15 Best Story Games to Play in 2017 for PC

Booker and Elizabeth in Columbia

Looking for a Story Rich Game That Will Take You On a Great Adventure?

We here at Gamers Decide love a good story to our video games. So we have compiled a list of some of the very best story-based games that should be on your 2016 bucket list.

15. The Walking Dead

Since the launch of season 1 in 2012, this game has won numerous awards and thousands of players. The game features a dynamic play experience in which each and every decision you make changes the world around you. Gamers are hooked on the in-depth story of Clementine.

This year Telltale has announced a season three. The trailer from E3 looks impeccable. The graphics are a stunning improvement over previous seasons and the trailer leaves huge question marks.

If you like the dramatic stories about zombies and people who are just as dangerous as the undead, give this game a look over and try it out.

Clem fighting zombies

Hold those Zombies off, Clem!

Survivors being aimed at

Sometimes the living are just as bad as the undead


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