Tom Clancy’s Division release date pushed back to 2016

Searching for survivors
Division - how long till we can play this awesome looking game?


Why has Ubisoft’s ambitious game Tom Clancy’s The Division been put on hold yet again?

Division sounds like an amazing game, and from the trailer, everything suggests that it will be engaging and absorbing.

The Division are the only ones that can save the city

Tom Clancy's The Division is set in a post-apocapyptic New York, 3 weeks after a lethal virus has torn through the city.  Basic services go down, society threatens to totally fall apart and the President activates The Division, a super-secret group of self-supporting agents.  Seemingly normal people, the agents of The Division are actually highly trained operatives who can act independently in emergency situations.  When the world ends, their task is just beginning.

Why is it taking so long?

Ubisoft and Massive have been a long time in the making of The Division.During a 2013 Ubisoft release Q&A session on The Division, Ubisoft revealed “we have been working on the IP and on the tech for several years and on the actual game since the summer of 2012”. In January 2014, an anonymous source at Ubisoft Massive told GameReactor that work on the game itself had barely begun although the release date was 2014. The source was reported as saying that "the fact that Ubisoft has gone public with a 2014 release date feels laughable to be perfectly honest, we will never be able to release The Division this year. It's a large project, and we have very far to go."

I can't wait to hold this game!

Now almost 18 months later, the publisher has revealed that this ambitious open-world game has been delayed yet again, this time until 2016.  What is going on here? Is there internal trouble in this major project?

The announcement that The Division is to be delayed for the second time came as part of Ubisoft’s recently announced financial results for the year ended March 31st. 

Ubisoft recently stated that a total of four studios are working on The Division.  With such intense manpower on the job, why is it taking so long? 

It's bleak out there

Project management issues?

Although I can’t claim any inside knowledge, I can think of a few reasons. A game development project is just like any other major IT project, and, one would assume, fraught with many of the same difficulties with scope creep, project time management issues, governance problems, technology implementation and unexpected configuration complexities.  

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