Path of Exile Review and Gameplay

Can you survive Wraeclast?

Who could've expected a free MMORPG revolution in such a small package?

*Checks folder size*... Okay so it's not such a small package at over 6GB. Still much smaller than, say, TERA at over 25GB. However, I'm not here to talk about or compare TERA to Path of Exile. I'm here to tell you why Path of Exile manages to stay such a strong competitor in today's market, even with its lackluster graphics and minimized features.

So, what is Path of Exile and what sets it apart? It's probably the most daring Diablo 2 clone ever to be released. It is also the best Diablo 2 clone ever to grace our computer screens. It is everything Diablo 3 should've been and it's free. Grinding Gear Games, the genius development team behind this wonder, was actually founded by a group of Diablo 2 fans so the similarities should not surprise you. Yet there are enough differences, so that it doesn't feel like the same game.  

At the same time, this is what sets Path of Exile apart in today's sea of games, each packed with so many features it's a wonder it still remembers being a game. It's inspiration came from the era before there was a list of mandatory features, before games drowned themselves trying to out-swim the competition. It was a time when a game was given as much as it needed to make it work. Why force an open world when it's not needed? Why push CPUs and GPUs to their limits when it's not necessary? Why give players hundreds of skills to juggle on screen when it's not necessary? Why make elaborate cutscenes and dialogue sequences when they're not needed?

Path of Exile sticks to the bare-bones hack-n-slash RPG genre, with a few unique twists to help it differ and, of course, it's completely online. It's blatant in that it completely copies certain aspects, but daring in that it completely changes some of what made Diablo 2 such a success. Now let's make sense of this!

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James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 9 years 1 month ago

This game looks pretty awesome

Brdjanin's picture

Brdjanin 9 years 1 month ago

However common it is to compare hack-and-slash games to Diablo 2, Path of Exile is in a league of its own. The perspective and the sense of game-play is similar to every game of this genre, true. But, the options for character build are far more vast and versatility is incredible. One can really give in to imagination and make an unique build. Overall, this game deserves to be given a shot.

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