Review of Sims 4: Get to Work

Sims 4: Get to Work - screen shot from Medical Career
Get a great career in Sims 4!

New expansion pack signals a bright future for The Sims

This is the first expansion pack for The Sims 4, signalling where the game might be going in the future.  Going by this game, it’s a future that looks bright.  There are many great new features to explore. One of my favourites is that Sims can now multi-task.  They can sit on the toilet while listening to music or drink tea while they cook dinner. Lots of great features that were missing from past games in the series have also been restored including ghosts, basements and swimming pools.

The Sims get down to business

Retail businesses are back

Sims lovers will be relieved that retail businesses has been added back to the game – this was a great aspect of The Sims 2: Open For Business.  Being a retail business owner is one of the greatest parts in the Sims series, and there is no exception in Get To Work.  Owning a retail business in this expansion pack is challenging and interesting.  It does take a lot of money to buy a Business Lot, so make sure you save up if you’re planning on buying one.  You can sell anything in your retail shop and you’re the one who has to manage the stock, hire retail assistants with complimentary skill sets and work on your marketing to make lots of sales.  You have to put in lots of hard work, but business ownership is one of the best aspects of the expansion pack, so it’s well worth it.

The Careers feature is great

Another great feature of The Sims Get to Work is careers.  Sims can now work on their careers with the Detective, Medical or Scientist career path.  The career paths are in-depth, and make the player feel like they have a rewarding career.  For example, in the Medical career path, you start off as an intern working on basic things then step by step move up the career ladder to deliver baby Sims and identify sicknesses.  When they’re experienced professionals they can even analyse data to work out the gender of a Sim foetus!

Get technical with the Scientest career path

The Scientist career path allows you to explore space and even generate a wormhole that takes you to an alien world called Sixam.  On this world you can interact with aliens.  You can also go off-world when you’re in “Create a Sim” mode.

Very few low points

There are only a few negative points to the game, The career venues function has a few issues with slow load screens and some of the career paths can be confusing.  For instance, the Detective career path I tried had an instance where I was asked to look at a notebook to get a description of the subject, but it was really hard to figure out where to find the notebook itself.  Gameplay can also become a bit repetitive.  These are not major downsides though. 

A Highly recommended game

The game is basically very good and highly entertaining. The Sims Get to Work is a great first expansion pack and I recommend it highly to all Sims fans. The new content and gameplay features make it absorbing and interesting to explore. I’d give this an 8 out of 10.


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