Who Will Win League of Legends' 2016 World Championship? These are 5 teams I'd Bet My Money On

League of Legends is the undisputed king of eSports in 2016

Which League of Legends Team Would You Bet Your Money On?

Betting has been around as long as we've had organized sports. Even the ancient Romans used to bet on chariot races. As eSports continues to climb into mainstream culture, it's only natural that betting on eSports climbs along with it. And no game is climbing faster than League of Legends.

Many sites have started to focus on League of Legends betting, like Pinnacle Sports and Ebettle. They run just like any sports betting venture. Your payoff is based on how risky your bet is. Teams that everyone thinks will win are low risk, but that also makes them low reward because the potential payoff is smaller. However, you could place your money on a less likely team for a riskier bet that has a greater possible reward.

As one of our friendly neighborhood League nerds here at Gamers Decide, this is my inside scoop on five of the teams I’d be willing to bet my money on to win Worlds 2016. To make the rankings simple, we'll pretend we're going in with $1,000 of betting money. I'll rate each team according to that amount.


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