The Last of Us Movie: 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies to Watch if You Like The Last of Us

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The Last Us is an adventure to be had, and a story to be told

10 post-apocalyptic movies that you should watch if you liked The Last of Us

The Last of Us is an amazingly creative video game developed by Naughty Dog Inc. The game is justifiably renowned for having created stunningly captivating graphic detail, and a profoundly adventurous storyline.

Because of this, The Last of Us has brought many new fans to the realm of post-apocalyptic adventure, and has bestowed in them an overwhelming desire to dive deeper into the depths of movies and game that have heroes and heroines to combat whatever is remnant of these apocalypses.

And with news of a possible Last of Us movie coming, many old and new fans alike are finding themselves wanting to watch the greatest apocalypse based movies that the world has to offer. Of course, finding them can be complicated. So, we decided to do all the hard work and compile a list of the 10 post-apocalyptic movies to watch if you liked The Last of Us.  

1) Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil Cinematic Trailer

In these six, fantasy action-horror films the main protagonist, Alice finds herself fighting both the evil titan that is the Umbrella Corporation, and the T-virus infected zombies that have now overrun the earth.

The T-virus was first released inside one of the Umbrella Corporation’s underground facilities. But, during a mission to ascertain the reasoning for the emergency lock-down by the Red Queen, the T-virus was consequently released into the mass public of Raccoon City, causing the unsuspecting civilians to turn into the undead monsters that once only existed within the Hive.

Now Alice must save everyone she can from this undead nightmare, while fighting her way to a means of evacuation before Raccoon city is terminated as to isolate the T-virus. Unfortunately, the once bustling Raccoon City was wiped from the map, but this was not to be the same relenting fate for the T-virus. As it rapidly spread throughout the once lushes green planet, everything died turning the world into a desolate wasteland.

Those few who survived now live in a world abundantly inhabited by the result of Umbrella’s greatest bio-weapon. Living in a nightmare of an existence, Alice turns her attention to taking down the umbrella corporation and manages to succeed at a great deal of her mission until Albert Wesker, convinces her that she will need him to make one final stand against the ever-weighing threat of the zombie infested world.  

Alice is insanely calm and collected to have hundreds of zombies at her heels

After two shots to the head it’s obvious that the executioner doesn’t play by the rules

Resident Evil holds many amazing qualities, one of which is the astonishing background scenery you can observe throughout the six movies of the Resident Evil Series. With such a diversity in landscapes portraying a truly realistic feeling of traveling across the world, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the production crew and actors did just that. The creation of Resident Evil to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter took place throughout North America, Central America, Asia, Australia with parts of Europe and Africa.

This much traveling for a film would leave anyone thinking that the budget must have been blown far out of proportion, but even with having done so much exotic traveling, each film still made over three times the amount of money budgeted! They traveled the world with all expenses paid when it was all done.

Resident Evil Action Scene Trailer

Getting to watch the in-depth plot behind the umbrella corporation, and how they brought upon the zombie apocalypse that grew and evolved over the course of six movies, provides an outlook on an apocalypse that no other movie has ever truly rivaled. The movie harnesses a true feeling of having to fight the aftermath of a bio oriented zombie apocalypse, and stand against the company that caused it.

Allowing for a direct connection to a protagonist other than the blameless undead who had no choice in their fate. The Resident Evil Series has truly created some of the most memorable moments in the apocalypse horror genre.

2) Zombieland

Zombieland Cinematic Trailer

After a strain of mad cow disease has mutated to adapt to humans, the disease quickly spreads throughout the world leaving very few survivors in its wake. But, four lucky individuals who have managed to survive the imminent apocalypse, cross paths in rather unconventional means and struggle to find trust within one another.

While leaving very little information about their personal lives on the table they do provide a lot in the form of survival tactics and tips. Columbus, the main protagonist in the story, provides a humorous and helpful type of information known as, ‘the rules’. These zombie survival rules consist of multiple follow-by rules essentially required to survive as long as possible in the new world that they inhabit.

Columbus slides into home plate, and Tallahassee winds back for a home run

Everyone has wanted to do this at one point or another

Zombieland was both a critical and commercial success as it reached $60.8 million with in the first seventeen days of its commercial release. It had surpassed Dawn of the Dead (2004) for the number one grossing zombie film in the United States. Upon closing its doors in the cinema, the acclaimed Zombieland made over $102 million worldwide.

