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Fez (2013)

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Gomez is a little being trapped in his everyday, two-dimensional life when one day he encounters a mysterious glowing artifact, known only as the Hexahedron. It bestows upon Gomez a magical fez, and confers on him the ability to rotate his world and travel in three dimensions. However the hexahedron fractures, and now Gomez must collect the fragments before the entire world itself is torn apart.

With its sense of wonder in a delicately realized world, Fez is an indie game by developer Phil Fish, a 2D platformer that uniquely allows players to rotate the world in 3D, leading to new pathways and discoveries.

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tshoop's picture

tshoop 6 years 1 month ago

Fez is a game that has Minecraft meets Tetris. I found this game very boring and would really not sit and play this for fun. The graphics are not very good. Fez is just an average game for someone who likes Minecraft.