Assassin's Creed 2

Assassin's Creed 2
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Assassin's Creed 2 (2009)

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Assassin's Creed 2 is set in the 21st century where players control "Desmond Miles", the descendant of a long line of assassin's. Using the Animus 2.0 device, Desmond will train to become a modern-day assassin by reliving the memories of his ancestor Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Live and breathe as Ezio, inheritor of the talents and creed of Assassin's as he hunts down the political figures who murdered his family. The journey will take Ezio on a perilous path from Florence, to San Gimignano, Forlì, Venice and eventually to Rome.

You'll ally yourself with important historical figures and arm yourself with amazing new devices designed and built by the greatest mind of the Italian Renaissance. Armed with an impressive arsenal of weapons and tools, your options in combat, assassination and escape are vast. 

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RKChauhan's picture

RKChauhan 7 years 7 months ago

One of my all time favourites the story the gameplay the characters its all just too awesome. A must must play, this and the compete Ezio Auditare Di Firenze trilogy.... my comment may be a little biased due to emotional attachment to the series but regardless its a great game.

sareemsandeela1214's picture

sareemsandeela1214 8 years 11 months ago

What makes Assassin’s Creed II great isn’t just that it fixes most of what was wrong with the first game, though. It’s that it takes what the first game started and uses it to build something much bigger, much more involving and much more fun. The open-world action is similar – you’ll still spend a lot of time free-running across rooftops and obstacles (which is a blast), climbing up the sides of gargantuan buildings, assassinating unwitting enemies and getting into seemingly endless swordfights with guards – but the sequel expands on the original formula so much, and so well, that Assassin’s Creed feels like a training run by comparison

RomanTanvir's picture

RomanTanvir 8 years 11 months ago

A massive update of Assassins Creed trilogy and the successor of The previous part. The features of this game are better than the first part. The graphics are marvelous. The ability to swim , fly on Da Vincis flying machine is new in this part. The best thing which the other parts can't be compared is the story line and the ending. Ezio the protagonist faces the struggle of life, finds the people who were involved in the murder of his family, creates an oppression, becomes the messenger (chosen one) and defeats the Pope. In conclusion I want to say that the best open world, Role playing game of that time is Assassins Creed 2.

Jamie_Hall's picture

Jamie_Hall 8 years 11 months ago

No matter how many iterations of this game they create Assassins Creed 2 will rank among them as one of, if not the, best. Ezio is a majestic lead and combat is fluid and aggressive. The open world created here is living and breathing in a way the newer games still struggle to surpass. It was a huge leap from the first game that has yet to be emulated.

AleczKrrillo's picture

AleczKrrillo 8 years 11 months ago

One of the best open-world games of all time that gives you the opportunity to explore Italy. It has the best script so far in the series and the gameplay is very well done and unlike its predecessor, a better and changing rhythm.

RJNair's picture

RJNair 8 years 12 months ago

Nothing is true, everything is permitted. This is what Assassin Creed II brings to the player in an open world exploring the provinces of Italy. This game has a very engaging story with a central character who's growth the gamer witnesses from the start to the end forming an emotional connection accompanied with a brilliant musical score. From chasing your target through the streets of Florence or jumping over the rooftops of Venice, Assassin's Creed II is a game that is truly a work of art.

Chulda's picture

Chulda 8 years 12 months ago

Assassin's Creed II is huge. That's the only way of putting it. It lasts forever. It is rare that a game that long can be entertaining all the way through. And yet, when you hear your palms grasp at marble for the hundredth time, when you gaze at Florence for the thousandth, you will think to yourself, "God, I hope I'm nowhere near the end of this game." The combat is easy, true. Easy, however, doesn't mean dissatisfying. Play it for the atmosphere and story. They cannot be described with words.

joanreyes00's picture

joanreyes00 9 years 4 days ago

nice game a must have

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