Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2
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Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

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Enter the zombie apocalyptic world where almost every human is infected by the Green Flu. Four survivors – Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle are now fighting their way to reach the US safe zone but surviving thousands of zombies along the way isn't easy. The 4 companions must battle through 5 campaigns and travel across Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans fighting hordes of zombies along the way. New monsters include 3 new "Special Infected" zombies such as The Charger who has an enormous right arm and uses it to pummel players into the ground. Gunfire and slashing is also more realistic, as players see bullets and melee weapons tear off the flesh and limbs of zombies.

Relying on shotguns, assault rifles, chainsaws and their instincts, the four will travel a terrifying path while recalling their back-stories on the way. Will they survive the zombies?

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Belwolf's picture

Belwolf 3 years 6 months ago

Pick up L4D2 on the next Steam sale, you won't regret it I promise! You'll have a blast solo or with friends gunning down hoards of undead and fleeing for your life from the evolved special infected. With several campaigns lasting at least an hour each this game has hundreds of hours of playability. Once the campaigns are all exhausted for you and your friends there are a bunch of other game modes to change things up, like the survival or versus modes. By the time you've sunk around a thousand hours or so it might get a little old mowing down the same hoards over and over but that's when you discover the extensive modding community. Spice up your play with wild mods to make the zombies look like Zoidberg, or make the Tank look like Hulk Hogan!

albertalba's picture

albertalba 3 years 9 months ago

Definitely a must play. The story is great but the multiplayer is just awesome. One of the few games I was able to get friend my non video game nerd friends to play and enjoy.

DynaHunt's picture

DynaHunt 5 years 7 months ago

Yeah, the online capabilities in this game are pretty sweet. If you ever wanted to become a zombie, well this is perfect for you.

Bason91's picture

Bason91 8 years 10 months ago

Be careful with Left 4 Dead 2 because you might find you and your buddies slaughtering hordes of the undead with chainsaws and shotguns than hitting the local bar. A great combination of fast-paced action, humorous comments by the main characters, dynamic and heart-pounding set pieces, make for a brilliant co-op game that is here to stay.

JJSF's picture

JJSF 8 years 11 months ago

More guns, more maps and a new competitive mode make L4D2 nail-bitingly good. Its almost like Valve read minds, giving players an all out Rambo machine gun (M60) and new high-adrenaline maps. After all, a helicopter-evacuation from a rock concert stadium with pyrotechnics and all will surely get your blood pumping! Despite the new content, the game does get repetitive after a while. Kill zombies, lose friends, escape with your life- the template ain't broke so no need to fix it!

Neo1988's picture

Neo1988 8 years 12 months ago

L4D2, a sequel to 2008 L4D is a FPS survival, post-apocalyptic shooter. Bunch of mods to play, four characters, the emphasis on team play in order to survive the hordes of crazed infected, bunch of firearms, bats, chainsaw, katana, nightstick, three types of throwing weapons and 7 different campaigns to play, make this game highly infectious, highly fun to play and one gaming experience that you will always remember. And come for more. P.S. don't shoot the Witches during the flood ;-) .

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