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Gone Home
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Gone Home (2013)

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The year is 1995, and Kaitlin Greenbriar has returned home from a yearlong trip abroad. Alone at home with her sister missing, Kaitlin starts searching the house to do exactly what her sister Samantha warned against: finding answers. Poking around the house and investigating the many objects in the mansion, Kaitlin starts to learn more and more about her family, and her sister.

Gone Home is an adventure game confined to a single mansion, in which players examine objects to unravel a deep, emotional story that breaks open the secrets of an ordinary family, with fully realised characters and secrets that go deeper than just one generation.

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erekerendo's picture

erekerendo 7 years 8 months ago

An affordable indie game well worth the price. If you like puzzles and exploration, this is a game for you.

Lukass's picture

Lukass 8 years 11 months ago

The popular new trend in adventure game narrative is the first-person exploration with limited interaction. Gone Home perfectly incorporates this mechanic to create an emotionally charged journey through a recently abandoned house. This game leaves you a trail of breadcrumbs that starts off as a simple family story which gets more intense and involving as you uncover more clues. The voices come alive in your head and you start to piece together a puzzle of a family mystery which keeps you thinking about the nature of love, family and life. The simplest, but most effective and relatable of emotions leave a sweet taste in your mouth long after you have finished this game.

Blizpeak's picture

Blizpeak 9 years 1 day ago

The game manifests an overlapping time mechanic—the text-heavy play packs a rich story in a short number of game hours. I would have added more hours, or added side-stories into the linear narrative, but otherwise the game kept the plot transformative and believable.