Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 to be released in August 2017

New Mega Man Collection is coming this summer

After the release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection last year, which collected the series’ instalments from 1 to 6, Capcom has decided to give us a second serving.

As you might expect, Mega Man Legacy Collection will collect the games from 7 until 10, and it’ll do that pretty soon: August 8th to be exact.

Ah those good old 8bit sprites...

A little bit of history

It’s quite an interesting period for Mega Man: the 7th game released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, followed by the series’ first 32-bit release on the PS1 only a year later.
As far as Mega Man 9 goes – it was released in 2008 as a deliberately retro-styled throwback to the 8-bit style, as was its sequel Mega Man 10.

A fair start for newcomer

As a result – the last 2 games are a fairly good place to start for Mega Man newcomers, as they don’t contain the rage-inducing difficulty of the earlier games. They are still tough, but not Dark Souls tough.

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