Fifa 15

Fifa 15
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Fifa 15 (2014)

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Only the most skilled will succeed in winning the world championship in this soccer video game, where you are free to control the soccer team of your heart. Featuring several new additions, there is now a grand total of 35 licensed leagues, over 600 clubs, 16,000 players and 41 stadiums available. You can also test the new Concept Squad where players are encouraged to create their own "Dream Squad": manage your team, hire new players or sell the ones you have, choose the best stadiums to play on, and try to keep your team ahead of others in the local championships where every new match is a big step towards success.

Challenge the most powerful soccer teams in the world, such as Barcelona of the superstar Lionel Messi and the Brazilian athlete Neymar , Cristiano Ronaldo’s renowned Real Madrid or Chelsea F.C. of Drogba and Eden Hazard. For a bigger difficulty, go on against the national teams and the worldwide winners of all time with teams that have been updated as of 2015, such as Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, England, and so on. No matter how you choose to lead, prepare yourself for tough matches and try your best to reach the world hall of fame.

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DOSGamer's picture

DOSGamer 7 years 2 months ago

While the gameplay hasn't changed much over the past year, FIFA 15 is a must-have for hardcore football fans. Many features return, such as single-player league play, online league play, and the brand-new feature of being able to watch live games through the game. The game is more dynamic due to the addition of new AI player reactions, which increase challenge and add realism. Overall, FIFA 15 builds upon the strong foundation of its predecessor while adding key features for added enjoyment.


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