Portal 2

Portal 2
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Portal 2 (2011)

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After the events of the first Portal, Chell has reawakened to find herself still in Aperture Science. As she attempts to escape with the help of Wheatley, an artificial intelligence, she ends up restarting GLaDOS. Facing her old enemy once more, Chell must face new concepts and traverse the deepest depths of Aperture Science, uncovering its origin and the very heart of GLaDOS herself.

In the award-winning sequel to Portal, players once again use the Portal Gun to form portals between planes and break the laws of physics - for science.

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AhYesAnts's picture

AhYesAnts 1 year 8 months ago

I got called a terrible person by a potato. 10/10 must play.

Ogrelord's picture

Ogrelord 2 years 2 months ago

Apparently I'm a terrible person. You learn something new every day.

Wolverine's picture

Wolverine 4 years 9 months ago

The most fun I have ever found in frustration.

RKChauhan's picture

RKChauhan 7 years 6 months ago

A mind boggling must play puzzler.

AzaleaValkyrie's picture

AzaleaValkyrie 8 years 9 months ago

How could you possibly follow up a smash hit like Portal? By making its sequel even better than the original! GLaDOS is back and more entertaining than ever—and so are the puzzles you’ve come to love from this series. The co-op mode is divine, if not a bit dizzying.

JordanHavoc's picture

JordanHavoc 8 years 10 months ago

While not as tight and perfectly paced as its predecessor, Portal 2 is just as creative and full of wit and charm (perhaps more so!). The characters and world are rich, the puzzles are interesting, and for players feeling the game is lacking in challenge, the co-op will leaving you scratching your head in a difficult mode that favors gameplay over narrative.

nicomorganelli's picture

nicomorganelli 8 years 10 months ago

I absolutely adored this game as a whole, as its puzzles and challenges provided a mental stimulus that acted like a drug. I played this game for about two hours at a time, and beat it within a few days, which isn't all that bad. The amount of levels is perfect: Not too many, which would bore the player, and not too few, which would anger the player. The Co-op levels made me want to choke my brother, who I was playing with, but in total, this game is a 9/10 for being incredibly creative.

AleczKrrillo's picture

AleczKrrillo 8 years 10 months ago

This game can be described in two things: creativity and fun. The storyline explores more about the mysteries of Aperture Science that the first game only mentioned, the puzzles are great and the physics works in a magical way to make this one of the most brilliant first person shooter ever.

Azy_Sketch's picture

Azy_Sketch 8 years 10 months ago

This is by far one of my favorite games of all time. The storyline is great, the puzzles are fun and challenging, and the Steam Community Workshop puzzles are always challenging themselves! I love GLaDOS's sarcasm in the beginning and the sincerity she has later on in the game for Chell, and the twist with Wheatley was one I'd never forget. Overall, for players who wanted a story-driven, demanding sequel to the first game, this is the best thing they could ask for.

RodrigoP's picture

RodrigoP 8 years 10 months ago

Portal 2 is an amazing game. The graphics are simple, clean and that really fits with the atmosphere of this game. Every room is a puzzle and as you start getting the hang of the portal gun the intensity of the puzzles will keep you using your brains and force you to look in different points-of-view. The story is very straightforward but the amount of user created levels will make you spend a good amount of hours without getting bored. If you like puzzle platformers this is a game you must have.

Shogun's picture

Shogun 8 years 11 months ago

This is not to complete the game, it's about having fun solving puzzles alone or with friends, what I like about the game is GLaDOS with his sarcastic sense of humor to the character, She will make your life miserable just to "keep testing". It's in my top ten games to be played.!

Blizpeak's picture

Blizpeak 8 years 11 months ago

Valve spent much more time fleshing out the plot for the Portal sequel. I appreciated the expanded arenas, setting and plot twist subtleties; the game reveals secrets for the player without actually saying those secrets out loud.

KatiW's picture

KatiW 8 years 11 months ago

Portal 2 is a game of robots and puzzles, and it has become one of my favorite games. The voice acting in this game was very well done and the story itself is bittersweet with several moments of humor making it very fun to play. The puzzles will make you at points want to quit entirely; however it is a nice change of pace to play a game where you have to think before you jump.

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