The Cave

The Cave
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The Cave (2013)

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Seven adventurers have hit upon a dark, and forbidding cave. A cave with treasures, secrets, traps and... a talking voice? A strange odyssey into a cave that challenges the minds and personal demons of its characters, who must struggle against not only puzzles, but their own inhibitions and pasts to discover what they truly are, and what they can strive to become.

From the creator of Monkey Island, The Cave is a metaphysical journey into the minds of up to 7 characters with dark pasts, and a Cave that shows them the unflinching truth.

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kaarthikalakshmi's picture

kaarthikalakshmi 8 years 8 months ago

The dialogue system and a fully functional inventory would not only vastly enhance the game, a new sub-genre is also created. The Cave is really funny, with great puzzles-that makes our mind puzzled. I loved playing this game a lot and I can say that the heck of a game The Cave is “a really great great game” that’s what really matters.

tasookete's picture

tasookete 8 years 9 months ago

A beautiful, captivating experience. The Cave itself talks to you in a soothing voice as your heroes delve deeper, closer to their doom or salvation - the final decision is up to you. If you are The Lost Vikings fan, The Cave won't disappoint you - it is just as challenging and fun to play.