Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy
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Rogue Legacy (2013)

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Rogue Legacy is a pixel art action platformer that have players controlling a hero and fighting monsters in the medieval Rogue Legacy world. Every time the hero dies, his son will rise to take up his place, inheriting his items and equipment. 

Every death is a new beginning in Rogue Legacy. Save precious items for your next son so that he has the power to carry on the lineage of warriors. Adventure and fight across 4 different areas covering The Castle, The Forest, The Tower and The Darkness and defeat enemies to reach The Final Boss. Choose from eight different classes including Spellthief, Lich, Mage, Knight, Barbarian, Dragon, Assassin and Shinobi and create a powerful lineage of heroes to vanquish evil from the lands.

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Lukass's picture

Lukass 9 years 2 weeks ago

This quirky little gem draws you in with its charm and the cartoon visual style and proceeds to brutally murder you at your first miss-step. Rogue Legacy takes pride in its roguelike personality and makes it no secret that it isn't going to hold your hand. However, whenever you die, you can try again with your sons and daughters who are born with powerful advantages or comical disadvantages which makes every playthrough a new and fun experience.

NeilGeorge's picture

NeilGeorge 9 years 3 weeks ago

This game wants to kill you. Repeatedly. That’s how you build your legacy, which amounts to choosing offspring with advantageous, disadvantageous, or downright bizarre traits to continue on in your hero’s place. If you don’t mind a challenge, this game has much to commend itself to platforming and rogue-like fans.

pepekin's picture

pepekin 9 years 3 weeks ago

Rogue Legacy is a unique platformer with the concept that "anyone can be a hero," regardless of unusual traits or imperfections. Gamers play as a blood-related lineage of vengeful characters who have random combinations of traits, and different traits give different abilities. Dwarfism allows characters to squeeze through smaller spaces, nostalgia makes everything sepia-toned, and OCD (Must. Clear. House.) gives the character 1MP every time it breaks a piece of furniture. These different combinations keep the game interesting and exciting. This game has humor, spikes, clowns, evil flying paintings, and more. It's addicting and definitely worth playing if you're looking for a fun platformer that won't get boring after a while.

Shogun's picture

Shogun 9 years 1 month ago

It's an excelent game, seeking revenge while generation after generation of your family die in the attempt. It has an interesting difficulty curve and reminds games from my old 16-bit Super Nintendo. It is a challenge for the player, get to defeat the final boss losing the least amount of Relatives, or leveling all your skills while thousands of family die in the attempt.

Cherrykuns's picture

Cherrykuns 9 years 1 month ago

Rogue Legacy takes pride in its unique take on an old-school platformer game. Every restart can give birth to something inferior or way awesome depending on your pick among the hero’s offspring. This alone provides replay value, and you get upgrades, equipment, enchantments – even the ability to freeze the dungeon layout, for a price. Filled with witty and funny abilities and character traits, Rogue Legacy offers a nice break from more serious games where death grants a Game Over screen.

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