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Evolve (2015)

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In a distant planet called Shear, the human race has established several outposts with the intent of exploring the resources provided by this wild realm. However, their presence on this planet is now threatened as gigantic, alien-like creatures start to attack the outposts and kill the humans living on them. A known planet tamer called William Cabot is called to deal with the issue, and evacuate the remaining survivors from this savage land. He assigns a team of 4 hunters to kill the monsters, and it is now your duty as one of the hunters to defeat this hostile threat and prevent the complete invasion of planet Shear.

The Hunters are divided in 4 classes: the Assault, who controls the most powerful weapons of the group such as rocket launchers and shotguns; the Trapper can have a pet Monster to assist him in battle; the Medic has access to long-ranged weapons such as Snipers and Pistols, and is responsible for taking care of the group’s health; and the Support must cover his allies and provide them with a temporary invisibility cloak field. The monsters are divided in Kraken, Wraith, Goliath and Behemoth, each with their own special attacks and outstanding skills. Play with your favorite class (or as a monster) and join your friends in epic firefight battles where the objective is to kill every living create to dominate the planet of Shear.

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LukeAD's picture

LukeAD 9 years 2 weeks ago

Good game play and graphics even though some have said visually it was a let down. As a straight up shooter it is a fun game that allows you to hunt as a human or predator, but if your after an in depth story line though look elsewhere.