11 Best Survival Games To Play in 2017

best survival games 2016

Who else wants an awesome survival game filled with thrill and adventure?

Whether you’re running from zombies, cannibals, or drugged-up Englishmen, all these games have one thing in common at their core: the struggle to survive in a world that wants to kill you. Over and over again. So build your campfire, sit with us and take a look at the 11 survival games we think you should be playing in 2017.

13. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles - Official Cinematic Trailer

Enter the brutal world of Conan the barbarian where gold and power is yours for the taking, if you can take it.   

In an ancient civilization with a dark history and buried treasures, you must learn to survive and conquer the lands yourself. Train your combat skills and turn yourself from the hunted into the Hunter.

Food and water is all around you. But getting it may cost you your life if you are not careful. In this world, crazy gods, bloodthirsty cannibals and vile monsters has been the doom of many. 

In these deadly lands, you must become the alpha predator. You will face your enemies in savage battles but beware, for if you're not prepared you will end up as a pool of bloody mess.

How to survive in the world of Conan

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