Torchlight 2 Review and Gameplay

Torchlight 2 Review and Gameplay
That oh so long awaited sequel

Reasons why you should care about Torchlight 2

It certainly sounds promising.

Torchlight 2 is one of those Diablo 2 clones. Is this such a bad thing? As far as the hack and slash genre goes, Diablo was unsurpassed and we really need more games that can still pull of the formula. That being said, we also need some innovation and this definitely isn't it. Minus the atmosphere difference and some very minor changes to the mechanics, it's the exact same game.

Considering how Runic Games was formed by ex-Blizzard co-founders I find it both surprising, and not surprising, that they copied their biggest success title. For some, this is a godsend, for some it's an insult. Regardless, it's a highly praised and played game. It was a hit when it came out and it's still going strong. Let's see what it has to offer and then you can judge yourself whether it's worthy of your attention.

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