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Experience the explosive power of these mech monsters.

12) Scorched Earth (1991)

Scorched Earth gameplay

You and possibly eight others fight using basic battle tanks on a PC Monitor. Take turns and try to obliterate your opponent.

Scorched Earth is an old, simple, yet challenging game. With only a barrel, you use a little math and the power of your tank to destroy your enemy. The land changes with each destruction, making it difficult for the opponent to operate and fire their round.

You use strategy and experience to shape the land to your advantage. When the moment is right, take out the enemy tanks!

The Startup Menu before Gameplay of the Mother of All Games

Tank blows up a piece of the earth

11) War Thunder

War Thunder M4 ownage

Influenced by WWII and their machinery, the Developers of War Thunder put their tanks in the MMO world. Play and operate any mechanical monster of your choice to destroy your enemies and conquer the battlefield.

War Thunder has a vast amount of tanks and aircraft. You can operate and master any tank you have in your arsenal. Take out any opposing force, either by severely crippling their tank or destroying them outright.

The Developers did deep research into the details of the tanks. Their research led to them creating sections of a tank that can be compromised. Players can exploit them to cripple a tank’s movements or deliver a fatal blow to a tank or the occupants inside.

Use these Behemoths to conquer the terrain

Burning Tank

10) Graviteam Tactics Operation Star

Graviteam Tactics tank gameplay

Sequel to Achtung Panzer, Operation Star puts you into the defense line of Kharkov. Engage in a World War 2 conflict that will take patience and dedication to win the war.

The game features high replayability, real soldier behavior, destructible environments, dynamic weather and a detailed vehicle damage system where specific parts of a vehicle can be damaged separately, which results in crippling capabilities.

Enter a lush vast battlefield that will require strategy, cunning, and tactics to crush the enemy and win the war.

Traveling through the woods Kharkov

Layout of the battlefield within the game

9) Arma 3 

ARMA 3 - Wasteland - Tank vs Tank Battles & More!

War is coming, and NATO Special Forces rush to defend the Republic of Altis against invading forces. Blast through the terrain and destroy enemy combatants at all costs.

NATO specialist forces have access to the best weaponry. They can have access to an array of tanks that is needed to succeed in their mission. The tanks are developed to handle 95% of all terrain. Players can specialize their tanks to deal greater damage to specific targets, be it another tank, aircraft, or infantry.

Load out your tank to crush enemy infantry, choppers, and other behemoths. Customize your tank how you want and let the carnage begin. 

Arma 3 Tanks taking down an enemy Aircraft

Customize your Tank

8) Steel Beasts

Steel Beasts Pro PE - M1A2 gameplay

Want to learn how to drive a tank? In Steel Beasts, you can do that and perfect your skill, through this tank simulator.

In this immersive experience, you the Player can learn how to operate a tank. However, you and your team must traverse through the game world and learn the secrets on how to operate a tank and move through dangerous landscapes. Combat soldiers are trained in real life to handle and operate these tanks through these simulators.

Steel Beasts is a pure simulator experience that put Players in life-like combat scenarios. Other Players through a program called "Mission Editor" create these scenarios. In Mission Editor, the Creators establish objectives that the Player must achieve and along the way, they must overcome all obstacles that are in their way.

Players must navigate through difficult terrain, navigate through mines, and defeat enemy tanks to achieve their primary objective. The enemy Tanks are equipped with an AI logic to help give the Players a realistic combative experience. Whoever is the primary creator of the scenario chooses which current nation goes to battle; it could be America against Iraq or Austria against Poland. 

Inside of a M1A2

Steel Beasts Pro

7) Tanki Online

Tanki Online Super Kills With RailGun

Take your tank battles into another MMO experience and team up with friends or handle the task alone. Do whatever it takes to win the battle against other Players.

Tanki Online will put players into a battlefield filled with enemy players from all over the world, and the player must destroy or be destroyed.

A unique feature of the game is that players can customize the weapons of their own tanks, for example fitting on a railgun which takes a long time to reload but deals massive damage with one shot.

You have the guns to prepare your behemoth for battle. The more you win, the more you earn rewards. These rewards are used as game currency to purchase parts and upgrades.

Tanki Online, fight in any terrain and use whatever weapons you desire

Customize your tank

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