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alien, alien covenant, movie, movie trailer, teaser trailer, horror movie
#1: The Official Trailer Released on February 28, 2017... Read More
alien covenant, alien, movie, horror movie
The new Alien movie has promised to bring the franchise back to its... Read More
alien covenant, alien, movie
A new day dawns on sci-fi's most iconic franchise The... Read More
Fear is mankind’s oldest instinct, and since the dawn of film we’ve... Read More
Alien, Horror, Movie
You Should Be Running In the world of Sci-Fi horror there have... Read More
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Genres of Horror The word “horror” is a broad term which... Read More
Both Hideous and Dangerous All of the monsters on this list have a... Read More
10 Best Alien Invasion Games You Should Play
We all know that the aliens are out there. And it is only a matter of... Read More
Alien: Isolation
15 years have passed since the disappearance of Ellen Ripley, the... Read More
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