Zombieland Action Scene Trailer

Zombieland has done an exceptionally great job of showing that a zombie comedy film can work on very real level. They keep to a very realistic standpoint of how the zombies look and act while allowing for a generously healthy level comedic relief throughout the film.

Zombieland can take on very deep moments where characters bond and express feelings and concerns that touch back with us at home, but when all's said and done a good laugh can be had and we move on through the film.

3) Stake Land

Stake Land Cinematic Trailer

America plummets into a desolate state of economic and political depression. In this time of despair and darkness a vampire virus sweeps through hollowed remnants of a once great nation. Martin, a young teen with urgent plans of going north with his parents is left in utter turmoil as his parents were savagely killed by the very beasts that plague the country before they could leave.

Discovered by a man named Mister, Martin decided to follow him. As they both traveled north heading for Canada, the only place considered a safe-haven within the continental region, Mister and Martin would find many helpless and fearful people. Mister would allow all the traumatized survivors who wished to travel with them do so. Their group would grow and shrink throughout their weary travels, but there was only one end game. Get to the safe haven. Get to safety.

Stake Land does not hold back on the gore factor at all 

A stake through the heart is classic, but a blade to the base of the skull will do

Seven webisodes that are considered prequels to the Stake Land film were created to represent the idea behind what Stake Land would become. Although it was not even supposed to be a film in the beginning, the original idea for Stake Land was for it to be a web series. 

But after Mickle and Damici had their first sit down with producer, Larry Fessenden and presented the 40, eight minute scripts for the web series, Fessenden suggested that instead of making a web series to make Stake Land into a feature film. Having taken on the suggestion and ran with it, we have Stake Land!

Stake Land Action Scene Trailer

Stake Land article holds an interesting and exciting place in this list as it has an apocalypse brought on by a great depression that entirely cripples the US government and after the remnants of the hollow country have settled a beast of nightmares comes to assure you that this isn’t real, until you feel the sincere agony that comes with them finding you.

4) Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dawn Of The Dead Cinematic Trailer

An unknown phenomenon is causing the dead to rise from their eternal sleep and without a full understanding as to why, no one knows how to immediately combat the overwhelming issue except with the most morbid option, kill all those who rise again. Doing this is not overly complicated in the vast open area of the country but in dense urban locations of Philadelphia where space is graciously lacking people begin dying quickly and rising faster!

About three weeks into the epidemic news station employees, Francine and Stephen meet up with swat officers Peter and Roger as they proceed to flee Philadelphia. Making their way to a shopping mall, the group decides to make this place their sanctuary. The mall was heavily fortified and seemed invincible until a gang of rogue bikers noticed the mall and decided to break in and loot the place causing the zombies to find their way in. Francine and Peter barely manage to fight their way up to the roof where they fly unknowingly into the distance.

Nothing says zombie like a dropped jaw and a dead eyed stare

A packed elevator is bad, but a zombie packed elevator is terrifying

In 1974, George A. Romero was graciously invited to come visit his friend Monroe Mason at the Monroeville Mall, and upon being given an immersed tour and shown some of the more secret rooms to the elaborate building, Mr. Mason simply stated that someone could survive in the building had they desired to in an emergency. This is what sparked the idea in Romero’s mind for the famous Dawn of the Dead movie.

As it was though, Romero had begun writing the screenplay but even with the help of his producer, Richard P. Rubinstein, Romero was unable to secure any domestic investors. It was only by chance that Italian horror director and fan of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Dario Argento, heard of the possible sequel and decided he would love to help fund the film. Had Dario Argento not heard of the Dawn of the Dead movie, I do not believe zombie films would be the same today.

Dawn Of The Dead(1978) Action Scene Trailer

George A Romero’s 1978 Dawn of the Dead may not have the intricate graphic detail held by the 2004 remake, but it was an original idea at the time and holds a classic form of nostalgia that will hold a timeless representation of zombie films and the evolution they have taken thanks to such wonderful films as Dawn of the Dead.

5) I Am Legend

I Am Legend Cinematic Trailer

A cancer fighting virus has taken a dreaded turn for the worst as it begins killing 94% of the overall population, another 4% however, suffer a much more horrifying fate than death. They have been mutated into night dwelling humanoid creatures with a weakness to light.

