What Payday 2: The Big Score’s release means for PC players

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OVERKILL Software fulfills a few promises by adding tons of content to console versions

There it is. Payday 2 is finally (nearly) up to date on console versions.

Since its release on consoles last year, players have been waiting for promised DLC content. A year later, OVERKILL and Starbreeze deliver. Months of promises and send-offs left a lot of players disillusioned and angry, and the developers were facing a huge uproar when PC players who disliked Payday’s added microtransactions were added to the mix. Now, console players are up to date for the price of $29.99, but what does this mean for the criminals who operate via PC?

Whoa there, skulldozer. Just hold on a second and I’ll tell you what it means!

Simply put, OVERKILL has historically devoted itself to the PC version of the game.

Heisters get new DLC and event jobs regularly. Incoming revenue from The Big Score means that won’t change anytime soon.  Starbreeze has even come forward saying that’s the case. So rest easy; PC players are still the favorites of Payday 2. Although sales reports for The Big Score are just coming out, they are pretty substantial; substantial enough to cause a big announcement from the developers.

The 100th update of the heisting classic came with one big announcement

Payday 3 is confirmed, and will be made by Starbreeze studios. The release of a new DLC bundle to excited console players came at a quite fortuitous time.

With all of the revenue generated by The Big Score, Starbreeze and OVERKILL have confirmed that the third installment of heists is in progress. The biggest boon for PC delinquents though, is that while they develop Payday 3, DLC and add-on content for Payday 2 will continue to come, probably up to release. Console players may benefit too. Maybe the developers learned a lesson from a big social media outlash.

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