Chaos Legion

Chaos Legion
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Chaos Legion (2003)

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In this dark, gothic fantasy opera, there lie three sacred glyphs, symbols of an ancient world. It is said that when these glyphs meet, the three worlds will be reunited. A brave young knight, Sieg Wahrheit, has been tasked with tracking down Victor Delacroix, his former friend and comrade in arms, who has gone rogue. Commanding the Chaos Legion in a world of darkness, Sieg must uncover the secrets behind the glyphs.

From renowned produced Yoshinori Ono, Chaos Legion is a story of darkness, chaos and two friends torn apart by the differences that can consume them.

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Murillo's picture

Murillo 9 years 5 days ago

This game was my first beloved game ever, sometimes I am playing in it now, even if it's old from 2003. Capcom currently are doing great games,such as Devil my Cry if I'm not wrong. Chaos Legion was my first game ever, and I will never delete it. Game story is wonderful, but gameplay elements are weird. I remember those times when I could not switch the legions. After 6 years, I finally returned,and found all Thanatos (Shinigami) pieces and recreated an absolute legionaire.

patrickdelacy's picture

patrickdelacy 9 years 5 days ago

This game is one of my favorite game. I've beaten this game a lot of times and even after beating this game a lot of times my love for this game isn't gone and I still want to play it. The best thing for me in this game is when i was collecting all of the Thanatos Chip for me to be able to use the legion named "Thanatos". My favorite legions in this game is Guilt, Hatred, Blasphemy an Thanatos.