Top Ten Most Anticipated Fantasy Films of 2017

Ten Most Anticipated Fantasy Films of 2017
Ten Most Anticipated Fantasy Films of 2017

Myths, Legends and Heros. Fantasy Films are hitting it big in 2017!

Fantasy films have always captured our imagination. These stories thrust moviegoers into worlds full of magic, mythical creatures, knights, pirates and barbarians. They take us to enchanted lands, mysterious islands, and under the sea. This is a list of the upcoming fantasy films coming to the theatre in 2017. 

10) The Witcher

Release Date: TBA

The Witcher hits the big screen in 2017

The Witcher video game series is one of the best fantasy games in all of gaming. Witchers are men trained for one purpose and one purpose only -to kill monsters. They are no ordinary men, they have undergone flesh altering experiments, and hardcore training to be the best monster killers. Geralt “The Witcher” is one of the last of his kind. Not only is he one of the last ones, he is the best one trained in the elite School of The Wolf. Both the game and the movie are based on the Witcher Novel Series by Polish Author Andrzej Sapkowski. Not much is known about what the plot for the movie is, however we can expect it to be big, awesome and full of monsters roaming the world in Medieval times.  

9) King Arthur The Legend of The Sword

Release Date: May 12, 2017

King Arthur; Legend of the Sword brings this classic story to the big screen. 

Everyone knows the story of Arthur and the Sword in the Stone but this film is bringing it to the big screen.  The story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table is probably one of the most well known legends of all time. Poor peasant boy pulls a sword out of the stone and is named King. Thrust into a world where he must rule and become the man he is born to be the story of Arthur is a classic tale of adventure. It’s about time the original knight and the king of all kings gets a movie. 

King Arthur Legend of The Sword Official Trailer

8) The Odyssey

Release Date: TBA

Armand Assante in The Odyssey(1997) Mini-Series

Homer’s Greek epic is getting the movie treatment in 2017. The story of the King of Ithaca, a Trojan War Hero Odysseus and his journey home. The Odyssey is the original fantasy story and deserves a movie. If you like Clash of The Titans you will probably like this movie. There’s a cyclops, sea monsters, and epic battles. We don’t know much about the movie yet, but we can expect it to be EPIC like the poem it came from. 

7) Labyrinth

Release Date: TBA

Jim Hensen's Labyrinth is an 80s Cult Classic

The 80s classic featuring David Bowie returns to the big screen in 2017. Whether you are scared that the remake can never be as good as the original or excited for a new Labyrinth this is a must see in 2017. The original film, is an adventure fantasy musical following a young girl as she tries to save her baby brother from the Goblin King. She has to make her way to the center of the maze where her baby brother is being held. We don’t know if it is a sequel or a remake but regardless it is highly anticipated. 

6) 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Release Date: TBA

Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Bryan Singer is bringing  Jules Verne’s story into the 21st century. The classic tale of Captain Nemo and his ship the Nautilus will be coming to theatres in 2017. The last time anyone attempted to make this into a film was Walt Disney in 1954. Seriously, Kirk Douglas aka. Spartacus played Ned in the film. The story follows Captain Nemo and his crew as the investigate a series of mysterious shipwrecks and a giant whale with a horn. 

5) The Legend Of Conan

Release Date: TBA

Before Arnold was Governor of California he was Conan The Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian is one of the 80s best and certainly one of Arnold’s. This cult classic is getting a sequel in 2017 and it’s called The Legend of Conan. Now, like many of the films on this list writers and filmmakers alike are keeping their secrets close to the chest. However, the one teaser writers have given us is that the first scene of the new movie will be the last scene from the 1982 film. If Legend of Conan is anything like the original and its sequel Conan the Destroyer we are in for a treat. Rumors say that the Legend of Conan will take place after Conan has taken over from Thulsa Doom after getting his revenge on the leader of the Snake Cult in Conan The Barbarian. 

4) The Mummy

Release Date: Summer 2017

Ancient Undead Princess is the New Mummy

A new Mummy movie will rise in 2017 featuring a whole new set of adventurers and a new and different Mummy to terrorize them. Imhotep and the O'Connell family will not be in this series of Mummy movies, but Tom Cruise and an ancient undead Princess with a vengeance will. If the trailer is anything to go by, we can expect this movie to be very similar to the other Mummy movies but with a whole new story and a whole new Mummy and a whole new set of scary super powers.

Moviegoers will finally learn the origins of King Kong in Kong Skull Island opening in 2017. Skull Island is part of Legendary Entertainment’s Godzilla-Kong Film franchise series. This includes the Godzilla movie from 2014 and the upcoming 2020 film Godzilla vs Kong. This fantasy adventure story will take place on Skull Island an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean full of huge mysterious creatures. 

 The 90s classic gets reimagined for 2017. In this film instead of the Jumanji world coming out of the game, 4 teens get sucked into the world. A world full of dangerous animals and jungle traps. In order to win the game, and survive with their lives, the teens are transformed and turned into personas from the game. The meek become the mighty, the fashionista becomes a brainiac, the jock become a nerd and the weak become the strong. They must work together and learn to see the world in a different light. Oh, yeah plus there is an homage to the late Robin Williams. If you loved the original film be sure to see this one in December.  

That’s it for our list of 2017 most anticipated fantasy films. Are there movies that we are missing? Maybe they are on another list. Check out our other 2017 Top Ten Film Lists.

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