

Panzer Corps Gameplay

10. Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II is a strategy game set in the middle ages. The game plays as a dynasty simulator in which you build up and rule an empire. As the player you work to achieve success for your empire. through various different strategic means. The road is not a straight and narrow path however. All manner of real life situations come up and it’s different every time. Maybe you’re destitute and penniless looking for help from neighboring kingdoms. On the other hand maybe you rule a wildly successful empire and have help to give out yourself. There are a lot of choices.  

A nice bonus, especially if you are a history buff, is that the game actually allows for the inclusion of several different historical figures including William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, and Saladin. Open-ended game play makes success a thing totally defined by the player depending on what path you want to take. Crusader Kings II brings a massive amount of choices to the table in a board game style.

Build your empire and dominate the map

Find strategic battle formations that work for you

Crusader Kings II Gameplay


9. Hearts of Iron 4

The fourth game in a series of WWII focused games, Hearts of Iron 4 is a war strategy game. Interestingly the game lets you take command of any nation that was involved in WWII. This allows the player a varied experience depending on the initial choices you make. You can literally change the course of history as we all know it  by controlling a Germany that doesn’t support the Nazi regime or maybe you’ll control a United States that does support it.  

Battle comes in all shapes and forms in this game. You can stage your battles on land, in the air, or on water. History will literally change at your fingertips; you can make any nation do anything you want them to, you are in control. Play against others or cooperatively; online play can rise to epic proportions. Rewrite history any way you want to on Hearts of Iron 4.

Play it however you like even if it means rewriting history

Battle in The United States or any other place relevant to WWII

8. The Witcher Adventure Game

The Witcher Adventure game takes place across the world familiarized by the Witcher novels and the Witcher video game trilogy. In this game as the player you assume the role of 4 different characters that you might already know from The Witcher series. These include Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold, Yarpen Zigren, and Dandelion. Although each character has a specific set of skills you ultimately decide what happens in the game based on your choices.

The game uses dice and development cards for all the players. Over 230 cards help to develop the storyline that your individual game will take on. And 30 monsters gives a lot of variety in what you’ll be fighting.  In addition to this PC game, the three games in the main series, and the novels, there is also an actual board game.  

The game features some really beautiful visuals to go along with the gameplay

If you love the PC game, try the board game as well. 

In addition to the turn based strategy game experience you get a new experience not seen in a lot of games of its type. A horror element is added in.  The game is set in the ruins of a space graveyard.

You’ll be playing the game set in isolated chambers and tombs all while in the mindset of a character leading a team of space marine terminators. Lead your fearless Marine team out to take on and defeat evil alien races. Although you’ll learn a lot of interesting backstory the real thing you need to focus on is going out and destroying some aliens. This game is definitely worth a play. 

Play as a fearless Space Marine

Explore Creepy crypt-like levels

Space Hulk Ascension Gameplay

6. The Settlers of Catan

Here is a truly unique strategy game. While a lot of other strategy games incorporate war themes and violent gameplay this game is all about building a settlement, paving roads, and using resources to make yours a successful settlement.

The PC game incorporates the style and ideal of the also popular physical board game. In fact you can play a game mode that allows you a new experience that builds on the board game experience or you can play a classic board game mode and see just how the game was originally meant to be played. Strategize your way into the development of a successful settlement. Build up people, resources, food supply, and a strong working environment so that you can succeed. 

An expansive world map leads way to a world of opportunity

Settlers of Catan for PC spawned from the popular board game

Catan Trailer

5. Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

Get ready for a brutal take on the turn based strategy game. You can command either space Marine chapters or bloody ruthless ork Clans. Either way you’ll get a special set of abilities depending on the choices you make. Play as different races with different abilities and make the choice whether you’re going to be on the right side or the wrong side. Either one could have its advantages.

Here the classic strategy game is represented with a bloody twist. This game’s mixture of strategy, RPG, and brutality makes it a definitely interesting board game for PC. 

Command Large Armies

Blood and gore like never before

4. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a turn based strategy game based on a German style board game. In this instance the PC game is nearly identical to the board game. Just like the board game there are two types of cards. These cards include colored trains that represent a type of cargo and new destination cards. Players attempt to claim routes with combinations of these cards using train cards to claim destinations.

When at least one player has used up all their trains the game is over. Players then get bonus for reaching their chosen destinations and penalties for having not reached certain destinations. The game is simple but addictive and soon you’ll see just why if you try Ticket to Ride.

The map looks just like the board game

Get all the expansions for optimal play

3. Talisman: The Horus Heresy

Talisman: The Horus Heresy brings us a relaxed kind of strategy game that we don’t seen often. In fact galactic warfare has never been so relaxing. You have the choice of being either a hero or a villain, a traitor or a loyalist. Either way you will take control of some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy as well as some of the most powerful weaponry. But the great part is that all this will be against a beautiful intergalactic backdrop that makes it all feel like you’re just sitting back and letting life happen. You’re lucky enough to be along for the ride.

Play against AI or other players online. Either way this is the kind of game that just allows you to chill out and have a good time with galactic warfare at its finest.

Pretty galactic landscapes serve as your backdrop

Choose sides: Traitor or loyalist

2. Victory and Glory: Napoleon

In this game take on the role of the famed Napoleon Bonaparte. As Napoleon you will attempt to take on the whole continent of Europe and make it your own. You’ll do all the grand strategic things that Napoleon himself might have done commanding armies and navies, fighting great battles, recruiting troops, and conquering lands.

The question is, will you be strong enough to come out on top or not. Will you be a legendary Napoleon worth the history books or will you fizzle out under the pressure.  It’s a gamble but you’re guaranteed to have fun trying either way. Take all the countries you can manage to conquer and hold them like trophies. 

Will you conquer all of Europe or fall short trying?

Defeat all the countries that stand between you and glory

1. Northmark: Hour of the Wolf

Northmark: Hour of the Wolf is a card based RPG game. There are three character choices for the player including warrior, mage, and druid. Exploration is not limited whatsoever in this game and that’s one of the things that makes it great. You can explore every corner of the map. Just be aware that you might run into trouble and you might have to fight your way out of it.

The game is simplistic to play yet complex because it has so much to offer. This is a true winner. You won’t be limited to a straight and narrow pathway that leads you through a contrived story. Instead you’ll carve out your own story and explore any place you want along the way.

Find beautiful landscapes and claim them as your own if you’re willing to fight for them

Draw cards that largely decide your fate

Northmark: Hour of the Wolf PC Gameplay

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