Outlast 2 Looks Scary in VR

An even scarier Outlast

Outlast 2 is the sequel to the original Outlast released in 2013. It features new characters as well as new locations such as the large Sonoran Desert where the game will be taking place. There’s also labyrinths structured in different ways which helps make the game feel more open, as well as open to attacks from enemies. During a Twitch livestream, Phillippe Morin, Red Barrels President as well as Writer JT Petty talked about the sequel to Outlast. The story follows Blake who is looking for his missing wife after crash landing into an unknown region. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a village surrounded by a cult like group who believe the end is near.

Morin states that the focus of the game would be immersion rather than gameplay. Good immersion is the goal of most VR games. The game won’t focus on having a deep or even interesting game mechanic but rather focus on making you feel immersed. Red Barrels has said that they read the feedback that they have been given and plan to fix it.

The sequel to the beloved original.

A gripping horror

Outlast 2 has you travel the new and interesting Sonoran Desert rather than the mental asylum which was in the first game. The game benefits from this as the game was in need of something fresh and the change in environment helps provide that. The story follows Blake Langermann who is searching for his wife after crash landing and finding himself surrounded in a region with a cult of people believing the end is coming.

The game adds a new level of horror not seen in the original.  Bloody handprints that cover walls as well as having to come face to face with the cultist. It’s now easier to run from enemies as you can use the outdoors such as grass and rivers to hide. However it’s also harder to see them come. Especially in VR. This introduces a new layer of immersion as you’ll be frantically looking around and surveying your surroundings.

Outlast 2 makes great use of its lighting which helps make the game that much scarier. You have a camcorder which works as a flashlight and helps you see in the dark. You’ll be in fear of your camcorder running out of batteries as finding them isn’t an easy task as there aren’t many to be found.  

A horror like no other

Defending yourself from enemies isn’t easy as your only option is to run and hide, quite like the original. Though some enemies will not attack you if you keep your distance. What’s different from the first however are the different enemies such as monsters who are not only strong, but fast as well. Hiding won’t do you very good against them as they will dig you up when you least expect it.  

These monsters help make Outlast 2 so frightening as being chased by a monster in a dark setting or trying to escape a member of the cult who is chasing after you while chanting her prayers. These moments are unforgettable and are the backbone of what make this game superior to the first.

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