New Hitman Game: Everything You Need To Know

Guide a genetically engineered killer through various missions.

Control The World's Deadliest Assassin

Hitman is a well-known video game series with its first release being all the way back in 2000. 2015 is seeing the release of two games of the series: Hitman Sniper (which was a mobile game released this June) and Hitman, which will be released later this year.

Read ahead to get caught up on all the details of this upcoming game!


Creators of all the Hitman releases, IO Interactive seems to always know exactly what fans expect for future releases.

IO Interactive, a video game development company based in Denmark, is responsible for all the Hitman video game releases to date. This comes as good news to many fans who have seen constant improvements throughout the new releases, possibly given to a developing team that is more committed and knowledgeable about the series than anyone.


Enter a world full of high-ranking, highly skilled assassins.

Hitman will follow the basic premises from its previous installations, where players control Agent 47 through various missions. These missions take place at different times, places, and circumstances; however, there is one underlying theme that is always the same: assassination. As a loyal employee with an impeccable record, you must do your best to follow through with the missions, leaving no loose ends.

Main Character

Good guy for his employers, bad guy for his targets.

Agent 47 is the controllable character in the game. He is a highly skilled and experiences assassin who attracts various job offers given his reputation as one of the best. He is highly disciplined, and does everything in his power to complete all his missions.

As a genetically engineered person, Agent 47 is also stronger, faster, and smarter than other humans. Taking orders and directions discretely through his characteristic earpiece, he sneaks in and out of heavily guarded houses/labs/compounds and eliminates his listed targets.


An evil businessman and one of Agent 47’s assigned “hits”.

Since you must guide Agent 47 through various different missions, there is not one group of people that can be identified as the antagonists right off the bat. Missions are mostly assigned in a linear fashion, so you must complete them before learning about your next target.

The assigned targets, however, usually fit into certain types of people: rich and influential members of the elite, who are many times involved with some aspect of the black market and/or drug trade. This new installment should bring with it some more intriguing and challenging characters.


Access new and exciting locations as you complete your missions.

Hitman will include various new places, having Agent 47 travel the world to complete his increasingly ambitious and complex missions. Foreign cities, underground facilities and large buildings all make up the world of Hitman.

Although there still isn’t much information regarding the specific locations of the game, one of the trailers mentioned how Agent 47 “can get to anyone, anywhere on the globe”. Also, it was mentioned how one of the targets lead a covert operation on a major country in Europe. It will be exciting to see what new places Agent 47 will travel to!

An interesting feature is Agent 47’s ability to disguise himself, usually using clothes of incapacitated targets, to gain access and entrance into otherwise unreachable locations.



Silent but deadly.

Hitman will build upon its previous features when it comes to combat. Most of the fights during missions will occur solely for the intent to incapacitate or kill. As a majorly stealth game, you will need to sneak into your target’s location and take out most of his guards and/or possible witnesses before completing the assigned hit.

Besides the obvious use of pistols and snipers in the traditional sense, you can also fight characters hand to hand, also using other objects such as string wire, hammers, and other improvised items.

One of the best aspects of Hitman will be the ability to use creativity to complete your mission. Many times you will be able to choose between methods, from a sniper shot from far away to a planted bomb that detonates at the right time. There are several different possibilities that you can explore, and with time and experience, you will be able to come up with even newer and more efficient ways to complete a mission.


Below are some trailers for the upcoming Hitman game, check them out!

Gameplay: This awesome trailer gives us a glimpse into the different ways our character will be able to eliminate his targets.

Announcement Trailer: This trailer showcases Hitman’s graphics as well as the details in the Hitman universe. It also briefly introduces some of the game’s important characters.

Release Date

This sixth release in the Hitman series is scheduled for release on December 8th, 2015. It will be playable through Microsoft Windows on PC and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Official Site

If you liked all the information you read here, make sure to check out the official Hitman game website! It features interesting media content, other trailers, pre-order links, and articles about other game features!

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