The Seven Best 2k Games To Play in 2016

Jump through alternate universes in Bioshock Infinite
Discover 2k Games' Best PC Game Titles in 2016

There can be no doubt that 2k Games is big in the video game industry. It has produced well-known titles such as NBA 2k, Bioshock, The Elder Scrolls IV, and Civilization V. 2k is best known for their sports games, although there are also several popular RPGs they have created. In this compilation, you will find some of the most popular 2k games of 2016. The great amount of variety within these titles just goes to show how diverse 2k is. There are several different genres, subjects, and themes even within just seven games.

7. Xcom 2

After Xcom fails to stop aliens from invading earth, they are forced to go underground. The aliens build cities for humans, pretending to be peaceful, but something is not quite right.

Xcom realizes this, but is outmatched in technology and numbers. Still, Xcom fights on using guerrilla tactics and by building resistance force huge enough to rebel against the aliens.

It is your job to control the Avenger, an alien ship that has been adapted for Xcom and is used as the rebellion’s headquarters. You will play as Commander, with the goal of rebuilding XCOM and finally taking back earth from the Alien rule.

It is no easy task, for there are many different types of aliens, including the Archon, Muton, Faceless, and Chryssalid. Each are deadly in their own way.

One neat thing about this game is that the difficulty level is adjustable. This rare quality makes Xcom 2 unique and a great option for those who like to adjust the difficulty of a game.

You are the last hope for humanity! Xcom is the final resistance against the aliens’ nefarious plans


The aliens claim they want to help humanity, but something sinister is afoot


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