To The Moon

To The Moon
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To The Moon (2011)

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Sigmund Corp is a 'wish fulfillment company' that offers to fulfill clients' dreams before they pass away. Dr Eva Rosalene and Dr Neil Watts, employees of Sigmund Corp travel to meet Johnny Wyles, whose lifelong dream has been to go to moon, for a reason he himself did not know. Inserting themselves into a simulation of Johnny's memories, Eva and Neil trace his memories as they try to find out why he always wanted to go to the moon.

To The Moon is a touching emotional adventure through the depths of the mind, where deep characters are brought to life using simple JRPG graphics and simplistic gameplay keeps the story going forward.

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natqoh's picture

natqoh 7 years 1 month ago

If there was game play involved, outside movement, or puzzles, maybe actually fight something, anything, dream shadows, whatever. With the epic story, it would have been a 10, hands down. Also, this story should be a movie or an anime or something.

Rinisa's picture

Rinisa 7 years 1 month ago

To The Moon is carried by its storyline, (literally) delving into the mind of an old man and rewiring his brain to create the alternate life he thought he always wanted. The gameplay is unmemorable at best, and the story more suited for a short film than a short game.