The other 1%, like Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville, are immune to the virus’s deadly effects. But being immune to the mutant virus does not make those few survivors safe. Not while the Darkseekers are hunting for human flesh.  Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville is the last man alive in New York and is truly unsure whether anyone else is truly alive at all. He may truly be the last man on earth.

Quiet and cautious Colonel Robert Neville makes his way through the desolate remains of New York

A creature that wants to kill you is within inches of your face as you operate on his wife…that’s tense

Though the development of I Am Legend began in 1994 and several directors and actors were attached to the film, the production of the film did not begin until 2006, due to budgeting concerns in the script. (i.e. the producer wanted to alter the prosthetic applied actors to be replaced with a CGI setting do to the unrealistic inability for the actors to perform so of the acts that CGI could openly represent.)

I Am Legend Action Scene Trailer

I Am Legend is an amazing soul connecting movie, where you obtain a serious sense of despair and sorrow for Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville. Having to face depression, anger, and hopelessness all in the day and by the time night falls having to seclude himself seemingly from the only other living beings on the planet.

It is a sorrowful state that most people would drown in the level of depression he must feel. Yet he pushes on hoping that he may one day create a cure with his own blood. That one day, all the time he spent trying to make a cure would not end with the failed dreams of a man and the extinction of the human race, but instead end with a cure for humans, in the hope of their survival.

6) The Road

The Road Cinematic Trailer

After nature gives off a global display of her monstrously destructive power, the world is left in ruins with very little life and even less supplies to go around. For a man and his son this struggle is all too real. Traveling across the vast expanse that is what’s left of the world the man does everything he can to protect his son, all the while contemplating whether he should just use one of his last remaining bullets to see that he doesn’t have to live in this hell.

This man is ready to shoot anything that looks at him ominously, and no doubt for a good reason

When a dated soda from an old vending machine is a treat, things truly are post-apocalyptic

Originally intended to be released in November 2008 the movie was pushed back to allow more time for a clear schedule and a clean release. The release date was rescheduled for October 16, 2009 and was pushed back again to November 25, 2009 when the post-apocalyptic drama film did finally find its release.

The Road Action Scene Trailer

The Road provides a different perspective into a post-apocalyptic scenario by having a father with the intent to do anything for his only son, as opposed to the generally accepted lone wolf role. It’s interesting to see how the interaction between a man and his son differs in a situation as stressful and confusing as the aftermath of a world that no longer exists. The father having to adapt to a new world of absolute savagery and evil all while trying to protect his son from seeing the cruelty of a broken world.

7) The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Action Scenen Trailer

Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes from a comatose state in an abandoned hospital after being injured in the line of duty. Upon awakening from his coma Rick finds that the world has changed and that hundreds of corpses litter the streets.

It is only when he sees one of the decrepit corpses moving free as though alive that he realizes that the situation is far worse than anything he could have possibly been imagining. Several thoughts racing through his mind, but the one that hits the hardest is, where is his family?

When turning the corner means running into these guys, its best to take a peak around the corner first

Walking beside a zombie who is unsure if you are friend or food is drawing the short straw in life

None of the actors on the walking dead actually know when they are written out of the script. Or, that is they do not know exactly when they are going to die in the show. But it usually starts with a phone call from the director and ends with a final super.  Each of the main characters on the show are given a ‘final super’ on the day that they film their death.

The Walking Dead Action Scenen Trailer

Though The Walking Dead Series is not a movie, it would be absurdly unjust not to mention in the list as the series involves movie level quality over the course of six seasons. The story of these survivors truly depicts what I think a zombie apocalypse would be like.

The Walking Dead covers not only the intense fear factor of an apocalypse but the emotional strain and restructuring of small government within individual groups throughout the world.  

8) The Day

The Day Cinematic Trailer

The Day is a Canadian post-apocalyptic horror film based on the five struggling survivors traveling across the dull landscapes in search of life sustaining substances such as water, food, and shelter. Needing a permanent settlement to plant the hundreds of seeds they had collected along their travels.

While coming across an abandoned cabin they seize their chance to obtain everything they were searching for. However, after three of the companions travel into the basement to search for any available food stores they become trapped.

