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Steel beasts!
Steel beasts!

9. Steel Armor: Blaze of War

Steel Armor: Blaze of War is making waves as one of the most realistic tank simulators on the market… and it was just released this year!

The game is comprised of two main parts: the operational, which allows players to select the battlefield, repair and augment their vehicles, and supply their units; and the tactical, which deposits players right in the thick of battle, with a tank to control and a tank platoon to command.

And what amazing tanks you get to play with! There’s the US M60A1 and the Soviet T-62, each lovingly crafted with authentic, intricate details, and boasting a cockpit and a crew you can interact with. Players can make target practice out of enemies at the gunner’s station, or run over squishy things as the tank’s driver.

Operations will take you to Afghanistan, Iran, and Angola, while tasks include defense, infantry support, recon, and a variety of offensives.

Few tank games are this dedicated to replicating the real thing!

Combat Mission 01

Tank vs. tank

Combat Mission 02

Sure is crowded in there...

Combat Mission 03

Blending in with the grasslands

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