Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest 2
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Costume Quest 2 (2014)

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Trick or treats! Halloween is facing a menacing threat, when a despicable villain wants to put it to an end. Twins Wren and Reynold, alongside their loyal friends, are the only ones who can stop Dr. Orel White and his vicious plans of destroying Halloween forever. But this time, Dr. Orel White has a partner: the powerful Time Wizard. They create a time portal which releases many monsters called The Grubbins into the world above, to help them accomplish their evil plans.

To prevent this terrible fate, the siblings receive a warning from time-travelling visitors. A portal opens up to them and their very friends in an adult version from the future come out. They tell Wren and Reynold that Halloween is now banned in their world, where Orel White is the supreme ruler. The siblings are asked for their assistance, and they agree to help out with this odd task. Now, as Wren and Reynold, you must go back to the future to help your friends. 

You will achieve this goal by using the magic costumes; they become bigger and stronger versions when in battle. Defeating enemies awards you with candies, that can be used to purchase new costume parts and perks to improve their power. Join the twins Wren and Reynold in this epic adventure to defeat Dr. Orel and the Time Wizard, and protect Halloween from extinction.

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kaarthikalakshmi's picture

kaarthikalakshmi 6 years 2 months ago

Costume Quest 2 fits in wonderfully as a Halloween tale. It is adorable, amusing, colorful and well-animated, but the combat is too simplistic and repetitive to remain interesting throughout the game. The game is bringing depth to the proceedings to some extent. I really enjoyed playing this game.