15 Great Platformer Games for PC

best platformer games

Get Ready for an Adventure In These Awesome Platformer Games

Whether you’re looking for something fast paced with guts and gore, or something challenging with ever changing maps and frustrating traps, platform games have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

15. Rogue Legacy

On a mission to find a cure to save his father (your ancestor) the King, Johannes enters the dangerous shapeshifting Castle Hamson. Unfortunately, Johannes never returns from his quest. Now, year after year, ancestors travel to Castle Hamson, to try to restore the family honor and wealth.

The cycle is never-ending; will it ever be broken? Choose your heir and begin your quest.

Traits: Choosing the lesser of two evils.

Enter the castle. Hack through enemies to gain levels. Jump, run, and dodge.

Find gold and loot to pay for upgrades to help your next adventure be (hopefully) more successful.

Rogue Legacy isn’t about completing in one life. The fact that you WILL die, MANY times, is part of the game.

Leap! Strike! Dodge!

With each death, you are given the choice of three new heirs to choose from. Each heir will have his or her own special ability, plus traits. This is what makes the game fun and unique.

Some traits can be helpful, such as ADHD which allows you to move faster or dwarfism, which can allow you access to other (and sometimes secret) areas not accessible to typical sized heirs.

Other traits will leave you begging for the end, such as vertigo, which creates a vertically mirrored screen that’s quite painful to look at and quite nauseating. You could also suffer from Alzheimer’s, where your mini-map functions normally, but when using the large map, you can’t remember where anything is.

There are currently 37 traits that will be randomized to your heir.

Nausea inducing vertigo trait.

True to a rogue-like game, each time you enter the castle, you will find that it is different from the last time you entered with your previous heir, though upon unlocking the architect, you can pay the price of receiving less gold in return for keeping the castle the same way it was when your last heir ventured through.

Sometimes, your adventure will give you amazing rewards. Other times, you’ll come up empty handed. The game is fun and frustrating all at the same time.

Just when you think you’re getting somewhere, you die. Then your journey begins again.

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