Triggering an alarm, the cannibal tribe who set the trap come after their newly caught dinner. But the five survivors are not willing to die so easily. Freeing themselves from the trap they board the windows and prepare to fight to keep their would-be Eden.

If I saw this crew at the end of the road I would quickly find a new road

Being the designated black sheep of a crew facing a do or die situation does make things a bit awkward

The Day premiered in the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2011. The film was so well accepted that Splendid acquired the rights to distribute the film in German speaking territories of Europe, WWE Studios and Anchor Bay Films worked to co-distribute the film in America, and Entertainment One acquired the rights to distribute the film in the United Kingdom, France, Scandinavia, and South Africa! The film was obviously a solid film.

More than just a post-apocalyptic film, The Day provides a point of view of the minority of survivors who still manage their insanity while doing what is necessary to survive. They look to create crops versus cannibalism and will find any way to survive without sacrificing their humanity. But their limits are tested as their singular chance at a peaceful means of life is threatened by a nearby cannibal tribe. At this point they must set aside their humanity long enough to secure their future.

9) Train to Busan

Train To Busan Cinematic Trailer

In this zombie apocalypse horror film, several passengers board a train destined for Busan. As the train is about to leave a final passenger finds her way on. She is noticeably convulsing and needs help, but as the train attendant comes near her she lunges at her biting her and indefinitely endangering everyone on board to the zombie virus.

Fearing for their lives the horrified passengers make their way to a separate car, but only a few can successfully separate themselves from the infected. The train stops at Daejeon and the uninfected passengers hope to exit the train and separate themselves further from the undead passengers that haunt the horrid scene of the train.

However, to their utter shock they find that Daejeon is overrun by the virus, turning its inhabitants into flesh hungry monsters. The surviving passengers then re-board the train and fight to clear the train of the infected and head to the established quarantine zone in Busan.

With a train that can barely stay ahead of the virus the only way to go is to Busan

A single woman will change the course of several lives by having boarded this train

Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie horror film that premiered in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival on May 13, 2016. Only months later Train to Busan set a record as the first Korean film of 2016 to break the audience record by having over ten million individuals see the film.

Even more shocking is that an animated prequel the Train to Busan, ‘Seoul Station’, was released less than a month from the release of the original film!

Train To Busan Action Scene Trailer

Train to Busan is certainly a credible post-apocalyptic film and does great justice into the works of a zombie apocalypse style movie, but I think its greatest praise must be focused on the way it provides so much story and information to the several people on the train who are fighting for their lives. It provides a very self-understood attachment to the characters, so that when they are scared, you are scared and when they feel a sense of hope as do you. Train to Busan is not just a movie in this right it is art.

10) Doomsday

Doomsday Cinematic Trailer

Doomsday is a science-fiction action film where a fatal virus called, ‘the reaper virus’ was spreading through modern-day Scotland like the black plague. To stop the seemingly incurable virus the British government set in place a sixty feet tall quarantine wall, ensuring that the virus and the infected could never leave.

These actions stopped the spread of the infection but due to the brutal nature, severed any ties Britain had with the rest of the world spiraling them into economic and governmental downfall. The now dystopian remnants of Great Britain have discovered survivors of the reaper virus within the sealed walls of the quarantine zone.

Having decided that the next necessary course of action is to infiltrate the walls in hopes of finding a cure, but all they find is a cannibalistic hell on earth.

Trapped inside sixty foot walls with vengeance felled cannibals is never a situation to be in

But an arguably worse situation is to be lowered into a pit full of vengeance filled cannibals

Despite being an excellently created film that is not to say that it was made from experience in this level of work. Neil Marshal was signed on as the director and was to see the film to completion with a budget of £17 million! This was triple the combined budgets of Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Two movies that Neil Marshal had previously worked on.

Doomsday Action Scene Trailer

Having several different types of post-apocalyptic movies on this list, none have yet been mentioned that take place in such a specifically confined area. I think it takes an amazingly massive amount of imagination to construct a post-apocalyptic civilization that is created within a territory, sealed from the rest of the world by sixty feet high walls, while on the outside humanity remains the same.

It has been done however and it is Doomsday. This film has taken post-apocalyptic to a new level by combining multiple forms and concepts of what defines a post-apocalyptic world and putting them into play within the confines of Scotland. This movie has truly set new rules for what can be done with a post-apocalyptic movie when you have an infinite imagination.


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